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Family of George JACKSON and Mary HOWARD

Husband: George JACKSON (1758-1823)
Wife: Mary HOWARD (1780-1858)
Children: George JACKSON (1800-1868)
William JACKSON (1802-1838)
John JACKSON (1804-1887)
Mary Elizabeth JACKSON (1806-1878)
Charlotte JACKSON (1808-1895)
Hannah Maria JACKSON (1810-1834)
Howard JACKSON (1812-1888)
Edward JACKSON (1814-1889)
Caroline Emma JACKSON (1816-1892)
Marriage 1 Oct 1796 Fort William, Calcutta, India

Husband: George JACKSON

Name: George JACKSON
Sex: Male
Father: William JACKSON ( -1776)
Mother: Susannah DEAN (1722-1787)
Birth 5 Jan 1758 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Baptism 17 Jan 1758 (age 0) Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Death 20 Apr 1823 (age 65) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Cause: Died of a Fit

Wife: Mary HOWARD

Name: Mary HOWARD
Sex: Female
Father: William HOWARD (1749-1795)
Mother: Elizabeth (Betsey) METFORD (1748-1825)
Birth 28 Dec 1780 Calcutta, India
Baptism 24 Jan 1781 (age 0) Calcutta, Bengal, India
Residence 1829 (age 48-49) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Information from Petition of son John to join the HEIC as an Assistant Surgeon
Census 1841 (age 60-61) St George the Martyr, Middlesex
Dover Place
Living with daughter Caroline in home of sister Catherine
Census 1851 (age 70-71) Kensington, London
8 Lansdown Road
Living with daughter and Son in Law Charlotte & Richard PADDISON
Death 23 Mar 1858 (age 77) Bloomsbury, Middlesex
8 Lansdown Road
Late of 43 Queen Square, Bloomsbury. Proved by Rev George JACKSON & Howard JACKSON, both of North Reston

Child 1: George JACKSON



Name: George JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lydia Boughton LISTER (1800-1873)
Birth 29 Sep 1800 Calcutta, India
Baptism 8 Mar 1801 (age 0) Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1841 (age 40-41) Colsterworth, Leicestershire
The Rectory
Living with wife and daughter Matilda
Census 1851 (age 50-51) North Reston, Lincolnshire
The Rectory
Living with wife and children, Matilda Rose and Bertha
Census 1861 (age 60-61) North Reston, Lincolnshire
The Rectory
Living with wife and three children
Occupation Clergyman
Title Reverend
Death 25 Jul 1868 (age 67) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Parsonage House
Proved by John JACKSON of Saxonbury Frant, Nr Tunbridge Wells, Sussex and Howard JACKSON of North Reston, brothers

Child 2: William JACKSON

Name: William JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane EWING (c. 1809- )
Birth 7 Sep 1802 Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, India
Baptism 17 Oct 1802 (age 0) Calcutta, Bengal, India
Occupation Legal Profession - Attorney at Law
Indenture 3 Feb 1818 (age 15) Louth, Lincolnshire
To Mr Thomas Bentley Phillips, Attorney at Court of Westminster for five years in profession of Attorney
Death 15 Nov 1838 (age 36) Calcutta, India
8 Old Post Office Street

Child 3: John JACKSON

Name: John JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maria Theodesia PATTLE (1818-1892)
Birth 17 Nov 1804 Hackney, Middlesex
See FMP entry British India Office Surgeons relating to John Jackson and his petition which confirms Birth and Baptism
Census 1861 (age 56-57) Hendon, Middlesex
Brent Lodge, Brent Street
Living with wife Maria and daughters Mary and Julia. Charles Lloyd and Julia Hay NORMAN visiting
Residence 1868 (age 63-64) Saxonbury Frant, Sussex
Residence quoted in Probate to brother George who died Jul 1868
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Surgeon
Census 1871 (age 66-67) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
Freshwater Bay
Living with wife Maria and daughter Julia DUCKWORH (widow) and grandchildren Lydia, Stella and Gerald
Census 1881 (age 76-77) Hove, Sussex
5 Brunswick Terarce
Living with wife Maria and servants.
Death 31 Mar 1887 (age 82) Hove, Sussex
5 Brunswick Terarce
Will proved by Herbert William FISHER, Barrister at Law and his son in law, and Nottidge Charles MACNAMARA, Surgeon.

Child 4: Mary Elizabeth JACKSON

Name: Mary Elizabeth JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Thomas Fernandez CLARKE (1802-1834)
Spouse 2: James Fernandez CLARKE (1812-1875)
Birth 25 Jul 1806 Hackney, Middlesex
Death 25 Nov 1878 (age 72) Soho, London

Child 5: Charlotte JACKSON


Charlotte JACKSON, c. 1880, age 72


Spouse: Richard PADDISON, c. 1865, age 64

Name: Charlotte JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard PADDISON (1801-1874)
Birth 29 Feb 1808 Hackney, Middlesex
Census 1841 (age 32-33) Louth, Lincolnshire
North Gate
Living with husband Richard and children Charles, Howard, Sophia
Census 1851 (age 42-43) Kensington, London
8 Lansdown Road
Living with husband and children George, Howard, Caroline E. Also in residence Mary JACKSON b. Calcutta, Mother in Law & Caroline DANIELL, Sister in Law to Richard and Mary A JACKSON, niece b. Uppingham, Rutland
Census 1861 (age 52-53) Petersham, Surrey
Reston Lodge
Living with husband Richard and daughter Sophia, son Howard and sister to Richard - Eleanor
Census 1871 (age 62-63) Richmond Surrey
7 Park Hill
Living with Richard and daughter Caroline E (26)
Census 1881 (age 72-73) Tiverton, Devon
Living with daughter Sophie E and her husband James D FRASER. also in residence Caroline E PADDISON and Matilda JACKSON cousin (46) B. Colsterworth
Census 1891 (age 82-83) Hammersmith, London
24 Ormiston Road
Living with daughter Sophia and grandson James
Death Oct 1895 (age 87) Kensington, London
8 Fairholmes Road
Buried in Richmond, Surrey

Child 6: Hannah Maria JACKSON

Name: Hannah Maria JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas CANDY (1804-1877)
Baptism 3 Apr 1810 (age -1) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Birth 9 Apr 1810 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Death 24 Nov 1834 (age 24) Malcolm Peth, Bombay, India

Child 7: Howard JACKSON


Howard JACKSON, 1870, age 58

Name: Howard JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Catherine Hannah Mouat KEITH (1814-1820)
Spouse 2: Susan PALMER (1829-1902)
Birth 21 Sep 1812 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Baptism 15 Dec 1812 (age 0) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Occupation Land Owner and Poor Law Guardian
Census 1851 (age 38-39) Kensington, London
8 St Georges Terrace
With wife Susan and children George E C (1)and William H (5mths)
Census 1861 (age 48-49) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Reston Hall
With wife Susan and children Henry Forman, (8), James Edward (6), John Hampden (4), Mary L H (2) amd Catherine (9mths)
Residence Jul 1868 (age 55) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Information given in probate for brother George who died Jul 1868
Census 1871 (age 58-59) North Reston, Lincolnshire
With wife Susan and children, Mary Louise (12),, Catherine Hannah (10), Alfred Howard (8), Susan Rose (6) and Douglas (1)
Census 1881 (age 68-69) North Reston, Lincolnshire
The Hall
Living with his wife Susan and daughter Susan Rose
Death 11 Apr 1888 (age 75) Shepherds Bush, Middlesex
7 Aschurch park Villas
Probate of 27 pounds 2 shillings to wife Susan
Burial 14 Apr 1888 North Reston, Lincolnshire
St Ediths
Monumental Inscription states - H. E. I. C. Late Lord of the Manor husband of Susan

Child 8: Edward JACKSON

Name: Edward JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Sophia Frances MARRIS (1806-1853)
Spouse 2: Ellen SMITH (1851-1933)
Birth 3 Jun 1814 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Baptism 28 Nov 1816 (age 2) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Census 1841 (age 26-27) Uppingham, Rutland
Market Place
Living with wife and son Edward
Census 1851 (age 36-37) Kensington, London
8 St Georges Terrace
Living with brother
Census 1871 (age 56-57) Higham, Suffolk
Higham Villa
Living with his daughter Mary Ann. Income derived from East India stock
Occupation Druggist
Census 1881 (age 66-67) Withycombe Rawleigh
Rill Cottage
Living with wife Ellen
Residence 1886 (age 71-72) Exmouth, Devon
Rill Cottage
Death 19 Feb 1889 (age 74) Teignmouth, Devon
14 Ferndale Road
Proved by George Mouat KEITH and Walter SMITH - Executors

Child 9: Caroline Emma JACKSON

Name: Caroline Emma JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Raymond Samuel DANIELL (1818-1894)
Birth 29 Aug 1816 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Baptism 28 Nov 1816 (age 0) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Census 1851 (age 34-35) Kensington, London
Lansdown Road
Living with sister Charlotte PADDISON
Census 1861 (age 44-45) Totteridge, Hertfordshire
Parsonage House
Living with husband Raymond and children
Census 1881 (age 64-65) Hackney, Middlesex
12 Fassett Square
Living with husband and daughter Mary
Death Jul 1892 (age 75) Hackney, Middlesex

Note on Husband: George JACKSON

Robert Darlington writes that George ran away to sea when he was 14 years old. As the youngest in the family and living not too far away from a seaport, that is quite possible. Ships at that time frequently sailed to London where he could have picked up a ship to China and India where they traded in many goods including tea and porcelain. So it is not surprising that George was next found in India.

He must have been an enterprising sailor to have become a Master (Captain). the Diary shows him with the intiials H.E.I.C. which stands for Honorable East India Company. When Robert and his wife Wendy visited the Jackson home in North Reston in the early 1990s they spoke to the then owner of George Jackson's original estate.He was a busy farmer in the midst of harvest so they did not get to see the inside of the house or discuss the ownership with him. But his one remark after they had identified their connection with George Jackson was to say words to the effect that "Oh yes, didn't he make his money trading in opium or slaves".

David Morris notes that he was referred to as "A Captain in the Country Service" which he has found as a reference to the boss of a Trading Post managed for the East India Company. A reference gives some historical information on the H.E.I.C..

From the records in FMP India section BMD's and in the diary it appears that George had two illegitimate sons of which one was born before he married Mary on the 1st October 1796 and the other after the marriage. We can follow the fact that the first son George was registered as born 9 Dec 1795, baptised on 11January 1796 and died 5 Feb 1798. The Diary and the Bmd's differ in respect of the second son - James Lewis JACKSON. The diary says born September 1799 but registration gives the birth as 29 Dec 1799 and baptised 27 Feb 1803 . The Diary states that "James Lewis JACKSON left us 22nd May 1814" but then goes on to say that "James JACKSON died the 17th April 1825 on a Sunday". FMP provides the answer with a copy of the will of James Lewis JACKSO N dated 1825. He had obviously visited his "Mother" in 1814.

As Robert states, had all this happened in England it is doubtful that the mores of the gentry would have permitted Mary Howard to marry George Jackson as she was obviously well connected in Calcutta society.

Note on Wife: Mary HOWARD

As Robert Darlington writes in his history of Jackson of Lincolnshire and India that Mary wrote a diary which provided many of the names, dates of births, deaths and marriages of her family and relatives. Mary married George Jackson on 1st Oct 1896 when she was not quite 16 years old. Her diary survived her life in India and her return to England. David MORRIS a cousin of Wendy - Robert's wife inherited the diary and much of the documentation from his Mother on her death in 1992. He shared that with Robert and another descendant - Nikki Vine of Somerset.