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Family of Howard JACKSON and Susan PALMER

Husband: Howard JACKSON (1812-1888)
Wife: Susan PALMER (1829-1902)
Children: George Elwes Corrie JACKSON (1849-1894)
William Howard JACKSON (1850-1921)
Henry Forman JACKSON (1852-1901)
James Edward JACKSON (1854-1865)
John Hampden JACKSON (1856-1941)
Mary Louise Howard JACKSON (1858-1916)
Catherine (Kate) Hannah Howard JACKSON (1860-1939)
Alfred Howard JACKSON (1862-1925)
Susan Rose Stanley JACKSON (1865-1932)
Douglas JACKSON (1869-1929)
Marriage 25 Oct 1848 Westminster, London

Husband: Howard JACKSON


Howard JACKSON, 1870, age 58

Name: Howard JACKSON
Sex: Male
Father: George JACKSON (1758-1823)
Mother: Mary HOWARD (1780-1858)
Birth 21 Sep 1812 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Baptism 15 Dec 1812 (age 0) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Occupation Land Owner and Poor Law Guardian
Census 1851 (age 38-39) Kensington, London
8 St Georges Terrace
With wife Susan and children George E C (1)and William H (5mths)
Census 1861 (age 48-49) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Reston Hall
With wife Susan and children Henry Forman, (8), James Edward (6), John Hampden (4), Mary L H (2) amd Catherine (9mths)
Residence Jul 1868 (age 55) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Information given in probate for brother George who died Jul 1868
Census 1871 (age 58-59) North Reston, Lincolnshire
With wife Susan and children, Mary Louise (12),, Catherine Hannah (10), Alfred Howard (8), Susan Rose (6) and Douglas (1)
Census 1881 (age 68-69) North Reston, Lincolnshire
The Hall
Living with his wife Susan and daughter Susan Rose
Death 11 Apr 1888 (age 75) Shepherds Bush, Middlesex
7 Aschurch park Villas
Probate of 27 pounds 2 shillings to wife Susan
Burial 14 Apr 1888 North Reston, Lincolnshire
St Ediths
Monumental Inscription states - H. E. I. C. Late Lord of the Manor husband of Susan

Wife: Susan PALMER

Name: Susan PALMER
Sex: Female
Father: Henry PALMER ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1829 Bow, London
Census 1901 (age 71-72) Legbourne, Linolnshire
Living with daughter Kate H
Death 21 Mar 1902 (age 72-73) Louth, Lincolnshire
The poplars, Legbourne

Child 1: George Elwes Corrie JACKSON

Name: George Elwes Corrie JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne WILLIAMS (1847-1937)
Birth 10 Aug 1849 Kensington, London
Census 1851 (age 1-2) Kensington, London
St Georges Terrace
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 21-22) Westminster, London
10 Charles Street
Assistant to Edward Sandwell, Member of Royal College of Surgeons
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Surgeon
Census 1881 (age 31-32) Westminster, London
17 Poland Street, St James
Living with wife Anne and sons George and Harold
Census 1891 (age 41-42) St James, London
5 Great Marlborough Street
With wife Anne and son Harold
Death 1 Jul 1894 (age 44) Holborn London
5 Great Marlborough Street
Probate to wife Anne. Died at Queens Hospital, Queens Square London
Burial 5 Jul 1894 North Reston, Lincolnshire
St Ediths

Child 2: William Howard JACKSON

Name: William Howard JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Elizabeth Sally HARRISON (1849-1887)
Spouse 2: Mary Alice Maud DANIELL (1854-1930)
Birth 6 Oct 1850 Kensington, London
Census 1851 (age 0-1) Kensington, London
8 St Georges Terrace
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 30-31) Walthamstow
3 Gloster Villas
With wife Elizabeth
Census 1891 (age 40-41) Hackney, Middlesex
38 Wilton Road
Boarder Widower
Census 1901 (age 50-51) Acton, Middlesex
3 Essex Road
Occupation Jewellers Merchant
Census 1911 (age 60-61) Richmond Surrey
9 Park Hill
Living with wife Mary
Death Dec 1921 (age 71) Richmond Surrey

Child 3: Henry Forman JACKSON

Name: Henry Forman JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 6 Aug 1852 Kensington, London
Census 1861 (age 8-9) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Reston Hall
Census 1871 (age 18-19) Kelvedon, Essex
Kelveden School
Census 1881 (age 28-29) Kelvedon, Essex
Church Street
Boarder at home of David and Ann CORNWALL, Tailor
Census 1891 (age 38-39) Kelvedon, Essex
Lodger at home of Jeremiah and Mary Ann HOWARD
Census 1901 (age 48-49) Kelvedon, Essex
Lodger at home of Jeremiah and Mary Ann HOWARD
Occupation Living on own means
Death 10 May 1901 (age 48) Kelvedon, Essex
High Street
Probate to William Howard JACKSON - his brother, Land Commission Agent. Effects 77 pounds 19 shillings and sixpence

Child 4: James Edward JACKSON

Name: James Edward JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Jun 1854 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Death 10 May 1865 (age 10) North Reston, Lincolnshire

Child 5: John Hampden JACKSON

Name: John Hampden JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rose Gordon FITZGERALD (1860-1920)
Birth 24 Jul 1856 Kensington, London
Occupation Clergyman - Clerk in Holy Orders
Census 1881 (age 24-25) Nottingham
12 Mapperley Road
Boarder at home of Elizabeth ROAD. Curate at St Anns Church
Census 1891 (age 34-35) North Reston, Lincolnshire
The Vicarage
Census 1901 (age 44-45) North Reston, Lincolnshire
The Vicarage
Census 1911 (age 54-55) South Reston, Lincolnshire
Clergyman of Established Church/Farmer. Living with Rose Gordon and Nephew Alan Howard JACKSON 2nd Lt. Army, born Coorg, India 1891 and Niece Kathleen Violet Howard JACKSON born 1893 St Margarets London
Title Reverend
Census 1939 (age 82-83) Louth, Lincolnshire
Widowed. Living with Walter and Florrie FRANCIS
Death 28 Oct 1941 (age 85) Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire
Probate to Gerald and Tudor - 4834 pounds

Child 6: Mary Louise Howard JACKSON

Name: Mary Louise Howard JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward Augustus KELLER (1856-1909)
Birth 17 Aug 1858 Kensington, London
Census 1881 (age 22-23) Kensington, London
41 Oxford gardens
Census 1891 (age 32-33) Richmond Surrey
Living with husband and children, Emilie, Rose, Margarite, Dorothy and Edward L H (3 mths)
Census 1901 (age 42-43) Mortlake, Surrey
Living with husbnad and children Emilie, Rose, Marguerita, Dorothy
Census 1911 (age 52-53) Mortlake, Surrey
Living with daughters Emily, Rose, Margaret,, son Howard (20) and K H Jackson (50) B. North Reston
Death Jun 1916 (age 57) Folkestone, Kent
Hardwicke House
Probate to Emilie Susan Louisa and Rose Marion, spinsters and Marguerite Howard WILDISH wife of Herbert Charles

Child 7: Catherine (Kate) Hannah Howard JACKSON

Name: Catherine (Kate) Hannah Howard JACKSON
Sex: Female
Birth 15 Jul 1860 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Occupation Schoolteacher
Census 1901 (age 40-41) Leghorne, Linolnshire
Living with Mother
Census 1911 (age 50-51) East Sheen, Surrey
166 Upper Richmond Road
Living with sister Mary Louise KELLER
Census 1939 (age 78-79) Maidenhead, Berkshire
The Croft, Furze Platt Road
Living with her nephew Wilfred Stanley WOOD and his wife Dorothy
Death 4 Dec 1939 (age 79) Maidenhead, Berkshire
Probateof 630 pounds to Francis H C S WOOD

Child 8: Alfred Howard JACKSON

Name: Alfred Howard JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Christina Elizabeth HAMILTON (1858- )
Birth Oct 1862 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Baptism 7 Jun 1863 (age 0) North Reston, Lincolnshire
St Ediths
Baptised by his Uncle George
Census 1871 (age 8-9) North Reston, Lincolnshire
The Rectory
Living with parents
Occupation Coffee Planter
Death 12 Nov 1925 (age 63) Pollibetta, Madras, India

Child 9: Susan Rose Stanley JACKSON

Name: Susan Rose Stanley JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Francis Harold Conrad Stanley WOOD (1866-1944)
Birth 20 Jan 1865 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Census 1871 (age 5-6) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Census 1881 (age 15-16) North Reston, Lincolnshire
The Hall
Census 1891 (age 26) Paddington, London
4 Grittleston Road
Described as a visitor
Census 1901 (age 35-36) Mortlake, Surrey
Ancaster Villa
Census 1911 (age 46) Mortlake, Surrey
146 Palewell Park
Death 13 Dec 1932 (age 67) Cookham Deane, Berkshire
Little Picket
Probate to Francis Harold. Estate 2500 pounds

Child 10: Douglas JACKSON

Name: Douglas JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Naomi EDWARDS (1894-1961)
Birth 13 Jun 1869 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Occupation Precious Stones Broker, Planter
Census 1871 (age 1-2) North Reston, Lincolnshire
The Hall
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 11-12) Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Grove House School
Census 1891 (age 21-22) Hammersmith, London
7 Ashchurch Park
Living with Mother and sister Catherine
Death 28 Nov 1929 (age 60) Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire
Carnanton, Long Park
Probate to wife Naomi. Effects £61

Note on Husband: Howard JACKSON

Although Howard is the fourth of five sons he was the one who became the landowner at North Reston. The Hall is recorded "as the seat of Howard Jackson who was the Lord of the Manor and owner of the land in the small parish of North Reston". When Robert Darlington and his wife Wendy (WOOD) visited North Reston in 1993 they noticed amongst the many plaques on the wall of the church of St Edith one as follows "In loving memory of Howard Jackson, H.E.I.C. late Lord of the Manor....". The intials HEIC stand for Honourable East India Company and like his father Howard was obviously a sailor. Both Robert and David Morris had proof of his entering the service as a Midshipman in the spring of 1826 when he was also 14 years old. There are a number of references to his comings and goings in his Mothers Diary. A visit to the India Office library by Robert and Wendy found him in the Bombay ship registry as Master of the ship KUSGROVIE for about six years in the 1830's.