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Family of James Fernandez CLARKE and Mary Elizabeth JACKSON

Husband: James Fernandez CLARKE (1812-1875)
Wife: Mary Elizabeth JACKSON (1806-1878)
Children: James Howard CLARKE (1837-1876)
George Mouat Keith CLARKE (1838-1925)
Eleanor CLARKE (1840- )
Mary Jane CLARKE (1842-1868)
Charlotte CLARKE (1844-1917)
Hannah Maria CLARKE (1847- )
Elizabeth CLARKE ( - )
Marriage 9 Jun 1836 Westminster, London

Husband: James Fernandez CLARKE

Name: James Fernandez CLARKE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1812 Olney, Bedfordshire
Occupation Medical Practitioner & Medical Writer
Census 1851 (age 38-39) Westminster, London
23 Gerard Street
Living with stepson Thomas F CLARKE (22) b Bristol. An apprentice and three servants
Census 1861 (age 48-49) Westminster, London
20 Gerard Street
Living with son James Howard and daughter Charlotte
Death 6 Jul 1875 (age 62-63) Soho, London

Wife: Mary Elizabeth JACKSON

Name: Mary Elizabeth JACKSON
Sex: Female
Father: George JACKSON (1758-1823)
Mother: Mary HOWARD (1780-1858)
Birth 25 Jul 1806 Hackney, Middlesex
Death 25 Nov 1878 (age 72) Soho, London

Child 1: James Howard CLARKE

Name: James Howard CLARKE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Esther MUMFORD (1844-1902)
Birth 12 Feb 1837 Lambeth, London
Census 1871 (age 33-34) Soho, London
42 Greek Street
Living with wife Esther and son. Sarah J MUMFORD - sister in law also in residence
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Surgeon
Death 30 Jul 1876 (age 39) Soho, London
19 Lisle Street
Probate to Esther of Park Road, Crouch End. Widow

Child 2: George Mouat Keith CLARKE

Name: George Mouat Keith CLARKE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane Watt MITCHELL (1845-1881)
Birth 7 Oct 1838 Soho, London
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Surgeon
Residence 1870 (age 31-32) Invercargill, New Zealand
Tay Street
On the electoral roll for 1870/71 which was for the year from 31/8/1870 - 1/9/1871
Census 1871 (age 32-33) Westminster, London
6 Frith Street
Described as Chemist in Census. Living with wife Jane W and children Mary Jane, Elizabeth and Eleanor F
Census 1881 (age 42-43) Westminster, London
23 Gerard Street
George described as a Surgeon with wife Jane, an Assistant and a visitor - James Clark and two servants
Census 1891 (age 52-53) Westminster, London
23 Gerard Street
George described as a Widower living with daughters Mary Jane and Eleanor and son George, one assistant and 3 servants
Census 1901 (age 62-63) Westminster, London
23 Gerard Street
George living with Eleanor F plus Ivy M TABB, grandaughter (4) Gerard TANN grandson (1 mmth) and 2 servants
Census 1911 (age 72-73) Westminster, London
23 Gerard Street
George living with his son George a Surgeon, Cornelius K BROUGH (19) grandson b. Woodford Essex plus two servants.
Death 27 Nov 1925 (age 87) Bloomsbury, Middlesex

Child 3: Eleanor CLARKE

Name: Eleanor CLARKE
Sex: Female
Birth 21 Jun 1840 Louth, Lincolnshire
Census 1861 (age 20-21) Rastrick, Yorkshire
Castel Hill House
Visitor to home of Fairless and Maria Louisa BARBER, Solicitor & Attorney

Child 4: Mary Jane CLARKE

Name: Mary Jane CLARKE
Sex: Female
Birth 2 Jun 1842 Soho, London
Death Oct 1868 (age 26) St Pancras, Middlesex

Child 5: Charlotte CLARKE

Name: Charlotte CLARKE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward John STONE (1832-1878)
Birth 26 Mar 1844 Soho, London
Census 1871 (age 26-27) Deptford, Kent
New Cross Road, St Paul
Living with husband and children, Catherine b.1865, Charlotte b.1867, Edward H b 1869 and William F b. 1871
Census 1881 (age 36-37) Islington, London
29 Victoria Road
Lodger alone
Census 1891 (age 46-47) Hammersmith, London
50 Macfarlane Road
Living with Charlotte, Edward and William
Census 1901 (age 56-57) Bury, Sussex
Old Vicarage
Living with daughter Charlotte and son in law Herbert NYE
Census 1911 (age 66-67) Hampton Hill, Middlesex
2 Albert Road
Lodger living alone
Death Apr 1917 (age 73) Andover Hampshire

Child 6: Hannah Maria CLARKE

Name: Hannah Maria CLARKE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Samuel Charles PREDDY ( - )
Birth 20 Jun 1847 Soho, London
Census 1871 (age 23-24) Islington, London
12 Devonshire Place
Drapers Assistant in shop of Albert PREDDY

Child 7: Elizabeth CLARKE

Name: Elizabeth CLARKE
Sex: Female