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Family of William AYRES and Elizabeth (Betsey) METFORD

Husband: William AYRES ( -1777)
Wife: Elizabeth (Betsey) METFORD (1748-1825)
Children: William AYRES (1771- )
Hannah AYRES (1772-1858)
Sally AYRES (1777-1779)
Marriage 20 Apr 1769 Glastonbury, Somersetshire

Husband: William AYRES

Name: William AYRES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Occupation Solicitor
Death 13 Aug 1777 Calcutta, Bengal, India

Wife: Elizabeth (Betsey) METFORD

Name: Elizabeth (Betsey) METFORD
Sex: Female
Father: Richard METFORD ( - )
Mother: Sarah (METFORD) ( - )
Birth 24 Feb 1748 Calcutta, India
Death 6 Sep 1825 (age 77) Calcutta, India
Will leaves her estate to her Daughter Hannah AYRES widow of John ELLERTON and includes an annuity to her sister Sarah TIVERTON of Glastonbury

Child 1: William AYRES

Name: William AYRES
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Jan 1771

Child 2: Hannah AYRES

Name: Hannah AYRES
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: William MYERS ( -1817)
Spouse 2: John ELLERTON (1768-1820)
Birth 30 May 1772 Calcutta, India
Death 20 Jan 1858 (age 85) Calcutta, India

Child 3: Sally AYRES

Name: Sally AYRES
Sex: Female
Birth 16 Dec 1777 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Baptism 4 Jan 1778 (age 0) Calcutta, India
Daughter of the late William AYRES, Soldier and his wife Elizabeth
Death Aug 1779 (age 1) Calcutta, Bengal, India

Note on Wife: Elizabeth (Betsey) METFORD

Betsey's sister was Sarah who married Isaac TIVERTON and is mentioned in the Diary of Mary HOWARD