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Family of John BUTLER and Lydia Elizabeth HOWARD

Husband: John BUTLER (1767-1812)
Wife: Lydia Elizabeth HOWARD (1782-1861)
Children: Peter BUTLER (1797-1854)
John BUTLER (1799-1802)
William BUTLER (1801-1848)
Lydia Elizabeth BUTLER (1802-1804)
John BUTLER (1804-1872)
George BUTLER (1806-1812)
Pearce Llewellyn BUTLER (1807-1855)
Louisa Elizabeth BUTLER (1809-1861)
Mark BUTLER (1811-1812)
Marriage 12 Apr 1796 Fort William, Calcutta, India

Husband: John BUTLER

Name: John BUTLER
Sex: Male
Father: Marks BUTLER (1737-1772)
Mother: Sarah EDWARDS (1738-1818)
Birth 21 Aug 1767 Boulston, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Occupation Master Mariner
Occupation 1803 (age 35-36) Captain of brig "Lydia Elizabeth"
200 tons owner G. JACKSON, built Isle of France (Madagascar)
Death 1 Sep 1812 (age 45) At sea off Madras
City of London, ship
East Indiaman bound for Calcutta at noon. He was a passenger

Wife: Lydia Elizabeth HOWARD

Name: Lydia Elizabeth HOWARD
Sex: Female
Father: William HOWARD (1749-1795)
Mother: Elizabeth (Betsey) METFORD (1748-1825)
Birth 22 May 1782 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1851 (age 68-69) Pembroke, Wales
Main Street
Living with son Peter and his wife Eliza. Harriett FADDY her daughter in laws sister also in residence
Census 1861 (age 78-79) Tilston Fearnall, Cheshire
Church House
Living in the home of Henry Harding and his wife Louisa Elizabeth her daughter
Death 5 Dec 1861 (age 79) Tilstone Fearnall, Cheshire

Child 1: Peter BUTLER

Name: Peter BUTLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth FADDY (1801-1882)
Birth 11 Oct 1797 Calcutta, India
Census 1851 (age 53-54) Pembroke, Wales
Main Street
Living with wife and sister in law, Harriett FADDY and his Mother Lydia Elizabeth BUTLER
Occupation JP, Alderman and retired Commander from India
Death 24 Aug 1854 (age 56) Pembroke, Wales
Main Street

Child 2: John BUTLER

Name: John BUTLER
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Jun 1799 Calcutta, India
Death 3 Mar 1802 (age 2) Calcutta, India

Child 3: William BUTLER

Name: William BUTLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eliza BARTHOLIMY ( - )
Birth 31 Mar 1801 Calcutta, India
Death 30 May 1848 (age 47)

Child 4: Lydia Elizabeth BUTLER

Name: Lydia Elizabeth BUTLER
Sex: Female
Birth 24 Dec 1802 Calcutta, India
Death 24 Apr 1804 (age 1) Calcutta, India

Child 5: John BUTLER

Name: John BUTLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann Elizabeth GUNN (1803-1872)
Birth 21 Aug 1804 Tenby, Wales
Occupation Army - Indian 1820-1859 - Lt Gen
Residence 1861 (age 56-57) Umballa, Bengal, India
Death 30 Apr 1872 (age 67) Simla, India

Child 6: George BUTLER

Name: George BUTLER
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Apr 1806 Tenby, Wales
Death 4 Mar 1812 (age 5)

Child 7: Pearce Llewellyn BUTLER

Name: Pearce Llewellyn BUTLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth WEBB (1804-1847)
Birth 29 Jul 1807 Pembroke, Wales
Census 1841 (age 33-34) Castlemartin , Pembrokeshire
Chapel Cottage
Occupation Farmer
Death 9 Jan 1855 (age 47) Linney, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Widower. He died of a fall from his horse. Probate to his daughter Martha JONES wife of George JONES

Child 8: Louisa Elizabeth BUTLER

Name: Louisa Elizabeth BUTLER
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Francis CANDY (1798-1831)
Spouse 2: Henry HARDING (1810-1873)
Birth 1 May 1809 Carew, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Emigration 8 Sep 1812 (age 3) from Pembroke, Wales to Calcutta, India
Census 1841 (age 31-32) Lewisham, Kent
Dartmouth Terrace
Living with husband, described as a Physician and children
Census 1851 (age 41-42) Tilston Fearnall, Cheshire
Chapel House
Living with husband and children
Census 1861 (age 51-52) Tilston Fearnall, Cheshire
Church House
Living with husband, incumbernt in village, and children - Anna L,, Elizabeth, Charlotte Ruth, James W and Ephas G. Also John Butler, nephew (17) and Lydia E, Mother.
Death 31 Dec 1861 (age 52) Tilston Fearnall, Cheshire

Child 9: Mark BUTLER

Name: Mark BUTLER
Sex: Male
Birth 6 Jan 1811 Carew, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Death 16 Aug 1812 (age 1)