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Family of Richard PADDISON and Charlotte JACKSON

Husband: Richard PADDISON (1801-1874)
Wife: Charlotte JACKSON (1808-1895)
Children: George PADDISON (1825-1869)
Robert Charles PADDISON (1826-1872)
Mary Anne PADDISON (1828-1841)
Richard William PADDISON (1829-1841)
Howard PADDISON (1833-1886)
Sophia Eleanor PADDISON (1835-1911)
Caroline Edith PADDISON (1843-1887)
Marriage 28 Feb 1825 Paddington, London

Husband: Richard PADDISON


Richard PADDISON, c. 1865, age 64

Name: Richard PADDISON
Sex: Male
Father: Robert PADDISON (1765- )
Mother: Ann GIBBESON (1762- )
Birth Jan 1801 Louth, Lincolnshire
Baptism 18 Jan 1801 (age 0) Louth, Lincolnshire
St James
Occupation Legal Profession - Barrister at Law
Indenture 26 Mar 1821 (age 20) Louth, Lincolnshire
Articles of clerkship with Thomas Thompson and Stephen Dickenson to study Law
Death 16 Dec 1874 (age 73) Richmond Surrey
7 Park Hill
Probate to son Howard

Wife: Charlotte JACKSON


Charlotte JACKSON, c. 1880, age 72

Name: Charlotte JACKSON
Sex: Female
Father: George JACKSON (1758-1823)
Mother: Mary HOWARD (1780-1858)
Birth 29 Feb 1808 Hackney, Middlesex
Census 1841 (age 32-33) Louth, Lincolnshire
North Gate
Living with husband Richard and children Charles, Howard, Sophia
Census 1851 (age 42-43) Kensington, London
8 Lansdown Road
Living with husband and children George, Howard, Caroline E. Also in residence Mary JACKSON b. Calcutta, Mother in Law & Caroline DANIELL, Sister in Law to Richard and Mary A JACKSON, niece b. Uppingham, Rutland
Census 1861 (age 52-53) Petersham, Surrey
Reston Lodge
Living with husband Richard and daughter Sophia, son Howard and sister to Richard - Eleanor
Census 1871 (age 62-63) Richmond Surrey
7 Park Hill
Living with Richard and daughter Caroline E (26)
Census 1881 (age 72-73) Tiverton, Devon
Living with daughter Sophie E and her husband James D FRASER. also in residence Caroline E PADDISON and Matilda JACKSON cousin (46) B. Colsterworth
Census 1891 (age 82-83) Hammersmith, London
24 Ormiston Road
Living with daughter Sophia and grandson James
Death Oct 1895 (age 87) Kensington, London
8 Fairholmes Road
Buried in Richmond, Surrey

Child 1: George PADDISON


Spouse: Mary Anne OWEN, c. 1881, age 51

Name: George PADDISON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Anne OWEN (1830-1908)
Birth 2 Nov 1825 Louth, Lincolnshire
Occupation 25 Feb 1863 (age 37) -; Westminster, London
Admitted as member of Institute of Civil Engineers. A good write up on his career can be founf at - Civil Engineer records
Residence 1863 (age 37-38) Petersham, Surrey
Reston Lodge
Death 24 Nov 1869 (age 44) Valparaiso, Chile

Child 2: Robert Charles PADDISON

Name: Robert Charles PADDISON
Sex: Male
Birth 30 Oct 1826 Louth, Lincolnshire
Travel 5 Apr 1855 (age 28) New York
Travelled from le Havre to New York
Census 1871 (age 44-45) Nova Scotia
196 West Halifax
44 years old. Seaman born in England
Death 25 Jun 1872 (age 45) Maughold, Isle of Man
King Street, Ramsey

Child 3: Mary Anne PADDISON

Name: Mary Anne PADDISON
Sex: Female
Birth 6 Jun 1828 Louth, Lincolnshire
Death 2 Feb 1841 (age 12) Louth, Lincolnshire

Child 4: Richard William PADDISON

Name: Richard William PADDISON
Sex: Male
Birth 1 Dec 1829 Louth, Lincolnshire
Death 1 Jan 1841 (age 11) Louth, Lincolnshire

Child 5: Howard PADDISON


Howard PADDISON, 1868, age 35


Spouse: Mary Anne JEPSON, c. 1869, age 30

Name: Howard PADDISON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Anne JEPSON (1839-1926)
Birth 28 Oct 1833 Louth, Lincolnshire
Ramsgate Row
Census 1841 (age 7-8) Louth, Lincolnshire
Living with parents and siblings Charles and Sophia
Census 1851 (age 17-18) Kensington, London
8 Laner Road
Living with parents and Mary JACKSON - grandmother, Caroline Dannies - Aunt, Brother George and sister Caroline E and cousin Mary A JACKSON
Census 1861 (age 27-28) Petersham, Hampshire
Reston Lodge
Living with parents and sister Sophy and Aunt Eleanor
Census 1871 (age 37-38) Petersham, Surrey
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 47-48) Hampton, Middlesex
Living with wife and daughter Mary E and Aunt Hellinor (75) b. Lincoln
Occupation Legal Profession - Solicitor
Death 8 Oct 1886 (age 52) Hampton, Middlesex
Probate to wife Mary Anne. 95 pounds

Child 6: Sophia Eleanor PADDISON


Sophia Eleanor PADDISON, c. 1875, age 40


Spouse: James Denholm FRASER, c. 1889, age 70

Name: Sophia Eleanor PADDISON
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Denholm FRASER (1819-1889)
Birth 20 Oct 1835 Louth, Lincolnshire
Ramsgate Row
Census 1881 (age 45-46) Tiverton, Devon
Gotham House, Hammetts Square
Living with husband and children. Plus Charlotte PADDISON (73), Caroline E PADDISON (37) and Matilda JACKSON a cousin (46)
Census 1891 (age 55-56) Hammersmith, London
Ormiston Road
Widow. Living with son James and Mother, Charlotte
Census 1911 (age 75-76) Bournemouth, Dorset
1Milton Road
Living with Eleanor Gertrude ANDERSON 12 Grandaughter and Stuart Mitford FRASER, son and Constance FRASER, 47, daughter in Law
Death 24 Dec 1911 (age 76) Bournemouth, Dorset

Child 7: Caroline Edith PADDISON


Caroline Edith PADDISON, 1870, age 26

Name: Caroline Edith PADDISON
Sex: Female
Birth 9 May 1843 St Pancras, Middlesex
34 Mornington Crescent
Death 14 Jul 1887 (age 44) Tiverton, Devon
Probate to her sister Sophia FRASER