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Family of Howard JACKSON and Catherine Hannah Mouat KEITH

Husband: Howard JACKSON (1812-1888)
Wife: Catherine Hannah Mouat KEITH (1814-1820)
Children: JACKSON (1846- )
JACKSON (1846-1846)
Marriage 3 Sep 1844 Southwark. London
District of St Marys in the Parish of St George the Martyr
Catherine Hannah HEDLEY née KEITH was a Widow. Howard described as a Gent living at 34 Mornington Crescent. Married by his brother George - Vicar of North Reston. Witness - Richard PADDISON

Husband: Howard JACKSON


Howard JACKSON, 1870, age 58

Name: Howard JACKSON
Sex: Male
Father: George JACKSON (1758-1823)
Mother: Mary HOWARD (1780-1858)
Birth 21 Sep 1812 North Reston, Lincolnshire
Baptism 15 Dec 1812 (age 0) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Occupation Land Owner and Poor Law Guardian
Census 1851 (age 38-39) Kensington, London
8 St Georges Terrace
With wife Susan and children George E C (1)and William H (5mths)
Census 1861 (age 48-49) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Reston Hall
With wife Susan and children Henry Forman, (8), James Edward (6), John Hampden (4), Mary L H (2) amd Catherine (9mths)
Residence Jul 1868 (age 55) North Reston, Lincolnshire
Information given in probate for brother George who died Jul 1868
Census 1871 (age 58-59) North Reston, Lincolnshire
With wife Susan and children, Mary Louise (12),, Catherine Hannah (10), Alfred Howard (8), Susan Rose (6) and Douglas (1)
Census 1881 (age 68-69) North Reston, Lincolnshire
The Hall
Living with his wife Susan and daughter Susan Rose
Death 11 Apr 1888 (age 75) Shepherds Bush, Middlesex
7 Aschurch park Villas
Probate of 27 pounds 2 shillings to wife Susan
Burial 14 Apr 1888 North Reston, Lincolnshire
St Ediths
Monumental Inscription states - H. E. I. C. Late Lord of the Manor husband of Susan

Wife: Catherine Hannah Mouat KEITH

Name: Catherine Hannah Mouat KEITH
Sex: Female
Father: George Mouat KEITH (1760-1832)
Mother: Catherine (Kitty) HOWARD (1779-1851)
Father (2): George Mouat KEITH (1764-1832)
Mother (2): Catherine (Kitty) HOWARD (1779-1851)
Birth 27 Jun 1814 Camberwell, London
Birth 27 Jun 1814 Southwark. London
Birth 30 Apr 1816 Camberwell, London
Baptism 22 Sep 1816 (age 2)
Death Feb 1820 (age 5) Camberwell, London
Death Apr 1848 (age 33) Kensington, London
Death 23 Apr 1848 (age 33) Kensington, London

Child 1: JACKSON

Sex: Male
Birth Jun 1846

Child 2: JACKSON

Sex: Female
Birth 1846
Death 1846 (age 0)

Note on Husband: Howard JACKSON

Although Howard is the fourth of five sons he was the one who became the landowner at North Reston. The Hall is recorded "as the seat of Howard Jackson who was the Lord of the Manor and owner of the land in the small parish of North Reston". When Robert Darlington and his wife Wendy (WOOD) visited North Reston in 1993 they noticed amongst the many plaques on the wall of the church of St Edith one as follows "In loving memory of Howard Jackson, H.E.I.C. late Lord of the Manor....". The intials HEIC stand for Honourable East India Company and like his father Howard was obviously a sailor. Both Robert and David Morris had proof of his entering the service as a Midshipman in the spring of 1826 when he was also 14 years old. There are a number of references to his comings and goings in his Mothers Diary. A visit to the India Office library by Robert and Wendy found him in the Bombay ship registry as Master of the ship KUSGROVIE for about six years in the 1830's.