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Family of William JACKSON and Jane EWING

Husband: William JACKSON (1802-1838)
Wife: Jane EWING (c. 1809- )
Children: Mary Jane Ewing JACKSON (1828-1898)
William Henry JACKSON (1829-1868)
John Ellerton Ewing JACKSON (1831-1832)
Edward John JACKSON (1833-1834)
George JACKSON (1835-1835)
Ewing JACKSON (1836-1836)
Marriage 28 Dec 1826 Calcutta, India
Jane was from Dum Dum. Present were J F ELLERTON and P BUTLER. Ceremoney performed by Venerable Archdeacon Daniel CORRIE

Husband: William JACKSON

Name: William JACKSON
Sex: Male
Father: George JACKSON (1758-1823)
Mother: Mary HOWARD (1780-1858)
Birth 7 Sep 1802 Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, India
Baptism 17 Oct 1802 (age 0) Calcutta, Bengal, India
Occupation Legal Profession - Attorney at Law
Indenture 3 Feb 1818 (age 15) Louth, Lincolnshire
To Mr Thomas Bentley Phillips, Attorney at Court of Westminster for five years in profession of Attorney
Death 15 Nov 1838 (age 36) Calcutta, India
8 Old Post Office Street

Wife: Jane EWING

Name: Jane EWING
Sex: Female
Father: John EWING (1736-1812)
Mother: Jane BROWN (1778-1835)
Birth c. 1809

Child 1: Mary Jane Ewing JACKSON

Name: Mary Jane Ewing JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: David McCaner BLIZARD (1813-1888)
Birth 6 Jan 1828 Calcutta, India
Census 1881 (age 52-53) Ontario, Canada
267 East Riding District, Middlesex
Death 2 Dec 1898 (age 70) Middlesex East, Ontario, Canada

Child 2: William Henry JACKSON

Name: William Henry JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Aug 1829 Ghazeepore, Bengal, India
Death 19 Aug 1868 (age 38) Kuzzowlie, Bengal, India

Child 3: John Ellerton Ewing JACKSON

Name: John Ellerton Ewing JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Aug 1831 Calcutta, India
Death 18 Nov 1832 (age 1) Howrah, Bengal, India

Child 4: Edward John JACKSON

Name: Edward John JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Aug 1833 Cossipore, Bengal, India
Death 19 Jul 1834 (age 0) Howrah, Bengal, India

Child 5: George JACKSON

Name: George JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Jul 1835 Howrah, Bengal, India
Death 22 Jul 1835 (age 0) Howrah, Bengal, India

Child 6: Ewing JACKSON

Name: Ewing JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 24 May 1836 Portsea Island, Hampshire
Death 2 Jun 1836 (age 0) Portsea Island, Hampshire