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Family of Thomas RATTRAY and Hariett Penelope HARE

Husband: Thomas RATTRAY (1820-1880)
Wife: Hariett Penelope HARE (1832-1905)
Children: Thomas James RATTRAY (1853-1868)
Charles Martin Hare RATTRAY (1855-1856)
Rullion Hare RATTRAY (1859-1934)
Francis Alexander RATTRAY (1861- )
Hugh Money RATTRAY (1863-1940)
Edith Laura RATTRAY (1868-1945)
Haldane Burney RATTRAY (1870-1917)
Marriage 22 Jul 1852 Wynberg, South Africa

Husband: Thomas RATTRAY

Name: Thomas RATTRAY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1820 Daventry, Northants
Occupation Indian Army - Colonel
Death 21 Oct 1880 (age 59-60) Sherborne, Dorset
Grosvenor Lodge
Probate to wife Harriett

Wife: Hariett Penelope HARE

Name: Hariett Penelope HARE
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph HARE (1776-1856)
Mother: Sally Wilberforce BIRD (1793-1862)
Birth 19 Jul 1832 Wynberg, South Africa
Census 1881 (age 48-49) Sherborne, Dorset
Widow. Living with children
Death 3 Nov 1905 (age 73) East Sheen, Surrey
1, Sheen Gate Gardens
Widow. Probate to Edith Laura KEMPSTER
Burial 9 Nov 1905 Sherborne, Dorset

Child 1: Thomas James RATTRAY

Name: Thomas James RATTRAY
Sex: Male
Birth 18 Aug 1853 Wynberg, South Africa
Death Oct 1868 (age 15) Bath, Somerset

Child 2: Charles Martin Hare RATTRAY

Name: Charles Martin Hare RATTRAY
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Aug 1855 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Death 6 Mar 1856 (age 0) Lahore, Bengal, India

Child 3: Rullion Hare RATTRAY

Name: Rullion Hare RATTRAY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Mary Maude SAWYER (1859-1951)
Birth 1 Jun 1859 Barrackpore, Bengal, India
Census 1911 (age 51-52) Tonbridge, Kent
68 Dry Hill Park Road
Living with husband Rullion and her children
Death 16 Apr 1934 (age 74) Newton Abbott, Devonshire
Halliford House, Lonsdale Road
Proabte to widow, Margaret Mary Maude

Child 4: Francis Alexander RATTRAY

Name: Francis Alexander RATTRAY
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1861 Daventry, Northants

Child 5: Hugh Money RATTRAY

Name: Hugh Money RATTRAY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice RAVENSCROFT ( - )
Birth 1863 Bengal, India
Census 1871 (age 7-8) Tonbridge, Kent
Dryhill Park
Pupil in Boarding School with hsi brother
Death 25 Mar 1940 (age 76-77) Newton Abbott, Devonshire
Pinehurst Lonsdale Road
Probate to his widow, Alice

Child 6: Edith Laura RATTRAY

Name: Edith Laura RATTRAY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Francis James KEMPSTER ( - )
Birth 6 Jan 1868 Debroghan, Bengal, India
Death 3 Jul 1945 (age 77) Poole, Dorset
Ambleside Nursing Home
Widow. Probate to Dorothy Edith Penelope KEMPSTER, spinster

Child 7: Haldane Burney RATTRAY

Name: Haldane Burney RATTRAY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel Margeurite PIPER (1883-1970)
Birth May 1870 Tonbridge, Kent
Occupation Army - Lieutenant Colonel
Death 1 Feb 1917 (age 46) Basrah, Iraq
Cause: Killed in Action
Address: Resident in Simla, Bengal, India
Probate to Etel Margeurite his widow