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Family of William DOUGLAS and Caroline Fanny HARE

Husband: William DOUGLAS (1807-1885)
Wife: Caroline Fanny HARE (1815-1888)
Children: Selina Mary DOUGLAS (1838-1925)
Caroline Annie DOUGLAS (1840-1927)
John Charles DOUGLAS (1842-1926)
Annie Elizabeth DOUGLAS (1843-1876)
Charles Whittingham Horsley DOUGLAS (1850-1914)
Louisa DOUGLAS (1855-1934)
William DOUGLAS (1858-1920)
Marriage 5 Jul 1834 Bangalore, Madras, India

Husband: William DOUGLAS

Name: William DOUGLAS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1807 Salisbury, Wilts
Occupation Madras Civil Service
Census 1861 (age 53-54) Cranborne, Dorset
Cranborne Lodge
Married. Living with his children Caroline, William & Annie. Louisa H DOUGLAS his sister and Elizabeth DOUGLAS his Aunt also in residence
Death 5 Dec 1885 (age 77-78) Charlecombe, Somerset
Lansdown House
Probate to Charles Whittingham Horsley DOUGLAS

Wife: Caroline Fanny HARE

Name: Caroline Fanny HARE
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph HARE (1776-1856)
Mother: Sally Wilberforce BIRD (1793-1862)
Birth 6 Feb 1815 Wynberg, South Africa
Baptism 27 Sep 1815 (age 0) Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
St Georges Cathedral Military Church
Census 1861 (age 45-46) Reading, Berkshire
Eldon House, Eldon Square
Visiting the home of her sister Charlotte and her husband Robert TROTTER together with her daughter Louisa and her Mother Sally
Census 1871 (age 55-56) Charlcombe, Somerset
Lansdown House
Living with husband and children. Husband's sister Louisa Helen DOUGLAS also in residence
Census 1881 (age 65-66) Charlcombe, Somerset
Lansdown House
Living with husband William and his Sister in Law - Francis Catherine BLAIR
Death 9 Dec 1888 (age 73) Southport, Lancashire
36 Bath Street
Residence late of 12 Grosvenor Road, Southport. Probate to John Charles DOUGLAS her son

Child 1: Selina Mary DOUGLAS

Name: Selina Mary DOUGLAS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Cotton MONEY (1836-1903)
Birth 23 Nov 1838 Madras, India
Death 3 Jan 1925 (age 86) Baschurch, Shropshire
Boreaton Park

Child 2: Caroline Annie DOUGLAS

Name: Caroline Annie DOUGLAS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Hinton MOORE (1842-1910)
Birth 25 Aug 1840 Madras, India
Death 10 Sep 1927 (age 87) Sefton, Lancashire

Child 3: John Charles DOUGLAS

Name: John Charles DOUGLAS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Agnes BIRD (1851-1924)
Birth 13 Jun 1842 Madras India
Death 1 Dec 1926 (age 84) Bath, Somerset
Lansdown House
Probate to Hugh Money RATTRAY

Child 4: Annie Elizabeth DOUGLAS

Name: Annie Elizabeth DOUGLAS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick Bazett DOVETON (1841-1911)
Birth 28 Aug 1843 Palamcottah, Madras, India
Census 1861 (age 17-18) Cranborne, Dorset
Cranborne Lodge
Living with Father and siblings Caroline and William.
Death Apr 1876 (age 32) Horfield, Gloucestershire

Child 5: Charles Whittingham Horsley DOUGLAS

Name: Charles Whittingham Horsley DOUGLAS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ida de Courcy GORDON (1861-1916)
Birth 17 Jul 1850 Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Death 25 Oct 1914 (age 64) Westminster, Middlesex
68 Eaton Square, Belgravia
Probate to Ida De Courcy DOUGLAS his widow.

Child 6: Louisa DOUGLAS

Name: Louisa DOUGLAS
Sex: Female
Spouse: George HOBART (1848-1920)
Birth 1855 Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Death 19 May 1934 (age 78-79) Bath, Somerset
Walton, Midford Road, Combe Down

Child 7: William DOUGLAS

Name: William DOUGLAS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen Lytcott TAYLOR (1866-1929)
Birth 19 Dec 1858 Cranborne, Dorset
Occupation Army - Lieutenant, Royal Scots, 1st Foot
Death 2 Nov 1920 (age 61) Blairs, Kincardine, Scotland
Shanna Cottage
Proabte to widow Ellen