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Family of Robert Henry Melville HARE and Louisa Dickenson PROCTOR

Husband: Robert Henry Melville HARE (1824-1887)
Wife: Louisa Dickenson PROCTOR (1827-1892)
Children: Charles Joseph HARE (1847-1881)
Robert Douglas HARE (1849-1929)
William Wilberforce HARE (1850-1915)
Elizabeth Rachel HARE (1852-1905)

Husband: Robert Henry Melville HARE

Name: Robert Henry Melville HARE
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph HARE (1776-1856)
Mother: Sally Wilberforce BIRD (1793-1862)
Birth 12 Apr 1824 Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa
Occupation Farmer
Death 14 Dec 1887 (age 63) Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa
Pine Cottage

Wife: Louisa Dickenson PROCTOR

Name: Louisa Dickenson PROCTOR
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1827 Cape Town, South Africa
Death 1892 (age 64-65) Cape Town, South Africa

Child 1: Charles Joseph HARE

Name: Charles Joseph HARE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen Stretch COWAN ( - )
Birth 1847
Occupation Hotel keeper
Death 3 Oct 1881 (age 33-34) Cape Town, South Africa
Prieska, Victoria West

Child 2: Robert Douglas HARE

Name: Robert Douglas HARE
Sex: Male
Birth 1849 Wynberg, South Africa
Occupation Bengal Civil Service
Census 1901 (age 51-52) Ealing, Middlesex
70 Castle Bar Road
Visiting in home of Henry and Eliza OLIPHANT
Census 1911 (age 61-62) Maidenhead, Berkshire
The Rowans, 46 Bath Road
Single. Living alone.
Death 9 Feb 1929 (age 79-80) Westminster, Middlesex
36 Queens Gate Terrace
Died at 28 St Marloes Road, Middlesex

Child 3: William Wilberforce HARE

Name: William Wilberforce HARE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah Ellen Sophia DIX (1853-1919)
Birth 16 Oct 1850 Wynberg, South Africa
Death 26 Jan 1915 (age 64) Woodstock, Cape Province, South Africa

Child 4: Elizabeth Rachel HARE

Name: Elizabeth Rachel HARE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Lawrence OLIPHANT (1839-1902)
Birth 10 Oct 1852 Cape Town, South Africa
Death 29 Oct 1905 (age 53) Ealing, Middlesex
4 Blaskesley Avenue