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Family of Thomas Richard Arthur BLAIR and Frances (Fanny) Catherine HARE

Husband: Thomas Richard Arthur BLAIR (1802-1867)
Wife: Frances (Fanny) Catherine HARE (1823-1908)
Children: Charlotte Frances BLAIR (1841- )
Isabella BLAIR (1844-1874)
Mary Slade BLAIR (1848- )
Augusta Michel BLAIR (1850- )
Fanny Stewart BLAIR (1851- )
Horatio Douglas BLAIR (1854- )
Dawson BLAIR (1856- )
Richard Walmsley BLAIR (1857-1939)
Marriage 17 Sep 1839 Wynberg, South Africa

Husband: Thomas Richard Arthur BLAIR

Name: Thomas Richard Arthur BLAIR
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 19 Dec 1802 Kingstone, Dorset
Occupation Clergyman
Death 25 Aug 1867 (age 64) Milborne St Andrew, Dorset
Probate to Widow, Fanny of Cleve Cottage, Sion Hill

Wife: Frances (Fanny) Catherine HARE

Name: Frances (Fanny) Catherine HARE
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph HARE (1776-1856)
Mother: Sally Wilberforce BIRD (1793-1862)
Birth 1823 Wynberg, South Africa
Immigration 1854 (age 30-31) to Milborne St Andrew, Dorset from Cape Town, South Africa
She returned to the UK with her husband Thomas where he was appointed the Vicar of Milbourne St Andrew and they had their last two children.
Census 1861 (age 37-38) Milborne St Andrew, Dorset
The Parsonage
Living with husband Thomas and children Charlotte, Isabella, Mary, Augusta, Horatio, Dawson & Richard
Census 1871 (age 47-48) Walcot, Bath, Somerset
Cleve Cottage
Widow. Living with children Mary Horatio and Richard. A Manuel (?Maude) HASTINGS is also resident; Aged 6 born in Norwich and described as a "ward"
Census 1881 (age 57-58) Charlcombe, Somerset
Landsown House
Living with sister Caroline
Census 1891 (age 67-68) Bath, Somerset
7 Paragon
Widow. Renting 2 rooms.
Census 1901 (age 77-78) Walcot, Bath, Somerset
4 Brunswick Place
Lodging in the house of Matilda WORNELL. Ida M BLAIR her daughter in law and her grandchildren Margaret and Marjorie also Lodging
Death 1 Jan 1908 (age 84-85) Bath, Somerset
31 The Paragon
Probate to Reverend Charles Edward Benedict BARNEWELL

Child 1: Charlotte Frances BLAIR

Name: Charlotte Frances BLAIR
Sex: Female
Birth 4 Dec 1841 Wynberg, South Africa

Child 2: Isabella BLAIR

Name: Isabella BLAIR
Sex: Female
Spouse: Godfrey John Bective Taite DALTON ( - )
Birth 1844 Wynberg, South Africa
Death Jul 1874 (age 29-30) Kensington, Middlesex

Child 3: Mary Slade BLAIR

Name: Mary Slade BLAIR
Sex: Female
Birth 24 Feb 1848 Wynberg, South Africa

Child 4: Augusta Michel BLAIR

Name: Augusta Michel BLAIR
Sex: Female
Birth 22 Mar 1850 Wynberg, South Africa

Child 5: Fanny Stewart BLAIR

Name: Fanny Stewart BLAIR
Sex: Female
Birth 30 Sep 1851 Wynberg, South Africa

Child 6: Horatio Douglas BLAIR

Name: Horatio Douglas BLAIR
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Feb 1854 Wynberg, South Africa

Child 7: Dawson BLAIR

Name: Dawson BLAIR
Sex: Male
Birth 1856 Milborne St Andrew, Dorset

Child 8: Richard Walmsley BLAIR

Name: Richard Walmsley BLAIR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ida Mabel LIMOUZIN (1875-1943)
Birth Feb 1857 Milborne St Andrew, Dorset
Death 28 Jun 1939 (age 82) Southwold, Suffolk
36 High Street
Probate to widow, Ida.