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Family of William PRINSEP and Mary CAMPBELL

Husband: William PRINSEP (1794-1874)
Wife: Mary CAMPBELL (1802-1873)
Children: William Haldimand PRINSEP (1822-1857)
Charles Campbell PRINSEP (1825-1887)
James Hunter PRINSEP (1827- )
Edward Augustus PRINSEP (1828- )
Henry Auriol PRINSEP (1830-1877)
Amelia Sophia PRINSEP (1833-1917)
Marriage 14 Oct 1820 Calcutta, Bengal, India

Husband: William PRINSEP

Name: William PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Father: John PRINSEP (1746-1831)
Mother: Sophia Elizabeth AURIOL (1760-1850)
Birth 26 Apr 1794 City of London
Census 1861 (age 66-67) Albury, Surrey
Weston House
Living with wife Mary and
Census 1871 (age 76-77) Wonersh, nr Guildford, Surrey
Living with wife Mary and daughter Amelia Sophia
Death 10 Feb 1874 (age 79) Wonersh, nr Guildford, Surrey
Proved by Charles Campbell PRINSEP his son


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 23 Nov 1802 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Death Apr 1873 (age 70) Hambledon, Surrey

Child 1: William Haldimand PRINSEP

Name: William Haldimand PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1822 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Baptism 17 Apr 1822 (age 0) Fort William, Calcutta, India
Census 1851 (age 28-29) Wanstead, Essex
Lodging in house of Ann WESTON
Occupation Artist
Death May 1857 (age 35) Esher, Surrey

Child 2: Charles Campbell PRINSEP

Name: Charles Campbell PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Letitia Elizabeth GYLL (1841-1914)
Birth Nov 1825 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Baptism 28 Nov 1825 (age 0) Fort William, Calcutta, India
Census 1851 (age 25-26) Paddington, London
30 Gloucester Gardens
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 45-46) Tonbridge, Kent
High Bank
Living with wife and son Reginald
Census 1881 (age 55-56) Kingston, Surrey
Frascati, 2 Claremont Road
Living with wife and son
Occupation Statistical Assistant and acting official agent for India
Death 15 Apr 1887 (age 61) St Georges, Hanover Square, London
94 Belgrave Road
Probate to wife Letitia

Child 3: James Hunter PRINSEP

Name: James Hunter PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Apr 1827 Calcutta, Bengal, India

Child 4: Edward Augustus PRINSEP

Name: Edward Augustus PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Apr 1828 Calcutta Bengal, India
Baptism 21 Jun 1845 (age 17) Fort William, Calcutta, India

Child 5: Henry Auriol PRINSEP

Name: Henry Auriol PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriet Georgiana MACKINNON (1843-1921)
Birth 9 Nov 1830 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Occupation Army - Captain Bengal Army
Census 1861 (age 30-31) Albury, Surrey
living with parents
Death 15 Jun 1877 (age 46) Aix les Bains, France
Residence 2 Clarges Street, Picafilly but late of Agra, North West Provinces a Lt Col in Bangal Army. Probate to his wife Harriet Georgiana

Child 6: Amelia Sophia PRINSEP

Name: Amelia Sophia PRINSEP
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur Drummond WILKINS (1831-1892)
Birth 1833 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1861 (age 27-28) Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
Living with husband and son Ernest annd daughter Mary
Census 1871 (age 37-38) Wonersh, nr Guildford, Surrey
Living with her parents
Census 1881 (age 47-48) Cattistock, Dorset
The Rectory
Living with husband Arthur & daughters Mary A and Blanchz
Census 1891 (age 57-58) Cattistock, Dorset
The Rectory
Living with busband Arthur
Death 26 Feb 1917 (age 83-84) Bath, Somerset
Park View House, Brook Street
Probate to Charles Murray WILKINS, Solicitor