Family of John PRINSEP and Sophia Elizabeth AURIOL

Husband: John PRINSEP (1746-1831)
Wife: Sophia Elizabeth AURIOL (1760-1850)
Children: Sophia Charlotte PRINSEP (1783-1861)
John PRINSEP (1788-1819)
Charles Robert PRINSEP (1790-1864)
George Alexander PRINSEP (1791-1839)
Henry Thoby PRINSEP (1793-1878)
William PRINSEP (1794-1874)
Caroline PRINSEP (1796-1858)
Amelia (Emily) Rebecca PRINSEP (1798-1860)
James PRINSEP (1799-1840)
Thomas PRINSEP (1800-1830)
Augustus PRINSEP (1803-1830)
Marriage Jan 1783 Calcutta, India

Husband: John PRINSEP

Name: John PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth May 1746 Newton Regis, Warwickshire
Death Dec 1831 (age 85) St Mary le Bone, Middlesex

Wife: Sophia Elizabeth AURIOL

Name: Sophia Elizabeth AURIOL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1760 Lisbon, Portugal
Death Jan 1850 (age 89-90) Mary le Bone, Middlessex

Child 1: Sophia Charlotte PRINSEP

Name: Sophia Charlotte PRINSEP
Sex: Female
Spouse: George HALDIMAND (1781-1851)
Birth 1783 Calcutta, India
Census 1841 (age 57-58) St Georges, Hanover Square, London
Living with husband George and daughter Caroline (13). Emily, Lucy and Sophia PRINSEP also in residence
Census 1851 (age 67-68) St Georges, Hanover Square, London
31 Belgrave Square
Living with husband George
Death 8 Mar 1861 (age 77-78) Esher, Surrey

Child 2: John PRINSEP

Name: John PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Birth 1788 london
Death 1819 (age 30-31) Bolivia

Child 3: Charles Robert PRINSEP

Name: Charles Robert PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Louisa Anne WHITE (1819-1855)
Birth 28 Mar 1790 Westminster, Middlesex
Occupation Advocate General, East India Company
Census 1861 (age 70-71) Walton on Thames, Surrey
2Church Street
Widower. Living with his daughters Anne Mary, Louisa Sophia, Amy Emily, and son James Charles
Death 8 Jun 1864 (age 74) Chiswick, Middlesex
Rothbury Hall

Child 4: George Alexander PRINSEP

Name: George Alexander PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Agnes Catherine BLAKE (1803- )
Birth 1791 London
Apprenticeship 5 Apr 1806 (age 14-15) City of London
Leadenhall Street
Apprenticed to his Father, Alderman and Citizen and Skinner
Death 26 Mar 1839 (age 47-48) Calcutta, Bengal, India
Cause: Cholera

Child 5: Henry Thoby PRINSEP

Name: Henry Thoby PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah Monckton PATTLE (1816-1887)
Birth 15 Jul 1793 Thoby Priory, Essex
Occupation Judge of High Curt, Calcutta
Residence btw 1847 and 1871 (age 53-78) Kensington, London
Little Holland House
Census 1871 (age 77-78) Kensington, London
Little Holland House
Living with wife Sara. Mary E his niece also in residence
Death 11 Feb 1878 (age 84) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
Briary House
Proved by Valentine Cameron PRINSEP of 1 Holland Park, Kensington
Knight Commander of the Indian Empire. K.C.I E

Child 6: William PRINSEP

Name: William PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary CAMPBELL (1802- )
Spouse 2: Mary CAMPBELL (1802-1873)
Birth 26 Apr 1794 City of London
Census 1861 (age 66-67) Albury, Surrey
Weston House
Living with wife Mary and
Census 1871 (age 76-77) Wonersh, nr Guildford, Surrey
Living with wife Mary and daughter Amelia Sophia
Death 10 Feb 1874 (age 79) Wonersh, nr Guildford, Surrey
Proved by Charles Campbell PRINSEP his son

Child 7: Caroline PRINSEP

Name: Caroline PRINSEP
Sex: Female
Spouse: Isaac Fran├žois MACAIRE ( -1869)
Birth Aug 1796 London, Middlesex
Census 4 Aug 1796 (age 0) Mortlake, Surrey
Death Jul 1858 (age 61) Bethnal Green, London

Child 8: Amelia (Emily) Rebecca PRINSEP

Name: Amelia (Emily) Rebecca PRINSEP
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Apr 1798 Cornhill, London
Census 1851 (age 52-53) Taplow, Buckinghamshire
Berry Hill
Living with sister in law Harriett Sophie PRINSEP (34) and her daughter Eliza (13) both born in Calcutta
Death 2 Aug 1860 (age 62) Reading, Berkshire

Child 9: James PRINSEP

Name: James PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriet Sophie AUBERT (1816-1874)
Birth Aug 1799 Chelsea, london
Occupation Architect & Assay Master, Bengal
Death 22 Apr 1840 (age 40) London, Middlesex
Cause: Softening of the Brain

Child 10: Thomas PRINSEP

Name: Thomas PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lucy Anne CAMPBELL (1808-1891)
Birth 15 Sep 1800 London, Middlesex
Occupation Bengal Army - Captain
Death 23 Jan 1830 (age 29) Calcutta, India
Cause: Fall from his horse

Child 11: Augustus PRINSEP

Name: Augustus PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Acworth OMMANNEY (1804-1885)
Birth 31 Mar 1803 Cornhill, London
Occupation Indian Civil Service
Death 10 Oct 1830 (age 27) Died at Sea, Indian Ocean
Cause: Consumption