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Family of Henry Thoby PRINSEP and Sarah Monckton PATTLE

Husband: Henry Thoby PRINSEP (1793-1878)
Wife: Sarah Monckton PATTLE (1816-1887)
Children: Henry Phoby PRINSEP (1836-1914)
Cameron Valentine PRINSEP (1838-1904)
Arthur Haldimond PRINSEP (1840-1915)
Alice Maria PRINSEP (1844-1919)
Virginia PRINSEP (1848-1850)
Marriage 14 May 1835 Calcutta, Bengal, India

Husband: Henry Thoby PRINSEP

Name: Henry Thoby PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Father: John PRINSEP (1746-1831)
Mother: Sophia Elizabeth AURIOL (1760-1850)
Birth 15 Jul 1793 Thoby Priory, Essex
Occupation Judge of High Curt, Calcutta
Residence btw 1847 and 1871 (age 53-78) Kensington, London
Little Holland House
Census 1871 (age 77-78) Kensington, London
Little Holland House
Living with wife Sara. Mary E his niece also in residence
Death 11 Feb 1878 (age 84) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
Briary House
Proved by Valentine Cameron PRINSEP of 1 Holland Park, Kensington
Knight Commander of the Indian Empire. K.C.I E

Wife: Sarah Monckton PATTLE

Name: Sarah Monckton PATTLE
Sex: Female
Father: James PATTLE (1775-1845)
Mother: Adeline Maria De L'ETANG (1793-1845)
Birth 16 Aug 1816 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Census 1861 (age 44-45) Kensington, London
Little Hollland
Living with husband Henry and daughter Alice and various servants
Census 1871 (age 54-55) Kensington, London
Little Holland House
Living with busband and niece Mary E PRINSEP and various servants
Death 15 Dec 1887 (age 71) Brighton, Sussex
6 Montpelier Villas

Child 1: Henry Phoby PRINSEP

Name: Henry Phoby PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lilla Livingstone SMITHE (1857-1925)
Birth 3 May 1836 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1851 (age 14-15) Harrow, Middlesex
Pupil at School
Census 1911 (age 74-75) Soham, Cambridgeshire
The Cottage, Chippenham Village
Visitor in home of Warren de la ROE
Death 8 Nov 1914 (age 78) Tenby, Pembrokeshire
Residence 3 Holland Park, Kensington

Child 2: Cameron Valentine PRINSEP

Name: Cameron Valentine PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence LEYLAND (1859-1921)
Birth 14 Feb 1838 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1891 (age 52-53) Kensington, London
Holland Park Road
Living with wife Florence and children
Occupation Artist
Death 11 Nov 1904 (age 66) Mary le Bone, Middlessex

Child 3: Arthur Haldimond PRINSEP

Name: Arthur Haldimond PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Julia Caroline DEGASHER (1847-1927)
Birth 24 Jan 1840 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Fort William
Census 1851 (age 10-11) Edgware, Middlesex
Elstree Hill
Pupil in school run by Leopold and Mary BERNAYS
Census 1901 (age 60-61) Warwick, Warwickshire
Craven Lodge, Kenilworth, Lillington
Living with wife Julia
Occupation Army - Lt Gen Bengal Cavalry
Census 1911 (age 70-71) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
18 North Gate
Living with wife Julia
Death 13 Jan 1915 (age 74) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
18 North-gate, Regents Park
Probate to Julia Caroline his wife

Child 4: Alice Maria PRINSEP

Name: Alice Maria PRINSEP
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Charles Henry GURNEY (1833-1897)
Spouse 2: John Bouchier STRACEY-CLITHEROW (1853-1931)
Birth 6 Jun 1844 Westminster, London
87 Hyde Park Gardens
Baptism 16 Oct 1844 (age 0) Paddington, London
St James
Census 1871 (age 26-27) Kensington, London
36 Lowndes Street
Living with husband and daughter Laura
Census 1891 (age 46-47) Sunninghill, Berkshire
The Little Cottage
Living with son Henry Edward b.1876 and son Thomas Claud b.1881
Census 1901 (age 56-57) North Cave, Yorkshire
Hotham Hall
Liiving with husband John
Census 1911 (age 66-67) Brough, East Yorkshire
Hotham Hall
Living with husband John and son Thomas and his wife and daughter
Death Dec 1919 (age 75) Brentford Middlesex

Child 5: Virginia PRINSEP

Name: Virginia PRINSEP
Sex: Female
Birth 13 Apr 1848 Mary le Bone, Middlessex
Baptism 1 Aug 1848 (age 0) Paddington, Middlessex
St James
Death Mar 1850 (age 1) St Georges, Hanover Square, London