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Family of Henry Auriol PRINSEP and Harriet Georgiana MACKINNON

Husband: Henry Auriol PRINSEP (1830-1877)
Wife: Harriet Georgiana MACKINNON (1843-1921)
Children: Florence Amy PRINSEP (1865- )
Edith Anne PRINSEP (1867- )
Mary PRINSEP (1869- )
Marriage 10 Dec 1862 Edinburgh, Scotland

Husband: Henry Auriol PRINSEP

Name: Henry Auriol PRINSEP
Sex: Male
Father: William PRINSEP (1794-1874)
Mother: Mary CAMPBELL (1802-1873)
Birth 9 Nov 1830 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Occupation Army - Captain Bengal Army
Census 1861 (age 30-31) Albury, Surrey
living with parents
Death 15 Jun 1877 (age 46) Aix les Bains, France
Residence 2 Clarges Street, Picafilly but late of Agra, North West Provinces a Lt Col in Bangal Army. Probate to his wife Harriet Georgiana

Wife: Harriet Georgiana MACKINNON

Name: Harriet Georgiana MACKINNON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 30 May 1843 Terhoot, India
Census 1891 (age 47-48) Folkestone, Kent
Census 1901 (age 57-58) Brandon & Bretford, Warwickshire
Living with s=daughter Edith and her husband
Census 1911 (age 67-68) Leamington, Warwickshire
Conyer Lodge
Living with daughter Florence
Death 7 Jan 1921 (age 77) Leamington, Warwickshire
Winton House

Child 1: Florence Amy PRINSEP

Name: Florence Amy PRINSEP
Sex: Female
Birth 1865 Agra, Bengal, India

Child 2: Edith Anne PRINSEP

Name: Edith Anne PRINSEP
Sex: Female
Birth 1867 Nepal, India

Child 3: Mary PRINSEP

Name: Mary PRINSEP
Sex: Female
Birth 1869 Calcutta, Bengal, India