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Family of Benjamin Edward Reina NEWLANDS and Mary Ann JENNER

Husband: Benjamin Edward Reina NEWLANDS (1842-1912)
Wife: Mary Ann JENNER (1842-1930)
Children: Mary Anne Jenner NEWLANDS (1867-1952)
Julia Reina NEWLANDS (1869-1918)
Fanny Alice NEWLANDS (1870-1966)
Benjamin Edward Reina NEWLANDS (1873-1950)
Percy Reina NEWLANDS (1878-1953)
Ada Lavinia NEWLANDS (1881-1905)
Marriage Oct 1866 Camberwell, London

Husband: Benjamin Edward Reina NEWLANDS

Name: Benjamin Edward Reina NEWLANDS
Sex: Male
Father: William NEWLANDS (1786-1859)
Mother: Mary Sarah REINA (1801-1880)
Birth Jan 1842 Southwark. London
Census 1871 (age 28-29) Greenwich London
4 Malvern Terrace, Charlton
Living with wife Mary Ann and children Mary A J, Julia and Fanny.
Census 1881 (age 38-39) East Ham, Essex
Temple House
Living with wife and children. Also in residence Charles JENNER, Father in law b.1813 in Sussex and Fanny JENNER, sister in law b.1859 in Sussex. Manager of Sugar Refinery
Census 1891 (age 48-49) Hackney, Middlesex
Dunsmure Road
Living with wife Mary A and children Fanny, Benjamin and Percy. Also in residence was Julia John son, sister in law b. 1849 in Sussex
Occupation 1898 (age 55-56) Analytical Chemist & Manager of Sugar Factory
Took over his brothers (John) business as an Analytical Chemist
Census 1901 (age 58-59) Hackney, Middlesex
11 Dunsmure Road, Stamford Hill
Living with wife and children - Mary Ann, Fanny, Benjamin, Percy and Ada. Julia Johnson, sister in law also in residence.
Census 1911 (age 68-69) Hackney, Middlesex
11 Dunsmure Road, Stamford Hill
Living with wife Mary, daughters Mary nd Fanny and son Percy. Also in residence was Edith EASTICK, grandaughter b. 1899 in Queensland, Australia
Death 7 Aug 1912 (age 70) Havant, Hampshire
Summerville, Eastoke, Hayling South
probate to wife Mary, son benjamin and daughter Mary Anne Jenner NEWLANDS. estate value 19838 pounds

Wife: Mary Ann JENNER

Name: Mary Ann JENNER
Sex: Female
Father: Charles JENNER (1818- )
Mother: -
Birth Jul 1842 Battle Sussex
Death Jun 1930 (age 87) Havant, Hampshire

Child 1: Mary Anne Jenner NEWLANDS

Name: Mary Anne Jenner NEWLANDS
Sex: Female
Birth 13 Nov 1867 Charlton, Kent
Death Mar 1952 (age 84) Gosport, Hampshire

Child 2: Julia Reina NEWLANDS

Name: Julia Reina NEWLANDS
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Joseph EASTICK (1855-1917)
Birth 16 Jun 1869 Charlton, Kent
Census 1911 (age 41-42) Hackney, Middlesex
49A Clapton Common
Living with husband and children
Death 27 Dec 1918 (age 49) Whitechapel, Middlesex
127 Upper Clapton Road, Clapton
Probate to John Clare Newlands EASTICK and Arthur Gerald NEWLANDS. Estate value 8328 pounds

Child 3: Fanny Alice NEWLANDS

Name: Fanny Alice NEWLANDS
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1870 Charlton, Kent
Death Mar 1966 (age 95) Hackney, Middlesex

Child 4: Benjamin Edward Reina NEWLANDS

Name: Benjamin Edward Reina NEWLANDS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence Helen JOY (1878-1954)
Birth Jul 1873 Charlton, Kent
Occupation Analytical Chemist
Education 1887 (age 13-14) -; Hackney, Middlesex
Grocers Company School
Death 7 Nov 1950 (age 77) Willesden, Middlesex
68 Doyle Gardens
Probate to wife Helen and son Benjamin. Estate value 25513 pounds

Child 5: Percy Reina NEWLANDS

Name: Percy Reina NEWLANDS
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Clara Rose JARMAN (1879-1930)
Spouse 2: Edith Chamberlain SEWARD (1911-1959)
Birth Jan 1878 West Ham, Essex
Death 27 May 1953 (age 75) Hunstanton, Norfolk
2 Rhianva House, Cliff Parade
Died in Burleigh Nursing Home, Hunstanton. Probate to Edith Chamberlain NEWLANDS and Iris Mary SPINKS and Reginald Henry SPINKS. Estate value 17907 pounds

Child 6: Ada Lavinia NEWLANDS

Name: Ada Lavinia NEWLANDS
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1881 East Ham, Essex
Death Apr 1905 (age 24) Hackney, Middlesex