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Family of Hibbert NEWTON and Mary Sarah Isabella NEWLANDS

Husband: Hibbert NEWTON (1807-1892)
Wife: Mary Sarah Isabella NEWLANDS (1834-1879)
Children: Phillips William Reina NEWTON (1868-1931)
Hibbert Benjamin Cortese NEWTON (1872- )
Marriage 17 Jul 1867 St George, Southwark. London

Husband: Hibbert NEWTON

Name: Hibbert NEWTON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1807 Sicily
Census 1891 (age 83-84) Stoke Newington, London
31 Trinity Street
Living with his wife Esther.
Occupation Clergyman - Vicar of St Michaels
Death 27 Oct 1892 (age 84-85) Southwark. London
21 Trinity Street
Probate to wife Esther

Wife: Mary Sarah Isabella NEWLANDS

Name: Mary Sarah Isabella NEWLANDS
Sex: Female
Father: William NEWLANDS (1786-1859)
Mother: Mary Sarah REINA (1801-1880)
Birth 4 Sep 1834 Southwark. London
West Square, Parish of St George
Baptism 28 Mar 1835 (age 0) Stepney. London
St Andrews Scotch Church
Baptism 28 Jun 1837 (age 2) Southwark. London
Census 1871 (age 36-37) Lambeth, London
16 Merrick Square
Living with her husband Herbert
Death 4 Mar 1879 (age 44) Southwark. London

Child 1: Phillips William Reina NEWTON

Name: Phillips William Reina NEWTON
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Ellen Cameron HUTCHINSON (1873- )
Spouse 2: Minnie MARTIN (1875-1932)
Birth 14 Oct 1868 Southwark. London
Occupation Music Teacher
Death 23 Jun 1931 (age 62) York, Ontario, Canada
Cause: Diabetes Mellitus

Child 2: Hibbert Benjamin Cortese NEWTON

Name: Hibbert Benjamin Cortese NEWTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Ann BAILLIE (1872- )
Birth Mar 1872 Southwark. London
Baptism 19 Apr 1872 (age 0) Southwark. London
Occupation Music Teacher
Census 1901 (age 28-29) Frederickton, New Brunswick, Canada
185 Carlton Ward
Living with wife and children
Census 1910 (age 37-38) Fairfield Connecticut
281 District 0093
Living with wife and family

Note on Husband: Hibbert NEWTON

A Frederick Roberts aged 31 a bricklayer was found guilty of a burglary at the dwelling house of Hibbert Newton and stealing a number of plated spoons and other items. He pleaded guilty and was given 6 months corrective detention at Wandsworth