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Family of John Joseph EASTICK and Julia Reina NEWLANDS

Husband: John Joseph EASTICK (1855-1917)
Wife: Julia Reina NEWLANDS (1869-1918)
Children: John Clare Newlands EASTICK (1889-1971)
Arthur Gerald EASTICK (1891-1922)
Annie Eileen Raina EASTICK (1893-1954)
Doris Vera Mary M EASTICK (1894-1972)
Edith Irene Alice EASTICK (1898-1979)
Lawrence Edward Kelf EASTICK (1900-1994)
Margaret Ada EASTICK (1905-1941)
Marriage 18 Apr 1888 Stoke Newington, London

Husband: John Joseph EASTICK

Name: John Joseph EASTICK
Sex: Male
Father: Zechariah EASTICK (1831-1881)
Mother: Sarah Maria Susannah KELF (1830-1902)
Birth 6 Feb 1855 Mutford, Suffolk
Occupation btw 1881 and 1890 (age 25-35) Consulting Chemist, Sugar Refining
John Joseph is noted as being the first chemiet at the factory of Abram Lyle. The forerunner to Tate and Lyle, sugar manufacturers.
Residence 23 Jan 1894 (age 38) Melbourne, Australia
City of Port
Sugar refinery plant - Rate records
Census 1911 (age 55-56) Hackney, Middlesex
49A Clapton Common
Living with wife and family.
Also in residence Henry C KELF (37) born Norfolk.
Death 7 Sep 1917 (age 62) Whitechapel, Middlesex
127 Upper Clapton Road, Clapton
Probate to wife Julia. Estate value 6542 pounds

Wife: Julia Reina NEWLANDS

Name: Julia Reina NEWLANDS
Sex: Female
Father: Benjamin Edward Reina NEWLANDS (1842-1912)
Mother: Mary Ann JENNER (1842-1930)
Birth 16 Jun 1869 Charlton, Kent
Census 1911 (age 41-42) Hackney, Middlesex
49A Clapton Common
Living with husband and children
Death 27 Dec 1918 (age 49) Whitechapel, Middlesex
127 Upper Clapton Road, Clapton
Probate to John Clare Newlands EASTICK and Arthur Gerald NEWLANDS. Estate value 8328 pounds

Child 1: John Clare Newlands EASTICK

Name: John Clare Newlands EASTICK
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Mar 1889 Leytonstone, London NE
Occupation Army - Captain & Manufacturing Chemist
Residence 1930 (age 40-41) Stamford Hill, London N4
137 Upper Clapton Road
Also in residence Annie Eileen, Lawrence Edward, and Margaret Ada EASTICK
Residence 1964 (age 74-75) Hackney, Middlesex
124 Dorset Mews, East Road
Living next door to Lawrence and his wife Enid
Death Oct 1971 (age 82) London City, London

Child 2: Arthur Gerald EASTICK

Name: Arthur Gerald EASTICK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence Janet WOODRUFF (1897-1966)
Birth 1891 St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
Occupation Manufacturing Chemist
Death 24 Apr 1922 (age 30-31) Eastbourne, Sussex
Red Lodge, Devonshire Place

Child 3: Annie Eileen Raina EASTICK

Name: Annie Eileen Raina EASTICK
Sex: Female
Birth 1893 Melbourne, Australia
Death 18 Dec 1954 (age 60-61) New Barnet, Hertfordshire
76 Lyansdown Road
Died at University College Hospital

Child 4: Doris Vera Mary M EASTICK

Name: Doris Vera Mary M EASTICK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Gordon HARRISON (1889-1978)
Birth 30 Jul 1894 Melbourne, Australia
Death Jan 1972 (age 77) Barnet

Child 5: Edith Irene Alice EASTICK

Name: Edith Irene Alice EASTICK
Sex: Female
Birth 3 May 1898 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Death Jul 1979 (age 81) Chichester, Sussex

Child 6: Lawrence Edward Kelf EASTICK

Name: Lawrence Edward Kelf EASTICK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Enid Sybil Inez DE WHALLEY (1903-1991)
Birth 12 Jun 1900 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Death Jun 1994 (age 93-94) Bromley, Kent

Child 7: Margaret Ada EASTICK

Name: Margaret Ada EASTICK
Sex: Female
Birth 22 Dec 1905 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Death Dec 1941 (age 35-36) Barnet, Middlesex