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Family of Percy Reina NEWLANDS and Edith Chamberlain SEWARD

Husband: Percy Reina NEWLANDS (1878-1953)
Wife: Edith Chamberlain SEWARD (1911-1959)
Marriage Jul 1930 Willesden, Middlesex

Husband: Percy Reina NEWLANDS

Name: Percy Reina NEWLANDS
Sex: Male
Father: Benjamin Edward Reina NEWLANDS (1842-1912)
Mother: Mary Ann JENNER (1842-1930)
Birth Jan 1878 West Ham, Essex
Death 27 May 1953 (age 75) Hunstanton, Norfolk
2 Rhianva House, Cliff Parade
Died in Burleigh Nursing Home, Hunstanton. Probate to Edith Chamberlain NEWLANDS and Iris Mary SPINKS and Reginald Henry SPINKS. Estate value 17907 pounds

Wife: Edith Chamberlain SEWARD

Name: Edith Chamberlain SEWARD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jul 1911 Huntingdon
Death 21 Jun 1959 (age 47) Hunstanton, Norfolk
2 Clarence Road