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Family of John BONE and Mary TAYLOR

Husband: John BONE (1774-1844)
Wife: Mary TAYLOR (1779-1832)
Children: George BONE (1800-1880)
Hannah BONE (1802-1823)
Henry "Harry" BONE (1806-1873)
Frank BONE (1807-1866)
John BONE (1811-1886)
David BONE (1812-1869)
Daniel BONE (1814-1845)
Elizabeth BONE (1816-1868)
Jesse BONE (1818-1854)
Robert BONE (1821- )
Margaret BONE (1823- )
Marriage 2 Sep 1800 North Waltham, Hampshire

Husband: John BONE

Name: John BONE
Sex: Male
Father: John BONE ( - )
Mother: Ann (BONE) ( - )
Birth 2 Jul 1774 Bentworth, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 70) Basingstoke Hampshire
Winchester Street
Living with son David and Amelia
Death Jun 1844 (age 69)

Wife: Mary TAYLOR

Name: Mary TAYLOR
Sex: Female
Father: George TAYLOR (1758- )
Mother: Elizabeth APPLEBY (1755- )
Birth 4 Apr 1779 North Waltham, Hampshire
Death 3 Jul 1832 (age 53) North Waltham, Hampshire

Child 1: George BONE

Name: George BONE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary Ann GOVIS (1801-1849)
Spouse 2: Elizabeth BONE (1798-1869)
Birth 21 Dec 1800 North Waltham, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 40) Alverstoke, Hampshire
Fountain Lane
Census 1851 (age 49) Alverstoke, Hampshire
Railway Cottages
Widower. Living with Charity Gigg aged 16, Niece. Charity was an interesting person. Daughter of Thomas and Ann Gigg, who married in North Waltham on 12 Dec 1831. The Public Members Interest of Ancestry for kellyspeiss gives an account retold by her Grandmother of Charity eloping and marrying Charles Henry Wright a seaman who she married aged 16/17 in July -Sep 1851 at Portsea Island, Hampshire. She had five children with him and he died at sea in 1862 and is buried at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Charity married again to William John Shaw Jul 25th 1880 at Clerkenwell. Have not been able to establish the relationship between Charity and George. See also Elizabeth Bone sister of George.
Census 1861 (age 60) Alverstoke, Hampshire
Victoria Street
Census 1871 (age 70-71) Alverstoke, Hampshire
1 Sussex Place
Living with Francis Wright aged 14 - Housekeeper and niece and Sarah Wright Niece aged 11, Scholar
Occupation Railwayman
Death 6 Oct 1880 (age 79) Basingstoke Hampshire
Steam Laundry
Probate 18 Oct 1880 Basingstoke Hampshire
Steam Laundry
If we have the correct George Bone, Signalman then his probate states that he left a Will of under 100 pounds. He was formerly of Victoria Street, Forton Road Gosport but late of the Steam Laundry, Basingstoke. The will was proved by Charity Shaw, Wife of William John Shaw of Bird's Row Swanscombe, Kent niece and sole executrix. We know that Sarah, daughter of David Bone, his brother was working as the manageress of the Steam Laundry at 1 Basing Road in the Census of 1881.

Child 2: Hannah BONE

Name: Hannah BONE
Sex: Female
Birth 1 Jul 1802 North Waltham, Hampshire
Death 12 Jul 1823 (age 21) North Waltham, Hampshire

Child 3: Henry "Harry" BONE

Name: Henry "Harry" BONE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Henrietta TAYLOR (1805-1892)
Birth 2 Aug 1806 North Waltham, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 35) North Waltham, Hampshire
Census 1851 (age 46) North Waltham, Hampshire
Occupation Farmworker - Ag Lab
Census 1861 (age 56) North Waltham, Hampshire
Census 1871 (age 66) North Waltham, Hampshire
Death Jul 1873 (age 66) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 4: Frank BONE

Name: Frank BONE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Norah (1821- )
Birth 8 Mar 1807 North Waltham, Hampshire
Occupation Labourer
Census 1841 (age 30) Fareham, Hanmpshire
Census 1861 (age 50) Bromley, Middlesex
Mans Buildings
Death Jul 1866 (age 59) Poplar London

Child 5: John BONE

Name: John BONE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah WYETH ( - )
Birth 8 Apr 1811 North Waltham, Hampshire
Death 1886 (age 74-75) Alton Hampshire 2c 102

Child 6: David BONE

Name: David BONE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Amelia PHILLIS (1812-1887)
Birth 1812 North Waltham, Hampshire
Occupation Timber Carrier
Census 1841 (age 30) Basingstoke Hampshire
Winchester Street
Census 1851 (age 40) Basingstoke Hampshire
18 Winton Street
Census 1861 (age 49) Basingstoke Hampshire
18 Winchester Road
Death 12 Feb 1869 (age 57) Basingstoke, Hampshire
Cause: Bright Disease of kidney
Address: Basing Road
Sarah in attendance.

Child 7: Daniel BONE

Name: Daniel BONE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah BARBER (1811- )
Birth 10 Apr 1814 North Waltham, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 27) North Waltham, Hampshire
Death 18 Jan 1845 (age 30) Alton Hampshire

Child 8: Elizabeth BONE

Name: Elizabeth BONE
Sex: Female
Spouse: James GRANTHAM (1811-1869)
Birth 21 Apr 1816 North Waltham, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 24-25) North Waltham, Hampshire
Census 1851 (age 36) North Waltham, Hampshire
Included in family were three lodgers, Sarah GIGG, Jessa GIGG and Robert GIGG. They are shown as living with their parents in 1841 in North Waltham together with their sisters Caroline, Charity, Mary Ann, Jesse all born in North Waltham. Robert is not mentioned in the 1851 census. Caroline is shown as a Servant at the home of James and Elizabeth MaATON, Yeoman of North Waltham. Their father was imprisoned on 28th June 1847 for Larceny before convicted of Felony. No trace of Thomas the father or Mother, Anne can be found in the 1851 census records. Thomas and Ann (Bone) were married 12 Dec 1831. Mary Ann and Sarah B are shown in the 1861 census as servants in Clapham. Sarah married Richard HAYNES in Amersham in Apr 1868. Caroline was a Cook servant in Clapham in 1861 and married George MITCHELL in Alverstoke in 1870.
Census 1861 (age 44-45) North Waltham, Hampshire
Death Oct 1868 (age 52) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 9: Jesse BONE

Name: Jesse BONE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane PROWLES (1820-1893)
Birth 2 Aug 1818 North Waltham, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 20) Basingstoke Hampshire
Winchester Street
Living with brother David
Census 1851 (age 32) Salisbury, Wilts
23 Green Croft Street
Death Jul 1854 (age 35) Salisbury, Wilts

Child 10: Robert BONE

Name: Robert BONE
Sex: Male
Birth 18 Feb 1821 North Waltham, Hampshire
Baptism 8 Apr 1821 (age 0) North Waltham, Hampshire

Child 11: Margaret BONE

Name: Margaret BONE
Sex: Female
Birth 21 Dec 1823 North Waltham, Hampshire
Death "?Jan 1841" Basingstoke Hampshire

Note on Husband: John BONE

John and Mary were married by licence in North Waltham 1st Sep 1800. He was noted as a batchelor and she a spinster . He aged 26 and she 21. Information on the relevance of Licences can be found at