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Family of George TAYLOR and Elizabeth APPLEBY

Husband: George TAYLOR (1758- )
Wife: Elizabeth APPLEBY (1755- )
Children: Mary TAYLOR (1779-1832)

Husband: George TAYLOR

Name: George TAYLOR
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1758

Wife: Elizabeth APPLEBY

Name: Elizabeth APPLEBY
Sex: Female
Father: Robert APPLEBY (1719-1773)
Mother: Ann SANDERS (1720-1759)
Birth 1 Jan 1755 North Waltham, Hampshire

Child 1: Mary TAYLOR

Name: Mary TAYLOR
Sex: Female
Spouse: John BONE (1774-1844)
Birth 4 Apr 1779 North Waltham, Hampshire
Death 3 Jul 1832 (age 53) North Waltham, Hampshire

Note on Husband: George TAYLOR

Either baseborn to Elizabeth TAYLOR at Overton 7 May 1758 or to George and Betty TAYLOR 24 Sep1 1758 at Owlesbury

Note on Wife: Elizabeth APPLEBY

to Joan Appleby, reputed father William WAITE, Blacksmith