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Family of John BONE and Sarah WYETH

Husband: John BONE (1811-1886)
Wife: Sarah WYETH ( - )
Marriage 7 Feb 1833 Basingstoke Hampshire

Husband: John BONE

Name: John BONE
Sex: Male
Father: John BONE (1774-1844)
Mother: Mary TAYLOR (1779-1832)
Birth 8 Apr 1811 North Waltham, Hampshire
Death 1886 (age 74-75) Alton Hampshire 2c 102

Wife: Sarah WYETH

Name: Sarah WYETH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Basingstoke Hampshire

Note on Husband: John BONE

A John Bone widower aged 21 of North Waltham was married to Sarah Wyeth widow of Basingstoke aged 21 in Basingstoke under licence on 7 Feb 1833. See Father, John Bone notes re licenses.


I find it strange that all births of John and Mary's children are available except that of his ?brother David who from census information was born around 1811/12 in North Waltham. Could it be that with John, having the same first name as his father, the family called him David to differentiate the two and John and David are the same person? Certainly it happened to me where my first name was the same as my father but I have always been known as "Michael" - a name given to me by my Aunt Lucy because I was born on Michaelmas Day and it helped to avoid confusion.