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Family of Charles James Lindsay STEWART and Frances Tryphena COULTON

Husband: Charles James Lindsay STEWART (1865-1952)
Wife: Frances Tryphena COULTON (1875-1957)
Children: Ronald Lindsay STEWART (1903-1994)
Charles Coulton STEWART (1913-2003)
Marriage 20 May 1902 Shanghai, China

Husband: Charles James Lindsay STEWART

Name: Charles James Lindsay STEWART
Sex: Male
Father: John Alexander STEWART (1840- )
Mother: Mary Ann LINDSAY (1837- )
Birth 13 Mar 1865 Shanghai, China
Occupation Merchant & Accountant
Travel 1 Jan 1926 (age 60) Southampton to Shanghai
Kalalee, Teignmouth, Devon
Travelling on SS Mantua with wife Frances
Travel 12 Mar 1932 (age 66) London to Shanghai
Kalalee, Teignmouth, Devon
Travelling alone
Census 1939 (age 73-74) Teignmouth, Devon
Ingdon, Haldon Avenue
Living with wife Frances
Death Sep 1952 (age 87) Totnes, Devon

Wife: Frances Tryphena COULTON

Name: Frances Tryphena COULTON
Sex: Female
Father: William Richard COULTON (1833-1905)
Mother: Marianne HOLE (1834-1914)
Birth 23 Dec 1875 Dean Prior, Devon
Travel 10 Mar 1932 (age 56) London to Shanghai
Travelling alone on SS Glenbeg
Census 1939 (age 63-64) Teignmouth, Devon
20 Ingdon, Haldon Avenue
Living with husband Charles
Residence 1952 (age 76-77) Teignmouth, Devon
Ingdon, Haldon Avenue
Residence for 50th Wedding Anniversary
Death 3 Oct 1957 (age 81) Totnes, Devon
Broomborough Hospital
Probate to Ronald Lindsay STEWART, General manager and Charles Coulton STEWART, Company Director

Child 1: Ronald Lindsay STEWART

Name: Ronald Lindsay STEWART
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lorna Patricia LLOYD (1912-2010)
Birth 13 Apr 1903 Shanghai, China
Census 1911 (age 7) Teignmouth, Devon
Living with Grandmother, Marianne COULTON and her daughter Marianne Hole COULTON
Emigration 28 Jan 1927 (age 23) from London, England to Hong Kong, China
Sailed on SS Macedonia - unaccompanied
Occupation Managing Director, Insurance Company
Travel 28 Jan 1927 (age 23) London to Hong Kong
Travelling alone from White House, Lymm, Cheshire on SS Macedonia
Service Record btw 1939 and 1948 (age 35-45) Australia
Royal Australian Air Force
Death 6 Jan 1994 (age 90) Fernhurst, Haslemere
Farthings, The Ridgeway
Estate value £228013

Child 2: Charles Coulton STEWART

Name: Charles Coulton STEWART
Sex: Male
Spouse: Louise COULTON (1914-1999)
Birth 6 Apr 1913 Shanghai, China
Census 1939 (age 25-26) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Occupation Assistant Manager in Stone Quarry
Death Jul 2003 (age 90) Teignbridge, Devon