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Family of Edward James COULTON and Helena Mary FURNEAUX

Husband: Edward James COULTON (1868-1934)
Wife: Helena Mary FURNEAUX (1876-1958)
Children: William Edward COULTON (1902-1985)
Helena Marjorie COULTON (1904-1933)
John COULTON (1905-1986)
Edith Mary COULTON (1909-1986)
Nicholas Guy COULTON (1910-1965)
Louise COULTON (1914-1999)
Marriage Apr 1901 Deans Prior, Devon

Husband: Edward James COULTON

Name: Edward James COULTON
Sex: Male
Father: William Richard COULTON (1833-1905)
Mother: Marianne HOLE (1834-1914)
Birth Jan 1868 Dean Prior, Devon
Occupation Farmer
Death 1 Apr 1934 (age 66) Dean Prior, Devon

Wife: Helena Mary FURNEAUX

Name: Helena Mary FURNEAUX
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Sep 1876 Buckfastleigh, Devon
Census 1939 (age 62-63) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Rock House
Widowed. Living with son John
Death 23 Mar 1958 (age 81) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Rock House
Probate to William Edward COULTON and Helena Marianne WARREN, daughter

Child 1: William Edward COULTON

Name: William Edward COULTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen HOARE (1899-1988)
Birth 31 Mar 1902 Totnes, Devon
Census 1939 (age 36-37) Totnes R. D.
Wash Farm
Living with wife Ellen and son David E. Mother in Law Margaret HOAREalso in residence
Death 20 Nov 1985 (age 83) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Leigh Cross, Plymouth Road

Child 2: Helena Marjorie COULTON

Name: Helena Marjorie COULTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Robert Horne WARREN (1899-1993)
Birth 17 Jan 1904 Dean Prior, Devon
Death Aug 1933 (age 29) Tavistock, Devon

Child 3: John COULTON

Name: John COULTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Joyce Maureen Stansfeld VICKERS (1908-1993)
Birth 18 Jul 1905 Dean Prior, Devon
Death Jan 1986 (age 80) Newton Abbott, Devonshire

Child 4: Edith Mary COULTON

Name: Edith Mary COULTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: John G SCOTT (1912-1989)
Birth 3 May 1909 Dean Prior, Devon
Census 1939 (age 29-30) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Rill Farm
Death 19 Feb 1986 (age 76) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Hole Cottage

Child 5: Nicholas Guy COULTON

Name: Nicholas Guy COULTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Audrey Florence Furneaux LUSCOMBE (1918-2008)
Birth 5 Nov 1910 Dean Prior, Devon
Census 1939 (age 28-29) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Rock House
Living with Mother Helena. 2 redacted records.
Occupation Auctioneer & Land Valuer
Death 9 Nov 1965 (age 55) Buckfastleigh, Devon
West Rock
Probate to wife Audrey

Child 6: Louise COULTON

Name: Louise COULTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Coulton STEWART (1913-2003)
Birth 15 Apr 1914 Totnes, Devon
Census 1939 (age 24-25) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Living with busband Charles
Death Jul 1999 (age 85) Torbay, Devon