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Family of James PEED and Louisa Diana HEPENSTAL

Husband: James PEED (c. 1812-1885)
Wife: Louisa Diana HEPENSTAL (1815-1879)
Children: Eliza Louisa PEED (1838-1874)
Robert Jephson PEED (1840-1879)
Mabella Susan PEED (1843-1920)
Hester Harriette PEED (1844-1916)
Emily Mary PEED (1847-1923)
Annie Charlotte PEED (1849-1925)
Lambert Edward PEED (1850-1879)
Blanche Elvira Caroline PEED (1856-1932)
Marriage 1836 Dublin Ireland

Husband: James PEED


James PEED, 1885, age 73

Name: James PEED
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1812
Occupation Clergyman
Death 14 Nov 1885 (age 72-73) Dublin Ireland
St James Terrace, Cloncleagh
Probate to Mabella Susan PEED

Wife: Louisa Diana HEPENSTAL

Name: Louisa Diana HEPENSTAL
Sex: Female
Father: Lambert Watson HEPENSTAL (1788-1859)
Mother: Elizabeth Dalrymple BALL (1787-1835)
Birth 1815 Wicklow, Ireland
Death 3 Jan 1879 (age 63-64) Dublin Ireland

Child 1: Eliza Louisa PEED

Name: Eliza Louisa PEED
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard John VERSCHOYLE (1824-1897)
Birth 1838 Dublin Ireland
Death 18 Nov 1874 (age 35-36) Sligo, Ireland

Child 2: Robert Jephson PEED

Name: Robert Jephson PEED
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann Margaret DRURY ( - )
Birth 1840 Dublin Ireland
Occupation Physician & Surgeon
Death Jan 1879 (age 38-39) Dublin Ireland

Child 3: Mabella Susan PEED

Name: Mabella Susan PEED
Sex: Female
Birth 1843
Death 1 Jun 1920 (age 76-77) Dublin Ireland

Child 4: Hester Harriette PEED

Name: Hester Harriette PEED
Sex: Female
Birth 1844 Dublin Ireland
Death 21 Sep 1916 (age 71-72) Dublin Ireland
Kilmona, Sandford Road
Probate to sister Blanche and nephew Henry Lloyd MEADOWS

Child 5: Emily Mary PEED

Name: Emily Mary PEED
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph MEADOWS (1847-1927)
Birth 1847 Dublin Ireland
Census 1881 (age 33-34) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Census 1891 (age 43-44) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Census 1901 (age 53-54) Killinick, Wexford
Living with husband Joseph and children Henry and Louisa
Death Jun 1923 (age 75-76) Wexford, Ireland

Child 6: Annie Charlotte PEED

Name: Annie Charlotte PEED
Sex: Female
Birth 1849 Dublin Ireland
Death 28 Dec 1925 (age 75-76) Dublin Ireland
Kilmona, Sandford Road
Probate to sister Blanche

Child 7: Lambert Edward PEED

Name: Lambert Edward PEED
Sex: Male
Birth 1850
Death 27 Jul 1879 (age 28-29) Breeze, South Australia

Child 8: Blanche Elvira Caroline PEED

Name: Blanche Elvira Caroline PEED
Sex: Female
Birth 1856 Dublin Ireland
Death 1 Dec 1932 (age 75-76) Dublin Ireland
Kilmona, Sandford Road