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Family of Lambert Watson HEPENSTAL and Elizabeth Dalrymple BALL

Husband: Lambert Watson HEPENSTAL (1788-1859)
Wife: Elizabeth Dalrymple BALL (1787-1835)
Children: Jane Anne HEPENSTAL (1811-1824)
Esther Charlotte Catherine HEPENSTAL (1813-1856)
George Richard Mulgrave HEPENSTAL (1814-1869)
Louisa Diana HEPENSTAL (1815-1879)
Elizabeth Martha HEPENSTAL (1817- )
Susannah Rebecca HEPENSTAL (1819-1870)
Selina Dalrymple HEPENSTAL (1820-1901)
Emily Mary HEPENSTAL (1822-1898)
Diana Margaret Dalrymple HEPENSTAL (1824-1864)
William Richard HEPENSTAL (1825-c. 1826)
Hester Maria HEPENSTAL (1826-1915)
Marriage 10 Aug 1807 Dublin Ireland

Husband: Lambert Watson HEPENSTAL

Name: Lambert Watson HEPENSTAL
Sex: Male
Father: George HEPENSTAL (1762-c. 1805)
Mother: Hesther WATSON (1755-1824)
Birth 1788 County Wicklow, Ireland
Occupation Jan 1813 (age 24-25) Clergyman; Derrylossary Parish Church
Became Minister of this Church
Death 1 May 1859 (age 70-71) Altadore, County Wicklow, Ireland
Primary benificiary - Theobald BILLING

Wife: Elizabeth Dalrymple BALL

Name: Elizabeth Dalrymple BALL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1787
Death 1835 (age 47-48) Wicklow, Ireland

Child 1: Jane Anne HEPENSTAL

Name: Jane Anne HEPENSTAL
Sex: Female
Birth 1811 Wicklow, Ireland
Death Jul 1824 (age 12-13) Wicklow, Ireland

Child 2: Esther Charlotte Catherine HEPENSTAL

Name: Esther Charlotte Catherine HEPENSTAL
Sex: Female
Birth 1813 Wicklow, Ireland
Death Aug 1856 (age 42-43) Dalgeny, Wick, Ireland

Child 3: George Richard Mulgrave HEPENSTAL

Name: George Richard Mulgrave HEPENSTAL
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Sarah SMITH (1820-1878)
Spouse 2: Margaret MURRAY (1843- )
Birth 23 Dec 1814 Wicklow, Ireland
Death 29 May 1869 (age 54) Ballsbridge, Dublin Ireland
Harris Cottage
Sole Executor - John ORPIN

Child 4: Louisa Diana HEPENSTAL


Spouse: James PEED, 1885, age 73

Name: Louisa Diana HEPENSTAL
Sex: Female
Spouse: James PEED (c. 1812-1885)
Birth 1815 Wicklow, Ireland
Death 3 Jan 1879 (age 63-64) Dublin Ireland

Child 5: Elizabeth Martha HEPENSTAL

Name: Elizabeth Martha HEPENSTAL
Sex: Female
Birth 1817 Wicklow, Ireland

Child 6: Susannah Rebecca HEPENSTAL

Name: Susannah Rebecca HEPENSTAL
Sex: Female
Birth 1819 Wicklow, Ireland
Death 29 Jul 1870 (age 50-51) Sandymount, Dublin, Ireland

Child 7: Selina Dalrymple HEPENSTAL

Name: Selina Dalrymple HEPENSTAL
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Owen ORMSBY (1816-1861)
Birth 1820 Wicklow, Ireland
Census 1881 (age 60-61) Folkestone, Kent
17 Bouverie Road West
Widow. Visiting in home of Edward and Martha FARLEY together with daughters Mary & Ann
Death 18 Dec 1901 (age 80-81) Dublin Ireland
32 Mount Street Crescent
Widow. Probate to Selina Mary ORMSEBY

Child 8: Emily Mary HEPENSTAL

Name: Emily Mary HEPENSTAL
Sex: Female
Birth 1822 Wicklow, Ireland
Death 8 Jul 1898 (age 75-76) Dublin Ireland
2 Lower Fitzwilliam Street
Probate to Lambert John Dopping HEPENSTAL and Susan Dopping HEPENSTAL

Child 9: Diana Margaret Dalrymple HEPENSTAL

Name: Diana Margaret Dalrymple HEPENSTAL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ralph Anthony DOPPING (1823-1887)
Birth 1824 Wicklow, Ireland
Death Jan 1864 (age 39-40) Newton Abbott, Devonshire

Child 10: William Richard HEPENSTAL

Name: William Richard HEPENSTAL
Sex: Male
Birth 1825 Wicklow, Ireland
Death c. 1826 (age 0-1) Wicklow, Ireland

Child 11: Hester Maria HEPENSTAL

Name: Hester Maria HEPENSTAL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard Wilson HARTLEY (1826-1903)
Birth 29 Oct 1826 Wicklow, Ireland
Death 30 Dec 1915 (age 89) Dublin Ireland
Beach Park, Clousilla
Administration to Desmond L HARTLEY, retd Colonel, Army