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Family of Joseph MEADOWS and Emily Mary PEED

Husband: Joseph MEADOWS (1847-1927)
Wife: Emily Mary PEED (1847-1923)
Children: Henry Lloyd MEADOWS (1878-1958)
Louisa Mary MEADOWS (1880- )
Blanche Anna Mabella MEADOWS (1882-1945)
Marriage 9 Apr 1877 Wexford, Ireland

Husband: Joseph MEADOWS

Name: Joseph MEADOWS
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph MEADOWS (1809-1877)
Mother: Anne LLOYD (1814-1896)
Birth 19 Jan 1847 Wexford, Ireland
Census 1881 (age 33-34) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
St Davids Ward
Living with wife and children Henry & Louisa
Census 1901 (age 53-54) Wexford, Ireland
1 Leachestown, Killinik
Living with wife and children Henry and Louisa
Census 1911 (age 63-64) Wexford, Ireland
3 Moortown, Killinik
Married. Resident with servant.
Occupation Civil Engineer
Death 26 Sep 1927 (age 80) Churchtown, Co Wexford, Ireland
Administration to Henry Lloyd MEADOWS

Wife: Emily Mary PEED

Name: Emily Mary PEED
Sex: Female
Father: James PEED (c. 1812-1885)
Mother: Louisa Diana HEPENSTAL (1815-1879)
Birth 1847 Dublin Ireland
Census 1881 (age 33-34) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Census 1891 (age 43-44) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Census 1901 (age 53-54) Killinick, Wexford
Living with husband Joseph and children Henry and Louisa
Death Jun 1923 (age 75-76) Wexford, Ireland

Child 1: Henry Lloyd MEADOWS

Name: Henry Lloyd MEADOWS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Frances Barbara BRETT (1899- )
Birth 27 Jan 1878 York, Ontario, Canada
42 Amelia Street
Census 1891 (age 12-13) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
St Thomas Ward
Living with parents
Occupation 1898 (age 19-20) Clerk of the Crown and Peace; County Wexford, Ireland
Census 1901 (age 22-23) Wexford, Ireland
Leachestown, Killinick
Living with parents and sister Louisa
Census 1911 (age 32-33) Wexford, Ireland
3 Cooloughter, Killinick
Single. Living alone
Occupation Gentleman Farmer
Death 19 Oct 1958 (age 80) Wexford, Ireland
Cooloughter, Ballycogley
Probate to Richard John EGLEE, Solicitor

Child 2: Louisa Mary MEADOWS

Name: Louisa Mary MEADOWS
Sex: Female
Birth 4 Jan 1880 York, Ontario, Canada

Child 3: Blanche Anna Mabella MEADOWS

Name: Blanche Anna Mabella MEADOWS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur Ivan GREAVES (1873-1959)
Birth 25 Jun 1882
Census 1939 (age 56-57) Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Living with wife Blanche
Death Oct 1945 (age 63) Lincoln, Lincolnshire