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Family of Charles Armstrong FISHER and Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL

Husband: Charles Armstrong FISHER (1847-1895)
Wife: Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL (1866-1910)
Children: Eric Armstrong FISHER (1887-1916)
Mabel Emily FISHER (1888-1968)
Harley Goodricke FISHER (1889-1912)
Lionel Ewing FISHER (1891-1932)
Marriage 8 Dec 1886 Comillah, Bengal, India

Husband: Charles Armstrong FISHER


Charles Armstrong FISHER, 1895, age 47

Name: Charles Armstrong FISHER
Sex: Male
Father: Goodricke Armstrong FISHER (1814-1881)
Mother: Emily Georgiana HOGG (1823-1895)
Birth 14 Jul 1847 Meerut, Bengal India
Occupation 1895 (age 47-48) Indian Police, District Superintendant; Maubhoom, India
District Superintendant
Death 4 Mar 1895 (age 47) Calcutta, Bengal, India
General Hospital

Wife: Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL


Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL

Name: Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Michael WEATHRALL (1824-1907)
Mother: Alice Florentia ROLLO (1843-1925)
Birth 29 Aug 1866 Bancoorah, Bengal, India
Death 26 Jun 1910 (age 43) Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada

Child 1: Eric Armstrong FISHER


Eric Armstrong FISHER, 1916, age 29

Name: Eric Armstrong FISHER
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Oct 1887 Chota Nagpore, Bengal, India
Service Record 12 Aug 1914 (age 26) Saskatchewan, Canada
Driver, Private with 5th Battalion, 2nd Infantry Brigade, C O E F arrived in France 15 Nov 1915
Occupation Rancher
Will 1916 (age 28-29) France
Left Back Pay and property to sister Mrs W G BRYAN. Next of kKin in England Miss Eva FISHER, 52 Sidegate Lane, Ipswich
Death 9 Nov 1916 (age 29) Souchez, France
Cause: KIlled in Action
Burial 9 Nov 1916 Villers-au-Bois, France
Villers Station Cemetery

Child 2: Mabel Emily FISHER


Mabel Emily FISHER

Name: Mabel Emily FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Wilmot Guy BRYAN (1885-1952)
Birth 7 Dec 1888 Asansol, Bengal, India
Emigration 1909 (age 20-21) from India to Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada
Census 1916 (age 27-28) Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
Living with husband and children. "Eric" & Lionel FISHER living next door.
Death 1968 (age 79-80) Vancouver, British Columbia

Child 3: Harley Goodricke FISHER


Harley Goodricke FISHER

Name: Harley Goodricke FISHER
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Nov 1889 Purulia, Bengal, India
Occupation Rancher
Census 1901 (age 11-12) North Marston, Buckinghamshire, England
Schorne College, Church Street
Pupil together with brothers Eric and Lionel (Leopold)
Emigration 19 Jun 1908 (age 18) from Liverpool, Lancashire to Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Arrived on SS Empress of Ireland
Death 26 Jul 1912 (age 22) Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada

Child 4: Lionel Ewing FISHER


Lionel Ewing FISHER

Name: Lionel Ewing FISHER
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Apr 1891 Asunsol, Bengal, India
Baptism 7 Apr 1891 (age 0) Asunsol, Bengal, India
Emigration 23 Apr 1908 (age 17) from Liverpool, Lancashire to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Travelled on Empress of Ireland.

Applied for Land Grant 18 Apr1910 which was granted in 12 Jan 1915 in Saskatchewan.
Service Record 21 Dec 1914 (age 23) Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Private, 5th Division. Was in Hospital in Woolwich 30 sep 1915 to 1 oct 1915 with GSW Rt Ankle. Sailed from Halifax 23 Feb 1915. Discharged 11 Jul 1916. Commisioned to R F A 14 oct1916
Emigration 6 Jan 1917 (age 25) from Liverpool, Lancashire to Canada
Occupation Rancher
Death 17 Feb 1932 (age 40) Alberta, Canada
Carstairs, Calgary Census Division