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Family of Charles Armstrong FISHER and Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL

Husband: Charles Armstrong FISHER (1847- )
Wife: Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL (1866- )
Children: Mabel Emily FISHER (1888-1968)
Harley Goodricke FISHER (1889-1912)
Lionel Ewing FISHER (1891-1932)
Marriage 8 Dec 1886 Comillah, Bengal, India

Husband: Charles Armstrong FISHER

Name: Charles Armstrong FISHER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 14 Jul 1847 Meerut, Bengal India

Wife: Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL

Name: Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Michael WEATHRALL (1824-1907)
Mother: Alice Florentia (WEATHRALL) (1844-1925)
Birth 29 Aug 1866 Bancoorah, Bengal, India

Child 1: Mabel Emily FISHER

Name: Mabel Emily FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Wilmot Guy BRYAN (1885-1952)
Birth 7 Dec 1888 Asansol, Bengal, India
Census 1916 (age 27-28) Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
Living with husband and children. "Eric" & Lionel FISHER living next door.
Death 1968 (age 79-80) Vancouver, British Columbia

Child 2: Harley Goodricke FISHER

Name: Harley Goodricke FISHER
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Nov 1889 Purulia, Bengal, India
Occupation Rancher
Death 26 Jul 1912 (age 22) Maple Creek, Canada

Child 3: Lionel Ewing FISHER

Name: Lionel Ewing FISHER
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Apr 1891 Asansol, Bengal, India
Emigration 6 Jan 1917 (age 25) from Liverpool, Lancashire to Canada
Death 17 Feb 1932 (age 40) Alberta, Canada