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Family of Goodricke Armstrong FISHER and Emily Georgiana HOGG

Husband: Goodricke Armstrong FISHER (1814-1881)
Wife: Emily Georgiana HOGG (1823-1895)
Children: Edwin Harley FISHER (1845-1873)
Charles Armstrong FISHER (1847-1895)
Amy Katherine Burton FISHER (1849-1938)
Goodricke Toten Dent FISHER (1857- )
Eva Emily FISHER (1864-1940)
Marriage 16 Dec 1839 Calcutta, Bengal, India

Husband: Goodricke Armstrong FISHER

Name: Goodricke Armstrong FISHER
Sex: Male
Father: James FISHER (1774-1841)
Mother: Susan (FISHER) ( - )
Birth 8 Oct 1814 Westminster, Middlesex
Duke Street
Census 1881 (age 66-67) Charlton, Kent
Hellersden House
Living with wife and children - Goodricke and Eve
Occupation Bengal Army - Lieut General
Death 23 Aug 1881 (age 66) Dover, Kent
Hillersdon House, Godwyne Road

Wife: Emily Georgiana HOGG

Name: Emily Georgiana HOGG
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Dec 1823 Dinapore, Bengal, India
Death 22 Oct 1895 (age 71) Charlton, Kent

Child 1: Edwin Harley FISHER

Name: Edwin Harley FISHER
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Mar 1845 Dinapore, Bengal, India
Death 29 May 1873 (age 28) Secunderabad, Madras, India

Child 2: Charles Armstrong FISHER


Charles Armstrong FISHER, 1895, age 47


Spouse: Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL

Name: Charles Armstrong FISHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL (1866-1910)
Birth 14 Jul 1847 Meerut, Bengal India
Occupation 1895 (age 47-48) Indian Police, District Superintendant; Maubhoom, India
District Superintendant
Death 4 Mar 1895 (age 47) Calcutta, Bengal, India
General Hospital

Child 3: Amy Katherine Burton FISHER

Name: Amy Katherine Burton FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Bohem COULCHER (1842-1912)
Birth 7 Dec 1849 Jullunder, Bengal, India
Census 1891 (age 41-42) Maidstone, Kent
Census 1911 (age 61-62) Ipswich, Suffolk
The Warren, Lacey Street
Living with husband George and daughter Amiee
Death 21 Oct 1938 (age 88) Ipswich, Suffolk
The Warren, Lacey Street

Child 4: Goodricke Toten Dent FISHER

Name: Goodricke Toten Dent FISHER
Sex: Male
Birth 1857 Kent, England
Baptism 12 Jul 1857 (age 0) Thanet, Kent
St Peters

Child 5: Eva Emily FISHER

Name: Eva Emily FISHER
Sex: Female
Birth 25 Mar 1864 Ferozepore, Bengal, India
Census 1901 (age 36-37) Kensington, Middlesex
140 Kensington Park Road
Boarder in home of Sarah BOULDER
Occupation Singing Teacher
Census 1939 (age 74-75) Ipswich, Suffolk
52 Sidegate Lane
Death Jan 1940 (age 75) Ipswich, Suffolk