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Family of Henry Michael WEATHRALL and Alice Florentia ROLLO

Husband: Henry Michael WEATHRALL (1824-1907)
Wife: Alice Florentia ROLLO (1843-1925)
Children: Gerald Conway WEATHRALL (1861-1865)
Minnie Annie WEATHRALL (1862-1912)
Annabel Maude WEATHRALL (1864- )
Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL (1866-1910)
Nina Conway WEATHRALL (1869- )
Jessie Conway WEATHRALL (1870-1952)
Florence Conway WEATHRALL (1871-1892)
Arthur Alick Conway WEATHRALL (1874-1932)
Alice Conway WEATHRALL (1875-1875)

Husband: Henry Michael WEATHRALL

Name: Henry Michael WEATHRALL
Sex: Male
Father: Michael Thomas WEATHRALL (1769-1823)
Mother: Elizabeth EWART (1805-1873)
Birth 18 Jan 1824 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Occupation Bengal Police
Death 17 Dec 1907 (age 83) Comillah, Bengal, India
Probate to widow Alice Florentia

Wife: Alice Florentia ROLLO

Name: Alice Florentia ROLLO
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 26 Jun 1843 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Death 21 Mar 1925 (age 81) Comillah, Bengal, India
Probate to Nellie Conway WEATHRALL

Child 1: Gerald Conway WEATHRALL

Name: Gerald Conway WEATHRALL
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Jul 1861 Benares, Bengal, India
Death 31 Oct 1865 (age 4) Purneah, Bengal, India

Child 2: Minnie Annie WEATHRALL

Name: Minnie Annie WEATHRALL
Sex: Female
Spouse: George TOYNBEE (1845-1923)
Birth 25 Jun 1862 Baxar, Bengal, India
Census 1901 (age 38-39) Hove, Sussex
26 St Aubyns
Living with husband George and sons Guy & Ralph
Death Apr 1912 (age 49) Hove, Sussex

Child 3: Annabel Maude WEATHRALL

Name: Annabel Maude WEATHRALL
Sex: Female
Birth 24 Feb 1864 Purneah, Bengal, India

Child 4: Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL


Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL


Spouse: Charles Armstrong FISHER, 1895, age 47

Name: Margaret Justine Shirley WEATHRALL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Armstrong FISHER (1847-1895)
Birth 29 Aug 1866 Bancoorah, Bengal, India
Death 26 Jun 1910 (age 43) Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada

Child 5: Nina Conway WEATHRALL

Name: Nina Conway WEATHRALL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert William GOUGH (1856-1921)
Birth 23 May 1869 Goya, Bengal, India

Child 6: Jessie Conway WEATHRALL

Name: Jessie Conway WEATHRALL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Llewellyn Vincent CRAIG (1881-1950)
Birth 14 Aug 1870 Dacca, Bengal, India
Travel 13 May 1933 (age 62) London, England
1 Devonshire Square, Bishopsgate
Travelled with husband Llewellyn on SS Castalia from Bombay to Liverpool
Death 7 Nov 1952 (age 82) Kanpur, United Provinces, India
Berkley, House, Cicvil Lines
Died in St Christopher Hospital, Kanpur

Child 7: Florence Conway WEATHRALL

Name: Florence Conway WEATHRALL
Sex: Female
Birth 11 Oct 1871 Dacca, Bengal, India
Death 26 Jun 1892 (age 20) Dacca, Bengal, India

Child 8: Arthur Alick Conway WEATHRALL

Name: Arthur Alick Conway WEATHRALL
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Charlotte Arabella GRAY (1851-1932)
Spouse 2: Dorothy (WEATHRALL) ( - )
Birth 16 May 1874 Dacca, Bengal, India
Occupation Electrical Engineer
Death 11 Apr 1932 (age 57) Umballa, Bengal, India
Cause: Cancer

Child 9: Alice Conway WEATHRALL

Name: Alice Conway WEATHRALL
Sex: Female
Birth 1875 Dacca, Bengal, India
Death 27 Jul 1875 (age 0) Dacca, Bengal, India