Family of James PATTLE and Adeline Maria De L'ETANG

Husband: James PATTLE (1775-1845)
Wife: Adeline Maria De L'ETANG (1793-1845)
Children: Adeline Maria PATTLE (1812-1836)
James Rocke Mitford PATTLE (1813-1813)
Eliza Julia PATTLE (1814-1818)
Julia Margaret PATTLE (1815-1879)
Sarah Monckton PATTLE (1816-1887)
Maria Theodesia PATTLE (1818-1892)
Louisa Colebrooke PATTLE (1821-1873)
Virginia PATTLE (1827-1910)
Harriett Trevor Charlotte PATTLE (1828-1828)
Sophia Ricketts PATTLE (1829-1911)
Marriage 18 Feb 1811 Bhaugulpur, India

Husband: James PATTLE

Name: James PATTLE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Sep 1775 West Bengal, India
Death 4 Sep 1845 (age 69) Chowringbee, West Bengal, India
James Pattles remains were buried in Camberwell in his Family's vault on 16 Mar1846. James requested that following his death he wished his body to be taken back to England for internment in the family vault. There are several rather bizzare stories as to how this was accomplished which have been written by family members. e.g Quentin BELL.

Wife: Adeline Maria De L'ETANG

Name: Adeline Maria De L'ETANG
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1793 Versailles, France
Death 11 Nov 1845 (age 51-52) At Sea

Child 1: Adeline Maria PATTLE

Name: Adeline Maria PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Colin MACKENZIE C.B. (1806-1881)
Birth 19 Feb 1812 West Bengal, India
Death 28 May 1836 (age 24) At sea

Child 2: James Rocke Mitford PATTLE

Name: James Rocke Mitford PATTLE
Sex: Male
Birth 8 Feb 1813 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Death Oct 1813 (age 0) Bengal, Calcutta, India

Child 3: Eliza Julia PATTLE

Name: Eliza Julia PATTLE
Sex: Female
Birth 3 Apr 1814 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Death 30 May 1818 (age 4) Calcutta, India

Child 4: Julia Margaret PATTLE

Name: Julia Margaret PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Hay CAMERON (1795-1880)
Birth 11 Jun 1815 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Census 1851 (age 35-36) Richmond Surrey
Lodge, Mortlake
Married. living with children and 9 servants and 2 friends
Census 1861 (age 45-46) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
The Terrace
Living with husband and children Edwin Charles and Henry plus 6 servants
Census 1871 (age 55-56) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
Freshwater Bay
Living with husband and son Henry H. Annie & Lucy PRINSEP also in residence. Archibald D H CAMERON b. 1863 - grandson -also in residence
Death 26 Jan 1879 (age 63) Colombo, Sri Lanka

Child 5: Sarah Monckton PATTLE

Name: Sarah Monckton PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Thoby PRINSEP (1793-1878)
Birth 16 Aug 1816 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Census 1861 (age 44-45) Kensington, London
Little Hollland
Living with husband Henry and daughter Alice and various servants
Census 1871 (age 54-55) Kensington, London
Little Holland House
Living with busband and niece Mary E PRINSEP and various servants
Death 15 Dec 1887 (age 71) Brighton, Sussex
6 Montpelier Villas

Child 6: Maria Theodesia PATTLE

Name: Maria Theodesia PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: John JACKSON (1804-1887)
Birth 7 Jul 1818 Born at Sea off Cornish Coast
Census 1861 (age 42-43) Hendon, Middlesex
Brent Lodge, Brent Street
Living with husband John and children Mary and Julia
Census 1871 (age 52-53) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
Freshwater Bay
Living with husband John. Julia her widowed daughter and grandchildren also in residence
Census 1881 (age 62-63) Hove, Sussex
5 Brunswick Terrace
Living with husband John
Census 1891 (age 72-73) Brighton, Sussex
3 Percival Terrace
Widow.Margaret, Millicent & Emma St John VAUGHAN also in residence - Grandaughters.Also Gerald DUCKWORTH - Grandson
Death 2 Apr 1892 (age 73) Kensington, London
22 Hyde Park Gate
Resident at 3 Percival Terrace, Brighton. Administration to Mary Louisa FISHER

Child 7: Louisa Colebrooke PATTLE

Name: Louisa Colebrooke PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Vincent BAYLEY (1816-1873)
Birth 5 Oct 1821 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Census 1861 (age 39-40) Hampstead Middlesex
Ripper Terrace
Living with daughter Mia; William; Henry
Death 15 Mar 1873 (age 51) Kensington, London
35 Sussex Place
Widow. Probate to Adeline Anne MACTIER her daughter

Child 8: Virginia PATTLE

Name: Virginia PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles SOMERS-COCKS - VISCOUNT EASTNOR (1819-1883)
Birth 14 Jan 1827 Calcutta, India
Census 1861 (age 33-34) Reigate, Surrey
The Priory
Living with husband and daughters Isabella & Adeline
Census 1871 (age 43-44) Ledbury, Herefordshire
Eastnor Castle, Easton
Living with husband Charles
Death 29 Sep 1910 (age 83) St Georges, Hanover Square, London

Child 9: Harriett Trevor Charlotte PATTLE

Name: Harriett Trevor Charlotte PATTLE
Sex: Female
Birth 3 Mar 1828 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Death Jun 1828 (age 0) Calcutta, Bengal, India

Child 10: Sophia Ricketts PATTLE

Name: Sophia Ricketts PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Warrender DALRYMPLE (1824-1888)
Birth 19 Mar 1829 Calcutta, India
Census 1841 (age 11-12) Egleton, Herefordshire
With her sister Virginia
Census 1871 (age 41-42) Kensington, London
16 Stamford Road
Married. Living with daughter Virginia
Census 1881 (age 51-52) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
23 Dorset Street
Boarder. Married but described as Wife of Late Judge Dalrymple
Death 16 Jun 1911 (age 82) Monaco, France