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Family of Thomas WOOD and Frances (Françoise) THORELL

Husband: Thomas WOOD (1759-1809)
Wife: Frances (Françoise) THORELL (1763-1829)
Children: Mary Frances WOOD (1786-1787)
Thomas Henry WOOD (1789-1842)
Charles John WOOD (1791-1833)
Edwin William WOOD (1793-1820)
George Parsons WOOD (1795-1796)
Frances Elizabeth WOOD (1796- )
Henry Samuel WOOD (1800-1860)
George Frederick WOOD (1806-1859)
Marriage 2 Sep 1784 St Alphege Church, Canterbury

Husband: Thomas WOOD


Thomas WOOD, 1782, age 23

Name: Thomas WOOD
Sex: Male
Father: Simon WOOD (1717-1788)
Mother: Margaret SHRUBSOLE (1722-1803)
Birth 16 Sep 1759 Chartham, Kent
Occupation Cordwainer
Apprenticeship 15 Jun 1775 (age 16) St Alphage, Canterbury Kent
Entered into Apprenticeship with William Monrow in St Alphege, Canterbury as a Cordwainer for 7 years.
Death 8 May 1809 (age 50) St Margarets , Canterbury Kent

Wife: Frances (Françoise) THORELL

Name: Frances (Françoise) THORELL
Sex: Female
Father: Jean (John) THORELL (1733-1808)
Mother: Françoise (Frances) CHARTIER (1729-1796)
Birth 14 Feb 1763 St Alphage, Canterbury Kent
Baptism 27 Feb 1763 (age 0) Walloon Church, Canterbury
Death 1 Apr 1829 (age 66) St Margarets , Canterbury Kent

Child 1: Mary Frances WOOD

Name: Mary Frances WOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Aug 1786 St Alphage, Canterbury Kent
Baptism 20 Aug 1786 (age 0) St Alphage, Canterbury Kent
Death 31 May 1787 (age 0) St Alphage, Canterbury Kent

Child 2: Thomas Henry WOOD


Thomas Henry WOOD, 1826, age 37

Name: Thomas Henry WOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth MAXFIELD (c. 1798-1842)
Birth 15 Mar 1789 St Alphage, Canterbury Kent
Baptism 15 Mar 1789 (age 0) St Alphage, Canterbury Kent
Occupation Cordwainer
Residence 1824 (age 35) St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
19 St Margarets Street
Pigots Directory of Kent shows Thomas Henry as a Boot and Shoemaker at this address
Census 1841 (age 50) 19 St Margarets Street
Canterbury, kent
Death 3 Apr 1842 (age 53) St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
Cause: Dropsy
Address: 19 St Margarets Street
Will 7 Jun 1842 (age 53) St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
19 St Margarets Street
Thomas Henry's will was proved the 7th jun 1842. his executors were his daughter Eliza, George Cooper, Stonemason and William Paine, Chemist and Druggist. He left his tools etc to his eldest living son George Frederick to carry on the business and the remainder of his estate to his surviving children in trust til they achieved the age of 18. Notable in his will was the amount of property he owned. this included the two cottages in Chartham Hatch mentioned in the Will of John Wood and eight cottages in St Peters Place, Parish of St Peters the Apostle and Holy Cross, Westgate. This allowed Eliza and Fanny to live out their lives as annuitants as they did not marry

Child 3: Charles John WOOD

Name: Charles John WOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah Lushington MINTER (1800-1823)
Birth 12 Jun 1791 All Saints, Canterbury
Baptism 12 Jun 1791 (age 0) All Saints, Canterbury
Occupation Coachmaker
Death 20 Sep 1833 (age 41) St Pancras, Middlesex
Wellesley Street
Burial 24 Sep 1833 (age 41) Camden Middlesex

Child 4: Edwin William WOOD

Name: Edwin William WOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma MINTER (1798-1876)
Birth 31 Mar 1793 All Saints, Canterbury
Baptism 31 Mar 1793 (age 0) All Saints, Canterbury
Occupation Civil Servant, Foreign Office
Death 20 Feb 1820 (age 26) St Margarets, Canterbury Kent

Child 5: George Parsons WOOD

Name: George Parsons WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth 11 May 1795 All Saints, Canterbury
Baptism 11 May 1795 (age 0) All Saints, Canterbury
Death 17 Mar 1796 (age 0) All Saints, Canterbury

Child 6: Frances Elizabeth WOOD

Name: Frances Elizabeth WOOD
Sex: Female
Spouse: James LINTON (1799- )
Birth Oct 1796 All Saints, Canterbury
Baptism 12 Dec 1796 (age 0) All Saints, Canterbury
Death "in Canada"

Child 7: Henry Samuel WOOD

Name: Henry Samuel WOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eliza GOWLLAND (1800-1851)
Birth 15 Jun 1800 All Saints, Canterbury
Baptism 15 Jun 1800 (age 0) All Saints, Canterbury
Occupation Watchmaker
Residence 1826 (age 26) St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury
43 Burgate Street
Pigots 1826 Directory shows Henry Wood, Watchmaker resident at 43 Burgate Street
Census 1841 (age 41) St George the Martyr, Middlesex
New North Street
Living with Wife - Eliza , Bonnet maker and sons Henry 14, Theo 6 and daughter Maria 3
Census 1851 (age 50) Tower Hamlets, Middlesex
8 Devonshire Place, Commercial Road
Widower living with Son, Edwin William aged 8
Death 29 Apr 1860 (age 59) Mile End Old Town, London
Cause: Paralysis 4 hours. 3rd Attack.
Address: 3 Cleveland Street

Child 8: George Frederick WOOD

Name: George Frederick WOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maria SMALL (1804-1856)
Baptism 22 Dec 1805 (age -1) St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
Birth 6 Oct 1806 St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
19 St Margarets Street
Occupation Cordwainer
Residence 1847 (age 42) All Saints, Canterbury
14-15 Best Lane
History, Gazeteer and Directory of kent Vol II 1847 shows George Frederick in business as a Boot and Shoemaker here
Census 1851 (age 45) All Saints, Canterbury
14 - 15 Best Lane
Residence 1851 (age 44-45) All Saints, Canterbury
14 Best Lane
Noted in Kent Post Office Directory as carrying on business of Boot and Shoe Maker
Death 13 Nov 1859 (age 54) All Saints, Canterbury
16 Sun Street

Note on Husband: Thomas WOOD

Apprenticed to William Monrow, in St Alphege, Canterbury Cordwainer for 7 years on 19 jun 1775. ( William Monrow died 6th June 1786 aged 68). Thomas set up in business at the end of his apprenticeship in 1782 when he was also entered as a Freeman of the City of Canterbury, by apprenticeship.It has been assumed that this was in 19 St Margarets Street . This certainly became the family home and shoemaking business until 1903 but I do not believe the business was transferred there until about 1800. My suspicions were first aroused when I confirmed the birth of Thomas and Frances's children. Thomas and Frances were married in St Alphege church in 1784. Mary Frances and Thomas Henry were baptised in St Alphege Parish in 1786 and 1789 respectively. Charles John, Edwin William, George Parsons, Francis Elizabeth and Henry Samuel were all baptised in All Saints Parish. The latter in 1800. Research carried out on my behalf by Steve Thomas indicates from the Rate books that Thomas Wood did not start paying rates in St Margarets Street until 1801/1802. Although there was a William Wood paying rates in St Margarets Street before that time but I am not sure if there is a relationship. In respect of the birth of the children it is significant that George Frederick was baptised in 1806 in St Margarets Parish. It is suggested therefore that Thomas established a shoemaking business in St Alphege in 1782, then transferred to All Saints around 1790 and finally moved into the larger premises at 19 St Margarets Street in 1801/02 where the business remained until 1903 when my Grandfather Edgar Lancefield closed it down and moved to Dover.

It is believed that our family were descended from the Huguenot refugees and this belief was reinforced when Dudley Wood came into contact with Robert Darlington - whose wife Wendy was a descendant of Albert Wood - and David Morris, great great grandson of Albert. Research by Dudley and that of several professional researchers almost certainly comes to the conclusion that the French connection comes through Frances Thorel, wife of Thomas Wood, the first Cordwainer in the family. Thorel being a well established name in the Picardy region of Northern France and noted for the Huguenots. She being the Great (x3)Grandmother of Wendy, David and Dudley.