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Family of Edwin William WOOD and Emma MINTER

Husband: Edwin William WOOD (1793-1820)
Wife: Emma MINTER (1798-1876)
Marriage 19 Dec 1816 St Margarets, Canterbury

Husband: Edwin William WOOD

Name: Edwin William WOOD
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas WOOD (1759-1809)
Mother: Frances (Fran├žoise) THORELL (1763-1829)
Birth 31 Mar 1793 All Saints, Canterbury
Baptism 31 Mar 1793 (age 0) All Saints, Canterbury
Occupation Civil Servant, Foreign Office
Death 20 Feb 1820 (age 26) St Margarets, Canterbury Kent

Wife: Emma MINTER

Name: Emma MINTER
Sex: Female
Father: George MINTER (1760-1837)
Mother: Mary WANSTALL (1761-1830)
Birth 4 Nov 1798 Sittingbourne, Kent
Re-marriage 21 Jun 1824 (age 25) St Andrews Canterbury
Census 1851 (age 52-53) Ramsgate, Kent
4 Guilford Lawn
Living with Husband George, Retired Major 28th Inf Regt and daughter Ellen
Census 1861 (age 62-63) Bristol
Keswick House
Death 19 Feb 1876 (age 77) Bristol, Gloucestershire
Keswick House

Note on Husband: Edwin William WOOD

From the history produced by Robert Darlington we find that Edwin William first served in the Royal Navy. It is not known for how long and in what capacity. He was then given an appointment in the Commisariat. Robert was not acquainted with the status and duties of this organization but felt that it was part of the Civil Service or Foreign Office. After his marriage to Emma Minter (described as a minor they were posted to France where they set up house in Calais. They were very shortly recalled to England and sent to Mauritius. Edwin's health declined after a few months and they were repatriated to England. He died as a result of his illness in 1820 at the age of 27.

Note on Wife: Emma MINTER

Emma Wood (nee Minter) remarried 21 Jun 1824 to George Minter (Cousin) in St Andrews Parish. It has not been possible to find birth dates etc for Emma. David Morris has more information on Emma which shows that after Edwin's death she started a small boarding school in one of the most retired parts of the coast of Kent. She wrote a memoir dated 15 March 1824 giving a detailed and moving account of her life with Edwin. It includes descriptions of several near disasters at sea, of fires and hurricanes in Mauritius and the experience of looking after her terminally ill husband in such conditions. David Morris has a copy of this memoir which had been sealed and not opened or read until June 1869