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Family of Simon WOOD and Sarah COOK

Husband: Simon WOOD (1763-1839)
Wife: Sarah COOK (1761-1845)
Children: William WOOD (1786-1789)
Marriage 23 Nov 1784 St Margarets , Canterbury Kent

Husband: Simon WOOD

Name: Simon WOOD
Sex: Male
Father: Simon WOOD (1717-1788)
Mother: Margaret SHRUBSOLE (1722-1803)
Birth 16 Jan 1763 Chartham, Kent
Will 21 Sep 1839 (age 76) Canterbury Kent
Simon left a will. He was described as a Yeoman of the City of Canterbury. He left all of his estate to his wife Sarah, her heirs and assignees. He then bequeathed 1900 pounds sterling to his nephew Thomas Henry Wood and his friend Henry Cullen upon trust. The trusts included a sum of 100 pounds to Charlotte Wills spinster and orphan of Chilham and then further trusts to his nephews Thomas Henry, George Frederick, Henry Samuel, Thomas (son of John Wood), Charles son of his late nephew Charles John Wood, His nieces Francis(wife of James Linton), niece Mary Ann ?Foy - widow, his niece ?Sarah, wife of Stephen Ware(d) and Maria Bundock spinster who was residing with him at the time of his will. He appointed Thomas Henry and Henry Cullen as executors and gave them five pounds five shillingsas an acknowledgement for the trouble of executing his will
Death 28 Sep 1839 (age 76) Harbledown

Wife: Sarah COOK

Name: Sarah COOK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 4 Oct 1761 St Peters, Canterbury Kent
Census 1841 (age 79-80) Canterbury Kent
St Peters Place, Holy Cross, Westgate Within
Death 23 May 1845 (age 83) Canterbury Kent

Child 1: William WOOD

Name: William WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth 19 Feb 1786 Chartham, Kent
Death 20 Sep 1789 (age 3) Chartham, Kent