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Family of Edwin William WOOD and Anne Elizabeth KENDALL

Husband: Edwin William WOOD (1828-1877)
Wife: Anne Elizabeth KENDALL (1831-1889)
Children: Thomas Henry WOOD (1857-1868)
Elisa Annie WOOD (1858-1937)
Maude Louise WOOD (1865-1944)
Marriage 24 Dec 1854 Bishopsgate, London

Husband: Edwin William WOOD

Name: Edwin William WOOD
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Henry WOOD (1789-1842)
Mother: Elizabeth MAXFIELD (c. 1798-1842)
Birth 24 Jan 1828 St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
Baptism 2 Mar 1828 (age 0) St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
Occupation Bootmaker
Census 1841 (age 12-13) Beakesbourne, Kent
Chalkpit House
School pupil
Residence 24 Dec 1854 (age 27) St Botolph, Bishopsgate
3 Bishopsgating, London
Census 1861 (age 33) Hackney, Middlesex
Church Street
Living with wife Anne and children Thomas & Eliza
Residence 1864 (age 35-36) Hackney, Middlesex
Census 1871 (age 42) Hackney, Middlesex
412 Snare Street
Living with daughter Maria Louisa and cousin Maria WOOD b.1839 in Bloomsbury
Death 23 Mar 1877 (age 50) Hackney, Middlesex
Cause: Paralysis 8 mths and Bronchitis 3 days
Address: 412 Mare Street
Probate to Anne Elizabeth his Widow and George Frederick his brother.Estate under 5000 pounds in his will.

Wife: Anne Elizabeth KENDALL

Name: Anne Elizabeth KENDALL
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel KENDALL (1798- )
Mother: Ann RANGER (1801- )
Birth 1831 Hampstead Middlesex
Census 1871 (age 40) Hackney, Middlesex
412, Snare Street
Death Apr 1889 (age 57-58) Hackney, Middlesex

Child 1: Thomas Henry WOOD

Name: Thomas Henry WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1857 Hackney, Middlesex
Death Jul 1868 (age 11) Hackney, Middlesex

Child 2: Elisa Annie WOOD

Name: Elisa Annie WOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 30 Aug 1858 West Dalston, Middlesex
Albion Road
Census 1891 (age 32-33) Chelsea, London
409 Kings Road
Living with cousin Marie Payne (41) tobacconist
Census 1911 (age 52-53) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
St Davids
Living on own means with sister Maud Louise
Death Apr 1937 (age 78) Isle of Wight, Hampshire

Child 3: Maude Louise WOOD

Name: Maude Louise WOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 13 Feb 1865 Hackney, Middlesex
Church Street
Census 1871 (age 6) Hackney, Middlesex
412, Snare Street
Census 1881 (age 15-16) Eastbourne, Sussex
17 Hyde Gdns
Pupil in school. However this may not be the correct Maude as there are a number of births with the same name in Hackney area. Birth date is confirmed by reference to Certificate in London Baptisms. (Ancestry)
Census 1911 (age 45-46) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
St Davids
Census 1939 (age 73-74) Sandown, IOW
St Davids, New Afton Road
Muriel K L HEATHER née HOLLIS also in residence
Occupation Artist
Death Apr 1944 (age 79) Isle of Wight, Hampshire