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Family of Albert (Athelstane) WOOD and Ann (Laurie) Lomas ALLIOTT

Husband: Albert (Athelstane) WOOD (1831-1885)
Wife: Ann (Laurie) Lomas ALLIOTT (1836-1900)
Children: Hubert Laud Strachan WOOD (1863- )
Winefride Marie Thorelle WOOD (1864-1884)
Francis Harold Conrad Stanley WOOD (1866-1944)
Dagmar Marian Gedling WOOD (1867-1928)
Jessica Mary Shotlee WOOD (1869-1944)
Lionel Eugene Seymour WOOD (1873-1935)
Marriage 6 May 1862 St Georges, Hanover Square, London

Husband: Albert (Athelstane) WOOD


Albert (Athelstane) WOOD

Name: Albert (Athelstane) WOOD
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Henry WOOD (1789-1842)
Mother: Elizabeth MAXFIELD (c. 1798-1842)
Birth 3 Jan 1831 St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
Baptism 30 Mar 1831 (age 0) St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
Occupation Clergyman - Vicar
Census 1841 (age 10) St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
19 St Margarets Street
Census 1851 (age 20) St Margarets , Canterbury Kent
19 St Margarets Street
Employed as Drapers Assistant
Residence 6 May 1862 (age 31) Westminster, London
46 Vincent Square
Census 1871 (age 39) Castlemorton, Worcestershire
The Parsonage
Census 1881 (age 50) South Reston, Lincolnshire
Living with wife Ann and Children Winifred, Harold, Dagmar, Jessica and Lionel
Death 14 Oct 1885 (age 54) City of Lincoln
Will 18 Feb 1886 (age 54) North Somercotes, Lincoln
The Rectory
Gross value of his estate was £1694-14s-6p
Will 18 Feb 1886 (age 55) Principal Registry
Probate granted on 18 Feb 1886. Rev Albert Wood of South Reston Rectory but late of North Somercotes Vicarage was proved by Ann Lomas Wood of Frobell House in Walkergate Louth, Lincs

Wife: Ann (Laurie) Lomas ALLIOTT

Name: Ann (Laurie) Lomas ALLIOTT
Sex: Female
Father: Francis Simes ALLIOTT (1809-1854)
Mother: Caroline GEDLING (1809-1864)
Birth 10 Oct 1836 St Peters, Nottingham
Census 6 May 1862 (age 25) Knightsbridge, London
71 Coleshill Street
Census 1871 (age 34) Castlemorton, Worcestershire
The Parsonage
Census 1881 (age 44) South Reston, Lincolnshire
The Rectory
Living with husband and children
Residence 1886 (age 50) Walkergate, Louth
Frobell House
Census 1891 (age 54-55) Paddington, London
4 Grittleton Road
Living with Francis, Dagmar, Jessica and Lionel. Susan Jackson was here described as a visitor. Obviously prior to her marriage to Francis.
Death 11 Feb 1900 (age 63) Surbiton, Surrey
Silverdale, King Charles Road
Probate to Dagmar Marianne Gedling WOOD and Jessie Mary Shottee WOOD

Child 1: Hubert Laud Strachan WOOD

Name: Hubert Laud Strachan WOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Frances Annie BECKETT (1872-1944)
Birth 22 Jan 1863 Westliegh, Lancs
Baptism 5 Apr 1863 (age 0) Leigh, Lancashire
Occupation Legal Profession - Solicitors Clerk
Census 1871 (age 8) Castlemorton, Worcestershire
The Parsonage
Living with parents
Residence 1890 (age 26-27) Kilburn, Middlesex
4 Grillston Road, Elgin Avenue
Census 1891 (age 28) Kilburn
54 Cotliegh Road
Living with wife. Described as Solicitors clerk
Residence 20 Mar 1892 (age 29) Hampstead Middlesex
61 Glengall Road

Child 2: Winefride Marie Thorelle WOOD

Name: Winefride Marie Thorelle WOOD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Ruck EAST (1844-1914)
Birth 4 Oct 1864 West Liegh, Lancs
Census 1871 (age 6) Castlemorton, Worcestershire
The Parsonage
Census 1881 (age 16) Castlemorton, Worcestershire
The Rectory
Death 19 Apr 1884 (age 19) Mercara Coorg, Madras
Cause: Died in childbirth. Puerperal Fever
Address: The Hollow
Probate 20 Sep 1886 Nottingham
Probate by Thomas Underwood solicitor to Henry Ruck East. Estate value at 31 pounds 6 shillings and fourpence

Child 3: Francis Harold Conrad Stanley WOOD

Name: Francis Harold Conrad Stanley WOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan Rose Stanley JACKSON (1865-1932)
Birth 22 Mar 1866 Castelmorton, Worcestershire
Census 1871 (age 4) Castlemorton, Worcestershire
The Parsonage
Residence 1874 (age 8) South Reston, Lincolnshire
The Rectory
Census 1881 (age 15) South Reston, Lincolnshire
The Rectory
Census 1891 (age 24-25) Paddington, London
4 Grittleston Road
Census 1901 (age 34-35) Mortlake, Surrey
Ancaster Villa
Census 1911 (age 45) Mortlake, Surrey
148 Palewell Park
Probate to National Provincial Bank. estate 6000 pounds
Census 1939 (age 72-73) Cookham Dene, Berkshire
Little Picket
Widowed. Living with his daughter Irene Maud.
Residence 1944 (age 77-78) Cookham Dean, Berkshire
Little Picket
Death 3 Dec 1944 (age 78) Maidenhead, Berkshire
The Hospital

Child 4: Dagmar Marian Gedling WOOD

Name: Dagmar Marian Gedling WOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Aug 1867 Castelmorton, Worcestershire
Census 1871 (age 3) Castlemorton, Worcestershire
The Parsonage
Census 1881 (age 13) South Reston, Lincolnshire
The Rectory
Census 1891 (age 23-24) Paddington, London
4 Grittleton Road
Census 1901 (age 33) Surbiton, Surrey
1 Woodbine Cottages
Living on own means.
Census 1911 (age 43-44) Brentwood, Essex
2 Western Villas, Western Road
Death 13 Oct 1928 (age 61) Salisbury, Wilts
Old Manor
Burial 16 Oct 1928 (age 61) Stanwell Middlesex
Probate 7 Dec 1928 Salisbury, Wilts
Old Manor
Probate to Francis Harold and Lionel Eugene. Effects 2840 pounds 8 shillings and tenpence

Child 5: Jessica Mary Shotlee WOOD

Name: Jessica Mary Shotlee WOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 31 Mar 1869 Castelmorton, Worcestershire
Census 1871 (age 2) Castlemorton, Worcestershire
The Parsonage
Census 1881 (age 12) South Reston, Lincolnshire
The Rectory
Census 1891 (age 22) Paddington, London
4 Grittleton Road
Census 1901 (age 32) Surbiton, Surrey
1 Woodbine Cottages
Living on own means with her sister Dagmar
Census 1911 (age 41-42) Brentwood, Essex
2 Western Villas, Western Road
Census 1939 (age 69-70) Brentwood, Essex
9 Eastfield Road
Living alone
Death 4 Dec 1944 (age 75) Brentwood, Essex
9 Eastfield Road
Died at The Retreat,, Great Burstead, Essex. Probate to Irene Maud MORRIS (widow). Estate 3400 pounds
Burial 10 Jan 1945 (age 75) Stanwell Middlesex

Child 6: Lionel Eugene Seymour WOOD

Name: Lionel Eugene Seymour WOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Victoria Minett KNIGHT (1871-1957)
Birth 14 Dec 1873 Castelmorton, Worcestershire
Census 1881 (age 8) South Reston, Lincolnshire
The Rectory
Occupation Insurance broker
Census 1891 (age 18) Paddington, London
4 Grittleton Road
Census 1901 (age 27-28) Hampstead Middlesex
2nd Floor, Snowdon Mansions
Census 1911 (age 40) Hampstead Middlesex
18 Parsifal Road
Living with Mother in Law
Death 5 Sep 1935 (age 61) Stanwell Middlesex
Brook Cottage
Probate 17 Oct 1935 London
Probate to General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Co and Victoria Minett Wood. Effects 5021 pounds 13 shillings and threepence

Note on Husband: Albert (Athelstane) WOOD

From information supplied by Robert Darlington and David Morris we know that Albert was apparently given just one forename at birth but he seems to have adopted a second forename "Athelstane". He was born in Canterbury on 3rd January 1831. He was a student at Oxford but for medical reasons he was advised to move to a warmer climate. As a result he finished his degree at the University of Cape Town in 1855. He was ordained as a Deacon by the Bishop of Cape Town on the 23rd December 1855.

He remained in that area for a period during which he served as Assistant Curate of St Georges Cathedral, Capetown. On 18th December 1859 he was ordained as a priest by the Bishop of Cape Town. He then became Acting Chaplain of St John, Wynberg, Cape of Good Hope from 1859 to 1861. During that time in 1860 he received a testimonial letter for his job as Chaplain to the depot for military invalids.

He must have felt that his health had recovered because his next position was as Assistant Stipendiary Curate of St Mary's in Vincent Square, Westminster from 1861 to 1862. All of these appiointments are recorded in Crockfords Clerical Directory dated 1855.

Albert married Ann Lomas Alliott on 6th May 1862 in St Georges, Hanover Square. In some ways this is a strange connection. Ann was the daughter of Francis Simes Alliott of Nottingham. Her family were ministers of the Castle Gate Congregational Church in that city. The Alliott family hostory has been documented by Robert Darlington.

The newly weds left immediately for Albert's new appointment as Stipendiary Curate in the parish of Leigh with duties at St Paul's Westleigh, Lancashire. He was there for three years until 1865. It was at Leigh that the first of his six children was born.

In 1865 he again moved and this time became Curate at Castlemorton, part of the parish of Longdon in Worcestershire.

Alberts frequent moves and his continuing duties as Curate rather than as Vicar suggest a man who may not have been easy to manage. David Morris suggests that he may have been a difficult person to deal with. His energies have led him to run into problems with the higher management of the Church. While at Castlemorton he waged a successful campaign to recover money left for the relief of the poor of the parish. That money had been diverted to reduce the parish's poor rate and was therefore benefiting the ratepayers and not the poor. When a new Vicar arrived at Longdon there were differences of opinion between him and Albert which caused Albert to leave the parish for a new appointment.

The next four children of Albert and Ann were born during the nine years that they stayed at Castlemorton.

In 1874 Albert became the Rector of South Reston, Lincolnshire. Duties as Curate of North Reston were added in 1878. The "living" at North Reston belonged to the Jackson family whose complete family history has been written. The links to this family are detailed elsewhere.

Albert may have been showing poor health about this time and in 1883 he became Vicar of North Somercotes, a few miles east of South Reston on the coast of Lincolnshire. He died in the city of Lincoln on 14th October 1885. His grave and that of his wife Ann are in the next parish of South Somercotes. His will left his estate to his wife Ann who survived until 11th February 1900.

During his lifetime he received a number of honours including an honorary doctorate from the University of the South (USA) in 1875. He was also made a Brother Chaplain of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in 1868. He wrote on a number of areas presumably of his own interest and some of these are recorded in Crockfords 1885. Those interests included "visitation of the sick", "gravestones and epitaphs", Chrsitian antiquities", and " the history of Wesleyanism". David Morris reports that his obituary states that he became an authority on the design of church vestments.

He was survived by his six children.

Albert had an interest in family genealogy and found a Wood coat of arms. However this does not appear to have any connection with this family and may be that of Wood of Lancaster as noted in the "The General Armory" The dissertation refers to a Thomas Wood of Hackney and is dated 28th June 1634. This Thomas Wood had traced his ancestors through a Henry Wood to Thomas Wood of Burnley to Barney Wood and then to another Thomas Wood all of Burnley with the latter being a descendant of le Seigneur de Boys, Dauphin in France. This may well be the origin of the myth as stated earlier that our family is descended from French Hugenots. As we can trace our direct line to Chartham in Kent to around the same date as this was produced there is no evidence to back up any claim that we belong to the same line. There is however strong evidence that our descent to French Hugenots through Francoise (Frances) Thorel who married Thomas Wood in 1784.