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Family of Zechariah EASTICK and Sarah Maria Susannah KELF

Husband: Zechariah EASTICK (1831-1881)
Wife: Sarah Maria Susannah KELF (1830-1902)
Children: Thomas Zachariah EASTICK (1853-c. 1874)
John Joseph EASTICK (1855-1917)
Samuel Philip EASTICK (1858-1922)
Charles Esau EASTICK (1860-1947)
Annie Maria EASTICK (1863-1945)
Marriage Jul 1852 Yarmouth, Norfolk

Husband: Zechariah EASTICK

Name: Zechariah EASTICK
Sex: Male
Father: John EASTICK (1791-1843)
Mother: Hannah Maria GRAVES (1796-1854)
Birth 1831 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Occupation Boot & Shoe Manufacturer, Gas Works Chemist
Census 1841 (age 9-10) Norfolk
Great Cressingham, Swaffham Union
Living aith parents David and Susan and sister Juliana
Census 1861 (age 29-30) Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
24 Market Row
Living with wife and children. Also in residence Samuel Kelf, Brother in Law and Frances Eastick (17) - niece
Residence 1864 (age 32-33) Gorleston, Norfolk
Manager of Gas Works
Census 1871 (age 39-40) Peel, Isle of Man
Gas Works House
Living with wife and children,
Census 1881 (age 49-50) Greenwich London
106 Lewisham High Road
Living with wife nd children.
Also in residence were Charlotte KELF (41) Sister in Law and Matilda KELF, (9) niece
Occupation 1881 (age 49-50) Secretary to Alizarine Clerk; Greenwich, Kent
106 Lewisham High Road
Death Oct 1881 (age 49-50) Chertsey, Surrey

Wife: Sarah Maria Susannah KELF

Name: Sarah Maria Susannah KELF
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas KELF (1811-1854)
Mother: Maria WRIGHT (1811- )
Birth Mar 1830 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Census 1841 (age 10-11) Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Mitford Place
Living with parents and siblings
Census 1851 (age 20-21) Yarmouth, Norfolk
1 Northumberland Place
Living with parents Thomas and Maria KELF - Grocer and siblings
Census 1901 (age 70-71) Deptford, Kent
12 Erlanger Road
Living with daughter Annie M and family
Death Jan 1902 (age 71) Greenwich London

Child 1: Thomas Zachariah EASTICK

Name: Thomas Zachariah EASTICK
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1853 Yarmouth, Norfolk
Death c. 1874 (age 20-21) Lancashire

Child 2: John Joseph EASTICK

Name: John Joseph EASTICK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Julia Reina NEWLANDS (1869-1918)
Birth 6 Feb 1855 Mutford, Suffolk
Occupation btw 1881 and 1890 (age 25-35) Consulting Chemist, Sugar Refining
John Joseph is noted as being the first chemiet at the factory of Abram Lyle. The forerunner to Tate and Lyle, sugar manufacturers.
Residence 23 Jan 1894 (age 38) Melbourne, Australia
City of Port
Sugar refinery plant - Rate records
Census 1911 (age 55-56) Hackney, Middlesex
49A Clapton Common
Living with wife and family.
Also in residence Henry C KELF (37) born Norfolk.
Death 7 Sep 1917 (age 62) Whitechapel, Middlesex
127 Upper Clapton Road, Clapton
Probate to wife Julia. Estate value 6542 pounds

Child 3: Samuel Philip EASTICK

Name: Samuel Philip EASTICK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lina Susannah WIDMER (1858- )
Birth Jul 1858 Yarmouth, Norfolk
Occupation Chemist, Sugar Refining
Census 1891 (age 32-33) Glossop, Derbyshire
23 Racelands Road
Living with wife "Rosa" and her niece Lina WIDMER
Death Jan 1922 (age 63) Willesden, Middlesex

Child 4: Charles Esau EASTICK

Name: Charles Esau EASTICK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elvira Rosa DULING (1866-1913)
Birth 29 Aug 1860 Yarmouth, Norfolk
Occupation 14 Feb 1910 (age 49) Chemist, Sugar Refining; South Woodford Essex
Briarwood, The Drive
Admitted as a Freeman of the City of London by redemption
Census 1911 (age 50-51) Woodford, Essex
Bradwood, Woodford Road
Living with wife and children
Death 8 Oct 1947 (age 87) Maidenhead, Berkshire

Child 5: Annie Maria EASTICK

Name: Annie Maria EASTICK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Lawrence John DE WHALLEY (1854-1937)
Birth Jul 1863 Mutford, Suffolk
Census 1901 (age 37-38) Deptford, Kent
172 Erlanger Road
Living with husband and children and her Mother Sarah
Census 1911 (age 47-48) Lewisham, Kent
18 Brandram Road
Living with husband and children
Death Oct 1945 (age 82) Bromley, Kent