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Family of Henry JOSCELYNE and Mary Louisa GOWLLAND

Husband: Henry JOSCELYNE (1826-1909)
Wife: Mary Louisa GOWLLAND (1834-1926)
Children: Louisa Elizabeth JOSCELYNE (1856-1934)
Henry Maurice JOSCELYNE (1860- )
Mary Ewing JOSCELYNE (1862-1933)
Herbert Cathcart JOSCELYNE (1864-1947)
Alice Emma JOSCELYNE (1865-1951)
Arthur Edwin JOSCELYNE (1867-1950)
Ethel JOSCELYNE (1869-1947)
Edward Walter JOSCELYNE (1871-1953)
Frederick Percy JOSCELYNE (1874-1950)
Marriage 30 Aug 1855 Leigh, Essex

Husband: Henry JOSCELYNE

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1826 Leigh, Essex
Occupation Clergyman
Death Jul 1909 (age 82-83) Bournemouth, Dorset

Wife: Mary Louisa GOWLLAND

Name: Mary Louisa GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND (1805-1872)
Mother: Mary EWING (1813-1862)
Birth Oct 1834 Isle of Sheppey, Kent
Census 1861 (age 26-27) Headington, Oxford
Iffley Road, Cowley
Living with wife and children Louisa and Henry
Census 1871 (age 36-37) Bicester, Oxfordshire
Fewcott Parsonage, Stoke Lyne
Living with husband and 7 children
Census 1881 (age 46-47) Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Ibstone Rectory, Ibstone
Living with husband and 3 daughters and 4 sons
Census 1891 (age 56-57) Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Ibstone Rectory, Ibstone
Living with husband and 2 daughters and 1 son plus 3 boarders and 2 servants
Census 1901 (age 66-67) Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Ibstone Rectory, Ibstone
Living with husband and daughter Mary E and son Frederick. 4 pupils and 2 servants also
Death Oct 1926 (age 91-92) Bournemouth, Dorset

Child 1: Louisa Elizabeth JOSCELYNE

Name: Louisa Elizabeth JOSCELYNE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur George LUKE (1843- )
Birth Oct 1856 Warminster, Wiltshire
Census 1891 (age 34-35) Runcorn, Cheshire
Census 1901 (age 44-45) Wimbledon, Surrey
Living with her husband and sister Ethel and nephew Lawrence A Jocelyne (3) b. Greenwich
Census 1911 (age 54-55) Poole, Dorset
Living with her husband. Her Mother and her sister Ethel BEATTY
Death Apr 1934 (age 77) Bournemouth, Dorset

Child 2: Henry Maurice JOSCELYNE

Name: Henry Maurice JOSCELYNE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gertrude Louisa TREMLETT (1858- )
Birth Jan 1860 Cowley, Oxfordshire
Residence 1903 (age 42-43) Perth, Western Australia

Child 3: Mary Ewing JOSCELYNE

Name: Mary Ewing JOSCELYNE
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1862 Cowley, Oxfordshire
Census 1891 (age 28-29) Runcorn, Cheshire
Living with sister Louisa and her husband
Census 1901 (age 38-39) Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Living with her parents
Death Oct 1933 (age 71) Bournemouth, Dorset

Child 4: Herbert Cathcart JOSCELYNE

Name: Herbert Cathcart JOSCELYNE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan Elizabeth PRICE (1872-1944)
Birth Oct 1864 Cowley, Oxfordshire
Occupation Schoolmaster, Land Agent
Census 1911 (age 46-47) Fulham, London
14 Lisgar Terrace
Living with wife and daughter
Death Oct 1947 (age 82-83) Watford Herts

Child 5: Alice Emma JOSCELYNE

Name: Alice Emma JOSCELYNE
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1865 Cowley, Oxfordshire
Death Oct 1951 (age 86) Bristol, Gloucestershire

Child 6: Arthur Edwin JOSCELYNE

Name: Arthur Edwin JOSCELYNE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emily Vivian GURNEY (1866-1948)
Birth Jan 1867 Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire
Occupation Medical Practitioner
Death 17 Apr 1950 (age 83) Taunton, Somerset

Child 7: Ethel JOSCELYNE

Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick Guinnis BEATTY (1875-1945)
Birth Apr 1869 Stoke Lyne, oxfordshire
Census 1911 (age 41-42) Poole, Dorset
Living with her sister Louisa and her husband
Death Jan 1947 (age 77) Bournemouth, Dorset

Child 8: Edward Walter JOSCELYNE

Name: Edward Walter JOSCELYNE
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1871 Stoke Lyne, oxfordshire
Occupation Medical Practitioner
Death 11 Feb 1953 (age 82) Bristol, Gloucestershire

Child 9: Frederick Percy JOSCELYNE

Name: Frederick Percy JOSCELYNE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Stella Mary GILLOTT (1882-1929)
Spouse 2: Gwendoline Mary RUTLEDGE (1888-1974)
Birth 19 Jan 1874 Stoke Lyne, oxfordshire
Occupation Medical Practitioner
Occupation 1918 (age 43-44) Merchant Navy
Death 26 Jan 1950 (age 76) Yeovil, Somerset
The Stores Stoford
Probate to Gwendoline Mary, widow