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Family of Richard Sankey GOWLLAND and Jessie Katherine LAKE

Husband: Richard Sankey GOWLLAND (1845-1886)
Wife: Jessie Katherine LAKE (1856-1932)
Children: Edward Lake GOWLLAND (1877-1942)
Katherine M GOWLLAND (1878-1913)
Josephine Miriam GOWLLAND (1880-1977)
Mildred Mary GOWLLAND (1881-1974)
Geoffrey Cathcart GOWLLAND (1885-1980)
Marriage 14 Sep 1875 Milton, Kent

Husband: Richard Sankey GOWLLAND

Name: Richard Sankey GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND (1805-1872)
Mother: Mary EWING (1813-1862)
Birth 7 Oct 1845 Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Death 14 Jan 1886 (age 40) Ealing, Middlesex
8 Churchfield Road
Proved by William FOX of South Norwood and Robert Henry WHITCOMB of Gateshead - Executors

Wife: Jessie Katherine LAKE

Name: Jessie Katherine LAKE
Sex: Female
Father: John LAKE ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 5 Jun 1856 Chalk, Kent
Census 1891 (age 34-35) Ealing, Middlesex
8 Churchfield Road
Living with children Katherine, Josephine, Mildred
Death 25 Feb 1932 (age 75) Wimbledon Park, Surrey
96 Vineyard HIll

Child 1: Edward Lake GOWLLAND

Name: Edward Lake GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy Mary THORNHILL (1877-1963)
Birth 7 Jan 1877 Thornton Heath, Surrey
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Physician & Surgeon
Death Oct 1942 (age 65) Surrey North Eastern

Child 2: Katherine M GOWLLAND

Name: Katherine M GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Birth 31 Aug 1878 Thornton Heath, Surrey
Census 1901 (age 22-23) Bournemouth, Dorset
S Idene, Hengist Road, Christchurch
Living with widowed Mother
Death Jan 1913 (age 34) Christchurch Hampshire

Child 3: Josephine Miriam GOWLLAND

Name: Josephine Miriam GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Sandford WHITCOMBE (1864-1930)
Birth 4 Apr 1880 Ealing, Middlesex
Death Jul 1977 (age 97) Chiltern & beaconsfield

Child 4: Mildred Mary GOWLLAND

Name: Mildred Mary GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Spouse: Walter Simeon HUNT (1879-1969)
Birth Oct 1881 Ealing, Middlesex
Census 1891 (age 9-10) Brentford Middlesex
Churchfield Road, Twyford Abbey Ealing
Living with widowed Mother and sisters
Death 4 Feb 1974 (age 92) Hove, Sussex

Child 5: Geoffrey Cathcart GOWLLAND

Name: Geoffrey Cathcart GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Spouse: Vera Rose Marriott SMITH (1887-1985)
Birth 27 May 1885 Ealing, Middlesex
Education -; Fettes College, Edinburgh
Death Oct 1980 (age 95) Yeovil, Somerset