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Family of Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND and Mary EWING

Husband: Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND (1805-1872)
Wife: Mary EWING (1813-1862)
Children: Annie GOWLLAND (1832-1894)
Mary Louisa GOWLLAND (1834-1926)
John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND (1838-1874)
Sarah Maria T GOWLLAND (1840-1924)
James Ewing GOWLLAND (1843-1860)
Richard Sankey GOWLLAND (1845-1886)
Frederick William Nicol GOWLLAND (1848-1897)
Eliza Celia GOWLLAND (1851-1921)
Emily GOWLLAND (1854-1868)
Marriage 20 Sep 1831 Columbkill, Donegal, Ireland

Husband: Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND

Name: Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Father: Richard Symons GOWLLAND ( -1807)
Mother: Sarah Woodruff SANKEY (1771-1847)
Birth 27 Oct 1805 St Andrews Canterbury
Baptism 16 Nov 1805 (age 0) Canterbury Kent
Countess of Huntingdons Connexion, Union Chapel, Watling Street
Census 1841 (age 35-36) Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Dial Rocks, Tresco
Living with wife Mary and children - Ann, Mary, John, Sarah. Mary Ewing b. 1806 in Ireland also in residence
Census 1851 (age 45-46) Rochford Essex
Leigh Street
Census 1861 (age 55-56) Greenwich London
1 Crownshitch Grove
Living with wife Mary and children Annie and Eliza C. Aunt Mary Ewing also in residence
Census 1871 (age 65-66) Crayford, Kent
4 Thurstan Place
Living with daughter Annie (38) born in Donegal, Ireland
Occupation Chief Officer, Coast Guard
Death 6 Feb 1872 (age 66) Dartford, Kent
Burial 10 Feb 1872 Crayford, Kent

Wife: Mary EWING

Name: Mary EWING
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1813 Tyrone, Ireland
Death 30 Oct 1862 (age 48-49) Crayford, Kent

Child 1: Annie GOWLLAND

Name: Annie GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Jul 1832 Donegal, Ireland
Census 1871 (age 38-39) Crayford, Kent
4 Thurstan Place
Living with Father
Census 1881 (age 48-49) Great Malvern Worcestershire
Brunswick House
Census 1891 (age 58-59) Ealing, Middlesex
8 Churchfield Road
Living with sister in law Jessica Katherine
Death 21 Oct 1894 (age 62) Ealing, Middlesex

Child 2: Mary Louisa GOWLLAND

Name: Mary Louisa GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry JOSCELYNE (1826-1909)
Birth Oct 1834 Isle of Sheppey, Kent
Census 1861 (age 26-27) Headington, Oxford
Iffley Road, Cowley
Living with wife and children Louisa and Henry
Census 1871 (age 36-37) Bicester, Oxfordshire
Fewcott Parsonage, Stoke Lyne
Living with husband and 7 children
Census 1881 (age 46-47) Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Ibstone Rectory, Ibstone
Living with husband and 3 daughters and 4 sons
Census 1891 (age 56-57) Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Ibstone Rectory, Ibstone
Living with husband and 2 daughters and 1 son plus 3 boarders and 2 servants
Census 1901 (age 66-67) Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Ibstone Rectory, Ibstone
Living with husband and daughter Mary E and son Frederick. 4 pupils and 2 servants also
Death Oct 1926 (age 91-92) Bournemouth, Dorset

Child 3: John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND

Name: John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Spouse: Genevieve Elizabeth LORD (1845-1905)
Birth 27 Jul 1838 Leysdown, Kent
Occupation Royal Navy - Staff Commander
Death 14 Aug 1874 (age 36) Crows Nest, New South Wales, Australia
Cause: Accidentlally Drowned

Child 4: Sarah Maria T GOWLLAND

Name: Sarah Maria T GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1840 Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Baptism 13 May 1841 (age 0) Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Death Jun 1924 (age 83) Kensington, London

Child 5: James Ewing GOWLLAND

Name: James Ewing GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Birth 19 Apr 1843 Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Death 1860 (age 16-17) Jamaica

Child 6: Richard Sankey GOWLLAND

Name: Richard Sankey GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jessie Katherine LAKE (1856-1932)
Birth 7 Oct 1845 Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Death 14 Jan 1886 (age 40) Ealing, Middlesex
8 Churchfield Road
Proved by William FOX of South Norwood and Robert Henry WHITCOMB of Gateshead - Executors

Child 7: Frederick William Nicol GOWLLAND


Frederick William Nicol GOWLLAND, 1897, age 49

Name: Frederick William Nicol GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1848 Hadleigh, Essex
Occupation Bank Manager
Death 27 Aug 1897 (age 49) Sydney Australia
Cause: Drowned
Address: Botany Bay

Child 8: Eliza Celia GOWLLAND

Name: Eliza Celia GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1851 Leigh, Essex
Death 1 Apr 1921 (age 69-70) Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia

Child 9: Emily GOWLLAND

Name: Emily GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Birth 22 Jun 1854 Rochford Essex
Death 22 Apr 1868 (age 13) Crayford, Kent

Note on Wife: Mary EWING

I have made an assumption regarding Mary's maiden name. She was born in Ireland in 1813 according to various census. I have been unable to trace her marriage to Thomas but assume that was in Ireland about 1832. In the census of 1841, 1851 and 1861 a Mary EWING born 1793 in Raphoe, Ireland and described as "Aunt" is residing with Thomas and Mary. In 1871 she can be found at the Aged Governess Asylum, Prince of Wales Road, St Pancras as an inmate. She died in Oct 1871 in St Pancras