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Family of Richard PARKER (TOULSON) and Elizabeth COFFIN

Husband: Richard PARKER (TOULSON) (1809-1887)
Wife: Elizabeth COFFIN (1821-1904)
Children: Alice Coffin PARKER (1856-1878)
Robert John PARKER (1857-1918)
Edmund Henry PARKER (1858-1928)
William Edward PARKER (1859- )
Beatrice Elizabeth PARKER (1860- )
Thomas Mauleverer PARKER (1862-1878)
Charles Arthur PARKER (1863-1938)
Ellen Frances PARKER (1866-1949)
Marriage 22 May 1855 Fareham, Hampshire

Husband: Richard PARKER (TOULSON)

Name: Richard PARKER (TOULSON)
Sex: Male
Father: John Parker TOULSON (1755-1821)
Mother: Hesther ARTHUR-WORSOP (1779-1837)
Birth Jan 1809 Burton Salmon, York
Baptism 20 Jan 1809 (age 0) Monk Fryston, Yorkshire
Occupation Clergyman - Rector and Magistrate
Census 1851 (age 41-42) Marylebone, Middlesex
20 Park Crescent
Widower. Living in home of his deceased wife's parents
Census 1861 (age 51-52) Claxby, Lincolnshire
The Vicarage
Living with his wife and children
Census 1871 (age 61-62) Spilsby, Lincolnshire
The Vicarage, Claxby
Living with wife Elizabeth and family plus a Governess and three servants
Census 1881 (age 71-72) Claxby nr Spilsby, Lincolnshire
The Vicarage
Living with wife Elizabeth and children Emma, Mary, Beatrice, and Ellen
Death 23 Feb 1887 (age 78) Claxby nr Spilsby, Lincolnshire
Proved by Robert John and Henry Edmund PARKER

Wife: Elizabeth COFFIN

Name: Elizabeth COFFIN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 7 Mar 1821 Brighton, Sussex
Census 1891 (age 69-70) Witley, Surrey
Living with her daughter Beatrice
Census 1901 (age 79-80) Witley, Surrey
Church Road
Living alone with servants
Death Apr 1904 (age 83) Hambledon, Surrey

Child 1: Alice Coffin PARKER

Name: Alice Coffin PARKER
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1856 Claxby, Lincolnshire
Death Jul 1878 (age 22) Spilsby, Lincolnshire

Child 2: Robert John PARKER

Name: Robert John PARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Constance BARKLEY (1858-1937)
Birth 25 Feb 1857 Claxbury, Lincolnshire
Census 1901 (age 43-44) Thursley, Sussex
Census 1911 (age 53-54) Haslemere, Surrey
Occupation Legal Profession - Judge and Barrister
Death 12 Jul 1918 (age 61) Haslemere, Surrey

Child 3: Edmund Henry PARKER

Name: Edmund Henry PARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen FRANCIS (1864-1948)
Birth 21 Apr 1858 Spilsby, Lincolnshire
Occupation Solicitor and Bank Director
Census 1911 (age 52-53) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Thorney Creek, Hershel Road
Living with wife and children Frances and Richard
Death 17 Jul 1928 (age 70) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Thorneycreek, Herschel Road
Probate to sons Harold and Roger Estate value 50036 pounds

Child 4: William Edward PARKER

Name: William Edward PARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Jane FRANCE ( - )
Birth Jul 1859 Claxby, Lincolnshire

Child 5: Beatrice Elizabeth PARKER

Name: Beatrice Elizabeth PARKER
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1860 Claxby, Lincolnshire

Child 6: Thomas Mauleverer PARKER

Name: Thomas Mauleverer PARKER
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1862 Spilsby, Lincolnshire
Death 5 May 1878 (age 16) Spilsby, Lincolnshire

Child 7: Charles Arthur PARKER

Name: Charles Arthur PARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Katherine Eleanor Borradaile KENSIT (1865-1949)
Birth Jul 1863 Spilsby, Lincolnshire
Census 1911 (age 47-48) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
24 Upper Wimpole Street
Living with wife and children and Mother in Law
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Surgeon
Death 26 Jan 1938 (age 74) High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Ladymead, Bassetsbury Lane
Probate to wife and daughter. Estate value 22488 pounds

Child 8: Ellen Frances PARKER

Name: Ellen Frances PARKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hume Chancellor PINSENT (1857-1920)
Birth Apr 1866 Claxby, Lincolnshire
Census 1911 (age 44-45) Eastbourne, Sussex
35 Tideswell Road
Living with stepsister - Mary Murray PARKER
Occupation Legal Profession - Solicitor
Death Oct 1949 (age 83) Abingdon, Oxfordshire