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Family of Edmund Henry PARKER and Ellen FRANCIS

Husband: Edmund Henry PARKER (1858-1928)
Wife: Ellen FRANCIS (1864-1948)
Children: Roger Henry PARKER (1890-1973)
Harold Edmund J PARKER (1892-1964)
Frances Mary PARKER (1898-1982)
Richard Clement PARKER (1905-1955)
Marriage Jul 1888 Chesterton, Cambridgeshire

Husband: Edmund Henry PARKER

Name: Edmund Henry PARKER
Sex: Male
Father: Richard PARKER (TOULSON) (1809-1887)
Mother: Elizabeth COFFIN (1821-1904)
Birth 21 Apr 1858 Spilsby, Lincolnshire
Occupation Solicitor and Bank Director
Census 1911 (age 52-53) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Thorney Creek, Hershel Road
Living with wife and children Frances and Richard
Death 17 Jul 1928 (age 70) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Thorneycreek, Herschel Road
Probate to sons Harold and Roger Estate value 50036 pounds

Wife: Ellen FRANCIS

Name: Ellen FRANCIS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1864 Stow cum Quay Cambridgeshire
Death 10 Apr 1948 (age 83) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
11 Selwyn Gardens
Widow. Probate to sons Roger, Harold and Richard

Child 1: Roger Henry PARKER

Name: Roger Henry PARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen Finch Mary FOSTER (1899-1985)
Birth 1890 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Occupation Bank Director
Death 6 Oct 1973 (age 82-83) Grantchester, Cambridgeshire

Child 2: Harold Edmund J PARKER

Name: Harold Edmund J PARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Joan FANING (1898-1973)
Birth 5 Feb 1892 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Census 1901 (age 8-9) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Thorneycreek, Herschel Road
Living with parents
Census 1911 (age 18-19) Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
Angel Hotel
Occupation Banker
Census 1939 (age 46-47) Samford, Suffolk
Green Close
1 redacted entry. Grace E M STALLON, Governess also in residence
Death 27 Jun 1964 (age 72) Inverness, Scotland
Fairview, 40 Grigor Drive

Child 3: Frances Mary PARKER

Name: Frances Mary PARKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Eric Paton HINDLEY (1892-1965)
Birth 13 Mar 1898 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Census 1911 (age 12-13) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Thorneycreek, Herschel Road
Living with parents
Census 1939 (age 40-41) St Albans, Hertfordshire
Red House, Homewood Road
Living with husband Eric
Death 10 Aug 1982 (age 84) Highgate NW London
2 Broadlands Road

Child 4: Richard Clement PARKER

Name: Richard Clement PARKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marjorie NICHOLSON (1900-1970)
Birth 26 Apr 1905 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Census 1911 (age 5-6) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Thorneycreek, Herschel Road
Living with parents
Census 1939 (age 33-34) South Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Horseheathy Lodge
Occupation Army - Sergeant R.A.
Death 11 Mar 1955 (age 49) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Redlands, Lolworth
Died at Childerley Hall, Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire. Probate to his brothers