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Family of John Parker TOULSON and Hesther ARTHUR-WORSOP

Husband: John Parker TOULSON (1755-1821)
Wife: Hesther ARTHUR-WORSOP (1779-1837)
Children: John Arthur Parker TOULSON (1806-1889)
Sarah Mauleverer PARKER (1807-1808)
Richard PARKER (TOULSON) (1809-1887)
Thomas TOULSON (1809-1809)
Frances Mauleverer TOULSON (1810-1844)
Mary Mauleverer PARKER (1812-1896)
Marriage 19 Jul 1804 Luddington, Lincolnshire

Husband: John Parker TOULSON

Name: John Parker TOULSON
Sex: Male
Father: Robert PARKER (1720-1758)
Mother: Elizabeth PARKER (1720- )
Birth 21 Mar 1755 Yorkshire
Death 2 Oct 1821 (age 66) Skipwith, Yorkshire
Memorial Plaque on floor of St Helens Church, Skipwith


Sex: Female
Father: John ARTHUR-WORSOP (1750-1818)
Mother: Sarah MAULEVERER (1754-1790)
Birth Nov 1779 Howden, Yorkshire
Baptism 8 Nov 1779 (age 0) Doncaster, Yorkshire
Death 24 Jun 1837 (age 57) Paris, FRANCE

Child 1: John Arthur Parker TOULSON

Name: John Arthur Parker TOULSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Frances MEARBECK (1833- )
Birth 28 Jan 1806 York, Yorkshire
Occupation Farmer 250 acres
Census 1851 (age 44-45) Skipwith, Yorkshire
Thomas Mauleverer (20) a visitor.
Census 1871 (age 64-65) Skipwith, Yorkshire
The Hall
Census 1881 (age 74-75) Skipwith, Yorkshire
The Hall
Living with wife Frances and children John G P and Clement P
Death 11 Aug 1889 (age 83) Skipwith, Yorkshire

Child 2: Sarah Mauleverer PARKER

Name: Sarah Mauleverer PARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 28 Feb 1807 Monk Fryston, York
Death Jan 1808 (age 0) Barton Regis, Gloucestershire

Child 3: Richard PARKER (TOULSON)

Name: Richard PARKER (TOULSON)
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Harriot Emma GOWAN (1815-1849)
Spouse 2: Elizabeth COFFIN (1821-1904)
Birth Jan 1809 Burton Salmon, York
Baptism 20 Jan 1809 (age 0) Monk Fryston, Yorkshire
Occupation Clergyman - Rector and Magistrate
Census 1851 (age 41-42) Marylebone, Middlesex
20 Park Crescent
Widower. Living in home of his deceased wife's parents
Census 1861 (age 51-52) Claxby, Lincolnshire
The Vicarage
Living with his wife and children
Census 1871 (age 61-62) Spilsby, Lincolnshire
The Vicarage, Claxby
Living with wife Elizabeth and family plus a Governess and three servants
Census 1881 (age 71-72) Claxby nr Spilsby, Lincolnshire
The Vicarage
Living with wife Elizabeth and children Emma, Mary, Beatrice, and Ellen
Death 23 Feb 1887 (age 78) Claxby nr Spilsby, Lincolnshire
Proved by Robert John and Henry Edmund PARKER

Child 4: Thomas TOULSON

Name: Thomas TOULSON
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Jan 1809 Monk Fryston, York
Death Aug 1809 (age 0) Monk Fryston, York

Child 5: Frances Mauleverer TOULSON

Name: Frances Mauleverer TOULSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Edward BUTLER ( - )
Birth 28 Feb 1810 Monk Fryston, York
Death 3 Jul 1844 (age 34) Petersham, Surrey

Child 6: Mary Mauleverer PARKER

Name: Mary Mauleverer PARKER
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Oct 1812 Doncaster, Yorkshire
Death 11 Nov 1896 (age 84) Skipwith, Yorkshire

Note on Husband: John Parker TOULSON

John PARKER assumed the surnameTOULSON in 1789 on condition of an inheritance from his second cousin - Jane WALTON, widow of Banastre WALTON of Marsden Hall and sole heiress of George TOULSON and Elizabeth TOULSON (nee Parker - she was the sister of John PARKER of Brownsholme (1694-1754).