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Family of Frederick William MAITLAND and Florence Henrietta FISHER

Husband: Frederick William MAITLAND (1850-1906)
Wife: Florence Henrietta FISHER (1864-1920)
Children: Ermengard MAITLAND (1888-1968)
Fredegond Cecily MAITLAND (1889-1949)
Marriage Jul 1886 Lymington, Hampshire

Husband: Frederick William MAITLAND

Name: Frederick William MAITLAND
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 28 May 1850 Kensington, London
Occupation Legal Profession - Barrister, Professor of English Law
Death 19 Dec 1906 (age 56) Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Residence at West Lodge, Downing College, Cambridge

Wife: Florence Henrietta FISHER

Name: Florence Henrietta FISHER
Sex: Female
Father: Herbert William FISHER (1826-1903)
Mother: Mary Louisa JACKSON (1841-1916)
Birth 31 Jan 1864 Kensington, London
Census 1871 (age 6-7) Kensington, London
3 Onslow Gardens
Living with parents and siblings
Title Dame
She became a Dame on marrying Francis
Death 5 Mar 1920 (age 56) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
10 Madingley Road
of Brookethorpe, Gloucestershire. Probate to Ermengard MAITLAND, spinster

Child 1: Ermengard MAITLAND

Name: Ermengard MAITLAND
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1888 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Census 1891 (age 2-3) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Downing College, St Benedicts
Living with parents
Census 1911 (age 22-23) Hareswood, Gloucestershire
Upper Wells, Brookthorpe
Living with Mother - Widow
Residence 1918 (age 29-30) Stroud, Gloucestershire
Upper Wells, Brookthorpe, Harescombe
Residence btw 1947 and 1953 (age 58-65) Stroud, Gloucestershire
Colliers, Brookthorpe, Harescombe
Death 24 Jul 1968 (age 80) Bathavon, Somerset

Child 2: Fredegond Cecily MAITLAND

Name: Fredegond Cecily MAITLAND
Sex: Female
Spouse: Gerald Frank SHOVE (1888-1947)
Birth Jan 1889 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Death 5 Sep 1949 (age 60) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Lilac Cottage, 12 Grantchester Road
Died at Hope Nursing Home, Cambridge