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Family of Herbert William FISHER and Mary Louisa JACKSON

Husband: Herbert William FISHER (1826-1903)
Wife: Mary Louisa JACKSON (1841-1916)
Children: Florence Henrietta FISHER (1864-1920)
Herbert Albert Laurens FISHER (1865-1940)
Arthur Alexander FISHER (1866-1902)
Emmeline Mary FISHER (1868-1941)
Adeline Maria FISHER (1870-1951)
Edmund Montagu Prinsep FISHER (1872-1918)
Hervey George Stanhope FISHER (1873-1921)
William Wordsworth FISHER (1875-1937)
Charles Dennis FISHER (1877-1916)
Cordelia FISHER (1879-1970)
Edwin FISHER (1883-1947)
Marriage 5 Aug 1862 Finchley, London

Husband: Herbert William FISHER

Name: Herbert William FISHER
Sex: Male
Father: William FISHER (1801-1874)
Mother: Elizabeth Reed COOKSON (1801-1853)
Birth 30 Jul 1826 Poulshot, Wiltshire
Residence 31 May 1844 (age 17) Oxford
Christ Church College
Educated at Charterhouse. Private secretary and Keeper of the Privy Seal to Prince of Wales 1861 - 1870
Occupation Legal Profession - Barrister at Law & JP for Sussex
Death 10 Jan 1903 (age 76) Steyning, Sussex
19 Second Avenue
Probate to wife Mary. 14300 pounds

Wife: Mary Louisa JACKSON

Name: Mary Louisa JACKSON
Sex: Female
Father: John JACKSON (1804-1887)
Mother: Maria Theodesia PATTLE (1818-1892)
Birth 30 Dec 1841 Calcutta, India
Census 1881 (age 39-40) Hove, Sussex
19 Second Avenue
Census 1891 (age 49-50) Hove, Sussex
19 Second Avenue
Census 1911 (age 69-70) Chelsea, London
25 Cheyne Walk
Living with children, Hervey, Charles, Cordelia, and Edwin
Death 24 Aug 1916 (age 74) Chelsea, London
6 Phene Street
Probate to Edmund Montagu Prinsep FISHER. 771 pounds

Child 1: Florence Henrietta FISHER

Name: Florence Henrietta FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Frederick William MAITLAND (1850-1906)
Spouse 2: Francis DARWIN (1848-1925)
Birth 31 Jan 1864 Kensington, London
Census 1871 (age 6-7) Kensington, London
3 Onslow Gardens
Living with parents and siblings
Title Dame
She became a Dame on marrying Francis
Death 5 Mar 1920 (age 56) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
10 Madingley Road
of Brookethorpe, Gloucestershire. Probate to Ermengard MAITLAND, spinster

Child 2: Herbert Albert Laurens FISHER

Name: Herbert Albert Laurens FISHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lettice ILBERT (1875-1956)
Birth 21 May 1865 Kensington, London
Census 1881 (age 15-16) Winchester, Hampshire
18 Edgar Road
Boarder at school
Education 1888 (age 22-23) -; Oxford
New College
Census 1939 (age 73-74) Oxford, Oxfordshire
New College
Warden. Married. Living with wife and daughter
Occupation Warden of New College, Oxford
Title Right Honourable
Fellow of the Royal Society
Death 18 Apr 1940 (age 74) Oxford, Oxfordshire
Wardens Lodgings, New College
Died at St Thomas Hospital, London.Probate to Lettice FISHER, widow

Child 3: Arthur Alexander FISHER


Arthur Alexander FISHER, 1887, age 21

Name: Arthur Alexander FISHER
Sex: Male
Birth 10 Aug 1866 Brockenhurst, Hampshire
Baptism 27 Sep 1866 (age 0) Salisbury, Wilts
The Cathedral
Census 1871 (age 4-5) Kensington, London
3 Onslow Square
Living with parents
Occupation Army - Captain
Census 1881 (age 14-15) Winchester, Hampshire
Pupil Boarder
Service Record 14 Sep 1887 (age 21)
Served at home from 14 Sep 1887 - 2nd Lieut West Yorks Regiment to 5 Jan 1888 then in India from 6th Jan 1888
Death 12 Mar 1902 (age 35) Chiswick, Middlesex
Chiswick House
Late of Prince of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment. Probate to Father

Child 4: Emmeline Mary FISHER

Name: Emmeline Mary FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Reginald Owen MORRIS (1886-1948)
Birth 27 Jul 1868 Kensington, London
Census 1901 (age 32-33) Boldre, Hampshire
The Elms, South Baddesley
Living with Father and brothers Edmund M P (29) b. Brompton, Charkes D and sister Cordelia
Census 1939 (age 70-71) Dorking, Surrey
Whitegates, Westcott Road
Living with husband in home of Ralph Vaughan WILLIAMS
Death 6 May 1941 (age 72) Dorking, Surrey
The White Gates, Westcott Road
Probate to husband

Child 5: Adeline Maria FISHER

Name: Adeline Maria FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ralph Vaughan WILLIAMS (1872-1958)
Birth 16 Jul 1870 Brompton, Middlesex
Census 1891 (age 20-21) Hove, Sussex
19 Second Avenue
Living with parents
Census 1901 (age 30-31) Hove, Sussex
19 Second Avenue
Living with Mother and brother Henry
Census 1911 (age 40-41) Chelsea, london
13 Cheyne Walk
Living with husband and servants. No children.
Census 1939 (age 68-69) Dorking, Surrey
Whitegates, Westcott Road
Living with husband Ralph. Her sister Emmeline and her husband also in residence
Death 10 May 1951 (age 80) Dorking, Surrey
The White Gates, Westcott Road

Child 6: Edmund Montagu Prinsep FISHER

Name: Edmund Montagu Prinsep FISHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane Magdalene FRESHFIELD (1875-1963)
Birth 13 Jan 1872 Onslow Square, Brompton, Middlesex
Occupation Army - 2nd Lieut, R.F.A.
Census 1901 (age 28-29) Boldre, Hampshire
The Elms, South Baddesley
Architect. Living with parents
Census 1911 (age 38-39) Maresfield, Sussex
Wych Cross Place, Forest Row
Visiting with his wife and children in the home of his parents in law.
Death 31 Mar 1918 (age 46) Mayfair, Middlesex
Lady Inchcapes Military Hospital, 7 Seamore Place
Resident of 5 Swan Walk, Chelsea. Probate to Jane Magdelane FISHER, widow. Served in France 1917-1918 - Invalided home

Child 7: Hervey George Stanhope FISHER

Name: Hervey George Stanhope FISHER
Sex: Male
Birth 11 Aug 1873 Saxonbury, Sussex
Census 1901 (age 27-28) Hove, Sussex
Living with his Mother
Residence 23 Apr 1901 (age 27) London
Bethlem Royal Hospital
Admitted as psychiatric patient. Residence with his Mother at 19 Second Avenue Hove Sussex
Census 1911 (age 37-38) Chelsea, london
13 Cheyne Walk
Living with his Mother
Occupation No employment. Living on own means
Death 26 May 1921 (age 47) Sheringham, Norfolk
Mainsail Haul
Administration to his sister Adeline Maria VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS

Child 8: William Wordsworth FISHER

Name: William Wordsworth FISHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Cecilia Warre CORNISH (1887-1965)
Birth 26 Mar 1875 Blatchingdon, Sussex
Census 1911 (age 35-36) Weymouth, Dorset
2 Royal Crescent
Living with wife Cecilia and children
Title Sir: GCB; GCVO
Occupation Royal Navy - Commander
Death 24 Jun 1937 (age 62) Portsmouth, Hampshire
Admiralty House HM Dockyard
also 21 Manchester Street, London W1

Child 9: Charles Dennis FISHER

Name: Charles Dennis FISHER
Sex: Male
Birth 19 Jun 1877 East Blatchingdon, Sussex
Census 1901 (age 23-24) Boldre, Hampshire
The Elms, South Baddesley
Scholar at Christ Church, Oxford. Living with his Father
Occupation Royal Navy - Lieutenant, Volunteer Reserve
Travel 9 Jan 1913 (age 35) Genoa, Italy
Travelled on SS Konigin Emma
Death 31 May 1916 (age 38) North Sea on Active Service
HMS Invincible, Battle of Jutland
He is described as Senior Censor at Christ Church College, Oxford. Probate to Herbert Laurens FISHER, Vice Chancellor, Sheffield University. Buried at Portsmouth War Memorial Cemetery

Child 10: Cordelia FISHER

Name: Cordelia FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard Henry Parnell CURLE (1883-1968)
Birth 27 Jul 1879 Brockenhurst, Hampshire
Census 1901 (age 21-22) Boldre, Hampshire
The Elms, South Baddesley
Living with Father
Census 1911 (age 31-32) Chelsea, london
25 Cheyne Walk
Living with Mother
Census 1939 (age 59-60) Chelsea, london
43 Glebe Place
Divorced. Living with son Adam C W.
Death Dec 1970 (age 91) Islington, London

Child 11: Edwin FISHER

Name: Edwin FISHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Theodora Cecilia HESS (1889-1956)
Birth 16 Dec 1883 Brockenhurst, Hampshire
Census 1911 (age 27-28) Chelsea, London
25 Cheyne Walk
Living with his Mother. Assistant Secretary, Barclays Bank
Residence 1933 (age 49-50) Chelsea, london
5 Cadogan Place
Census 1939 (age 55-56) Chailley R. D., Sussex
Living with wife Theodora
Death 27 Jan 1947 (age 63) 20 Devonshire Place, London W2
Also of Barleys, Offham, Sussex and 54 Lombard Street. Probate to Theodora Cecilia FISHER, widow