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Family of James Denholm FRASER and Sophia Eleanor PADDISON

Husband: James Denholm FRASER (1819-1889)
Wife: Sophia Eleanor PADDISON (1835-1911)
Children: Stuart Mitford FRASER (1864-1963)
Charlotte Gertrude Isabella Duffy FRASER (1866-1903)
Howard Alan Denholm FRASER (1867-1948)
James Denholm FRASER (1870-1956)
Marriage 1 Jul 1862 Petersham, Surrey

Husband: James Denholm FRASER


James Denholm FRASER, c. 1889, age 70

Name: James Denholm FRASER
Sex: Male
Father: William FRASER (1782-1863)
Mother: Isobel STEWART (1786- )
Birth 8 Mar 1819 Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation Provost Marshall & Sherrif at New Amsterdam, British Guiana
Census 1881 (age 61-62) Tiverton, Devon
Hammetts Square
Living with wife and children and Mother in Law Charlotte.
Death 7 Mar 1889 (age 69) Tiverton, Devon
Gotham House
Formerly Sherrif in Berbice, British Guiana. Proved by Sophia Eleanor FRASER, of 24 Ormiston Road, Shepherds Bush, London

Wife: Sophia Eleanor PADDISON


Sophia Eleanor PADDISON, c. 1875, age 40

Name: Sophia Eleanor PADDISON
Sex: Female
Father: Richard PADDISON (1801-1874)
Mother: Charlotte JACKSON (1808-1895)
Birth 20 Oct 1835 Louth, Lincolnshire
Ramsgate Row
Census 1881 (age 45-46) Tiverton, Devon
Gotham House, Hammetts Square
Living with husband and children. Plus Charlotte PADDISON (73), Caroline E PADDISON (37) and Matilda JACKSON a cousin (46)
Census 1891 (age 55-56) Hammersmith, London
Ormiston Road
Widow. Living with son James and Mother, Charlotte
Census 1911 (age 75-76) Bournemouth, Dorset
1Milton Road
Living with Eleanor Gertrude ANDERSON 12 Grandaughter and Stuart Mitford FRASER, son and Constance FRASER, 47, daughter in Law
Death 24 Dec 1911 (age 76) Bournemouth, Dorset

Child 1: Stuart Mitford FRASER

Name: Stuart Mitford FRASER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Constance MAUDE (1863-1937)
Birth 2 Jun 1864 British Guiana
Census 1911 (age 46-47) Bournemouth, Dorset
1Milton Road
Living with Husband and Mother in Law
Residence btw 1916 and 1919 (age 51-55) Hyderabad, India
Awarded KCSI 1st January 1918
Occupation Indian Civil Service
Census 1939 (age 74-75) Christchurch Hampshire
Brook House
Living with Violet E P FRASER, b.18 May 1895, single
Death 1 Dec 1963 (age 99) Christchurch Hampshire
Probate to William Henry FRASER and William Douglas WATSON. Estate value £101261

Child 2: Charlotte Gertrude Isabella Duffy FRASER

Name: Charlotte Gertrude Isabella Duffy FRASER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur Robert ANDERSON (1860-1940)
Birth 1866 British Guiana
Census 1881 (age 14-15) Tiverton, Devon
Hammetts Square
Living with parents
Death Apr 1903 (age 36-37) Kensington, London

Child 3: Howard Alan Denholm FRASER

Name: Howard Alan Denholm FRASER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith Mary Drake BROCKMAN (1871-1966)
Birth 19 Jun 1867 British Guiana
Census 1881 (age 13-14) Tiverton, Devon
Hammetts Square
Living with parents
Occupation Army - Colonel, Royal Engineers
Travel 3 Jul 1907 (age 40) Southampton, Hampshire
Travelled on SS Adriatic to New York
Travel 24 Sep 1920 (age 53) London
Sailed on SS Malwa to Bombay
Census 1939 (age 71-72) Ringwood, Hampshire
32 Salisbury Road
Living with wife Edith Mary. 1 Redacted record recorded at this address
Death 14 Dec 1948 (age 81) Christchurch Hampshire
Somerley View, Salisbury Road
Died at Gravel Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire. Probate to his Widow Edith Mary.

Child 4: James Denholm FRASER

Name: James Denholm FRASER
Sex: Male
Birth 10 Nov 1870 Demerera, British Guiana
Census 1891 (age 20-21) Hammersmith, London
24 Ormiston Road
Living with Mother and Grandmother
Census 1939 (age 68-69) Barnstaple, Devon
Crock Pils
Widower. Retired Indian Civil Service
Death 23 Jan 1956 (age 85) Barnstaple, Devon
Crock Pits, Woody Bay
Died in Cottage Hospital, Linton, Devonshire