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Family of Donald Claude PIGOTT and Violet Mary BONE

Husband: Donald Claude PIGOTT (1897-1966)
Wife: Violet Mary BONE (1899-1933)
Children: Doris C PIGOTT (1921- )
Selena Eileen PIGOTT (1925- )
Marriage Jun 1919 Fulham, London

Husband: Donald Claude PIGOTT

Name: Donald Claude PIGOTT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 10 Mar 1897 Braintree Essex
Emigration 25 Apr 1924 (age 27) from Kingston Vale London SW15 to Halifax, Nova Scotia
Ebor Cottages
With Violet and daughter Doris
Census 1930 (age 32-33) Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Machinist, Carpet Mill. Living with wife and two daughters. Donald emigrated in 1927 and family in 1929
Immigration 13 Mar 1933 (age 36) to Hounslow, Middlesex from Boston, USA
22 Ellerdine Rd
Arrived back in UK with daughters Doris and Eileen
Residence 1933 (age 35-36) Hounslow, Middlesex
22 Ellerdine Rd
Living with brother in law Albert Harris Bone and Violetta as shown on 1933 census
Occupation Photographer
Census 1939 (age 41-42) Watford Herts
14 Clifton Road
Widowed.Living in the home of Charles and Louisa BODLEY
Death 21 Jun 1966 (age 69) Wimborne, Dorset

Wife: Violet Mary BONE

Name: Violet Mary BONE
Sex: Female
Father: Albert BONE (1868-1940)
Mother: Kate Sydney DAVIES (1875-1952)
Birth 29 May 1899 Fulham, London
Emigration 25 Apr 1924 (age 24) from London SW15 to Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
To join husband Donald Claude PIGOTT and live initially with her Brother in Law and Father in Law
Travel 21 Sep 1929 (age 30) Kingston Vale London SW15
9 Ebor Cottages
Travelled from Liverpool to Boston with children Doris C (8) and Selina (3).
Residence 1930 (age 30-31) Massachusetts, USA
Living with Husdand and two children
Death Dec 1933 (age 34) Staines, Middlesex

Child 1: Doris C PIGOTT

Name: Doris C PIGOTT
Sex: Female
Spouse: John F SPENCER-TUCKER ( - )
Birth Apr 1921 Howden, Yorkshire
Residence btw 2002 and 2008 (age 80-87) Watford Herts

Child 2: Selena Eileen PIGOTT

Name: Selena Eileen PIGOTT
Sex: Female
Birth 25 Oct 1925 Canada