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Family of Albert BONE and Kate Sydney DAVIES

Husband: Albert BONE (1868-1940)
Wife: Kate Sydney DAVIES (1875-1952)
Children: Albert Harris BONE (1898-1950)
Violet Mary BONE (1899-1933)
Robert Sydney BONE (1900-1941)
John LLewllyn BONE (1907-1961)
Ernest Henry BONE (1912-1959)
Marriage Oct 1897 Fulham, London

Husband: Albert BONE

Name: Albert BONE
Sex: Male
Father: Robert BONE (1839-1907)
Mother: Jane HARRIS (1844-1908)
Birth 20 Aug 1868 Bramley, Surrey
Census 1871 (age 2) Bramley, Surrey
Bramley Street
Census 1881 (age 12) Horsham, Sussex
20 Shelley Road
Census 1891 (age 22) Horsham, Sussex
20 Shelley Road
Living with parents
Occupation Bookstall Assistant/Omnibus Conducter
Census 1901 (age 32-33) Fulham, London
41 Maxwell Road
Living with wife and family
Census 1911 (age 42-43) Fulham, London
4 Grove Terrace, North End Road
Living with wife and family
Residence 1918 (age 49-50) Hammersmith, London
10 Tasso Road
Census 1939 (age 70-71) Malden & Coombe M B, Surrey
Ebor Cottages
Living with wife Kate and son Ernest
Death Dec 1940 (age 72) Surrey North Eastern

Wife: Kate Sydney DAVIES

Name: Kate Sydney DAVIES
Sex: Female
Father: John LLewellyn DAVIES ( - )
Mother: Sarah Ann STEMSON ( - )
Birth 24 Aug 1875 Fulham, London
Death Jul 1952 (age 76) Surrey Northern

Child 1: Albert Harris BONE

Name: Albert Harris BONE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Violetta SMITH (1900-1978)
Birth Jun 1898 Fulham, London
Census 1911 (age 12-13) Fulham, London
5 Grove Terrace
Living with parents and siblings
Enlistment 31 Jan 1918 (age 19)
Enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps for Duration of the War. Transferred to RAF Apr 1918. Trade - Aero Engine Fitter. Discharged to the Reserve 31 Dec 1919
Residence 1933 (age 34-35) Hounslow, Middlesex
22 Ellerdine Rd
Living with wife Violetta and Brother in Law Donald Claude PIGOTT
Death Dec 1950 (age 52) Hendon, Middlesex

Child 2: Violet Mary BONE

Name: Violet Mary BONE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Donald Claude PIGOTT (1897-1966)
Birth 29 May 1899 Fulham, London
Emigration 25 Apr 1924 (age 24) from London SW15 to Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
To join husband Donald Claude PIGOTT and live initially with her Brother in Law and Father in Law
Travel 21 Sep 1929 (age 30) Kingston Vale London SW15
9 Ebor Cottages
Travelled from Liverpool to Boston with children Doris C (8) and Selina (3).
Residence 1930 (age 30-31) Massachusetts, USA
Living with Husdand and two children
Death Dec 1933 (age 34) Staines, Middlesex

Child 3: Robert Sydney BONE

Name: Robert Sydney BONE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hylda TREADGOLD (1903-1941)
Birth 24 Aug 1900 Fulham, London
Census 1939 (age 38-39) Hornchurch, Essex
Westlands, Westlands Avenue
Living with wife Hylda. George NEWMAN b. 28 May 1929 also in residence
Occupation Motor Car Fitter
Death 13 Mar 1941 (age 40) Hornchurch, Essex
Westlands, Westlands Avenue
Probate to Albert Harris and Ernest Henry Bone, engineers

Child 4: John LLewllyn BONE

Name: John LLewllyn BONE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gladys Violet AMNER (1909-1992)
Birth Jun 1907 Fulham, London
Census 1939 (age 31-32) Ealing, Middlesex
15 Jersey Road
Living with wife Gladys and sister in law Rebecca M AMNER b. 5 Aug 1907. Two records redacted
Residence 1954 (age 46-47) Willesden, Middlesex
47 Willesden Lane
Living with wife Gladys. Electoral Roll
Occupation Grocery Manager
Death Jan 1961 (age 53) London City, London

Child 5: Ernest Henry BONE

Name: Ernest Henry BONE
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Aug 1912 Fulham, London
Census 1939 (age 26-27) Malden & Coombe M B, Surrey
Ebor Cottages
Living with parents
Occupation Toolmaker
Death 20 Feb 1959 (age 46) Wimbledon, Surrey