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Family of Charles WESTBROOK and Ellen Louisa MARTIN

Husband: Charles WESTBROOK (1885-1939)
Wife: Ellen Louisa MARTIN (1893-1960)
Children: Lawrence J WESTBROOK (1927- )
Frederick C WESTBROOK (1925- )
Thomas H WESTBROOK (1931- )
William L WESTBROOK (1931- )
Marriage Jul 1924 Battle Sussex

Husband: Charles WESTBROOK

Name: Charles WESTBROOK
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1885 St Leonards on Sea, Sussex
Death Jan 1939 (age 53-54) Hastings Sussex

Wife: Ellen Louisa MARTIN

Name: Ellen Louisa MARTIN
Sex: Female
Father: Frederick MARTIN (1873-1922)
Mother: Catherine Eugenia EASTWOOD (1872-1933)
Birth 12 May 1893 Hollington, Sussex
Census 1901 (age 7-8) Hastings Sussex
17 Alma Villas, St Matthew
Census 1939 (age 45-46) Hastings Sussex
40 Old Lane
Death Apr 1960 (age 66) Hastings Sussex

Child 1: Lawrence J WESTBROOK

Name: Lawrence J WESTBROOK
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1927 Hastings Sussex

Child 2: Frederick C WESTBROOK

Name: Frederick C WESTBROOK
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1925 Hastings Sussex

Child 3: Thomas H WESTBROOK

Name: Thomas H WESTBROOK
Sex: Male
Birth Oct 1931 Hastings Sussex

Child 4: William L WESTBROOK

Name: William L WESTBROOK
Sex: Male
Birth Oct 1931 Hastings Sussex